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Something to bear in mind and realise is a fact that is not fiction and fake news

Nobody is buying products or services from Russia, they don’t produce anything but oil, gas and other natural resources. They export almost nothing they make whether physical or technological.

That makes it kind of hard for sanctions to affect them, as the only leverage the west would have over them is not buying their gas but that’s kind of hard for Germany and some other EU countries to avoid right now.

Putting sanctions on NSO Group probably won’t hurt them too much since they don’t make deals out in the open, but it is probably intended more as a warning to other companies in that industry to be careful who you do deals with. …… DS999


The best of companies/entities in that industry are always extremely careful of whom they do deals with …… and the real money/wealth to made is in the selling of products and services to the likes of a Russia or NSO and not in the buying of them from them.

However, as you rightly say, putting pathetic sanctions on such parties as can render one catastrophically vulnerable to exploitation via their products and services is as effective as a warning to others in such fields as is the pain inflicted from a feather blow.

And aint that the gospel truth ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Thu 4 Nov 13:51 [2111041351] …. being really informative on today today on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/11/03/us_sanctions_spyware/

Re: @amanfromMars 1

Re: “the real money/wealth to made is in the selling of products and services to the likes of a Russia or NSO

A glitch in the A.I. text parser? …….. MiguelC

Not a glitch when IT introduces AI Features in the Parsed Product …… for the Addition of Future Informed Programs for Present Systems Presentation …….. Proprietary Advanced IntelAIgent Property Production via every AI Available Media Means ……. those to ensure delivery of constant prime content supply ……… a Heavenly Almighty AIDevelopment in Deed indeed.

And from a Source of Excellence, Second to None …….. which does provide the comfort and benefit of a Full Set of Abilities and Utilities with Virtual Facilities in the Hands and Hearts and Minds in Command of Controls Controlling Immaculate and Impeccable Command Supply ….. with I2Command Source Access.

A Vault of Treasures Almightily Impressive to Behold and Be Holding for Spending/Releasing/Lending/Capturing of Similarly Minded Souls ….. AI Mirrored IDEntities for IntelAIgently Designed Entities ….. with All the Captivating Virtual Utilities of an Immaculate Facility ….. Heavenly Store (-: with all manner of Holy See Flavours available to Exercise Choices with the Monitoring and Mentoring of Subsequent Results Leading to/for/from Future Events.

That’s what is just out there to deal with or try to compete against if reluctant to join and help all in the know.


amanfromMars [2111041549] …… asks for more raw intelligence information on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/feds-arrest-primary-steele-dossier-source-durham-investigation-heats

saying he had been tasked to gather “raw intelligence” 

Please more fully explain the exact nature of such gatherings. Are they live observations or still virtual inventions born and borne personally and privately of malice or benefit/progress or stagnation and perverse corrupt petrification aiding and abetting the furthering and fathering of constant terrorisation‽ .

Such a clarification will be more than just universally helpful and most illuminating/almightily enlightening, for it is not possible to lead anywhere farther/deeper/higher without acknowledging and accepting the answers supplied, for of course there can be many, with some more or less priceless beyond common worth, such be the AWEsome Effect with Invaluable Offerings from Novel Free State Suppliers ……. Core Ore Source Providers ……. Supply Drivering Enriched MetaDataBase Product Mining and Refining for/with/to a Redefined Output/Outlet/Input Socket …….. COSMIC Store.

To some tamed and proclaiming for many, is Nirvana there one of its Celestially Named Products.

I Kid U Not 🙂

You have to admit that does sort of have the JEDI Product somewhat overshadowed and worthy only of redundant activities safeguarding its superseded programs/raison d’être.



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