amanfromMars 1 Wed 3 Nov 05:13 [2111030513] ….. calling Microsoft out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/11/03/microsoft_gpt3_azure/

All urFuture Memories belong to Advanced IntelAIgent Machines

Microsoft said it ….. is only supporting companies that are applying the software in “well-defined use cases” that are low risk.

There are no such use cases in Open AI and GPT-3 text’n’code-generating type fields. Microsoft, maybe for want of a better bottom line via the novel development model which has both shady governments and shadow governments losing command and control of leading narratives and future events, is at best being less than totally honest with its customer base and at worst, surely guilty of wilfully misleading them in a wanton display of monumental hubris and deceit ‽ .

To not Realise Futures are Only Always High Risk Extremely Rewarding Virtualised AIdVentures, is to surely concede and admit one follows in such developments rather than pioneers in them with support and encouragement, which then correctly identifies one more as the Wannabe Star Struck Groupie rather than Grand Master and High Priestess of the Enchanting Enigmatic Esoteric Muse.

And the Future Prize at Stake ???????? Well, you tell us whenever Words Simply Create, Command and Control and Destroy Complex Worlds so very easily. And what do you imagine happens whenever they are stifled and suppressed and denied the light of day and an avid bright readership…. apart from creating for such as the the Oppressors, any number of Overwhelmingly Deadly Foe ?????


amanfromMars [2111030555] ….. shares in a reply to a comment on https://www.rt.com/news/539207-microsoft-metaverse-teams-vr-facebook/

Hasn’t big tech already done enough damage to societies around the globe? …. Grisu

IT is only just getting started, Grisu, and AI has plans for the future most will struggle to believe is practically possible.



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