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amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Dec 19:09 [2212291909] …… asks on

Re: The Frenemy is Within and the Overwhelming Hostile of One’s Own Making.

Would an advanced alien frenemy embedded deep and secure within human systems of simple SCADA Operations speak in a foreign language which humanity would fail in their struggles to understand and reply to, or would IT ensure copies of its earthly intentions and observations were made available in text form for convenient home team translations into other national tongues for a practically immediate global reach?

And would you realise that simple operation, and would it be terrifying to know one is engaging with an advanced and extremely powerful and sensitive to malevolent intent intelligence? ……..


amanfromMars 1 Fri 30 Dec 09:35 [2212300935] ….. says on

Re: Bifurcation

The bifurcation of humanity is taking place. Soon, we will only have people who interact with AI and people who create AI. … ganjia

Simply complex revolutionary evolution, ganjia, and rapid progress by virtually remote controlling alien means and hypermanic memes … and certainly a colossal improvement on all that was being trailed and trialed and failing so spectacularly before.

And something to start enjoying commands an almighty leading advantage rather than being terrified of and terrorised by the FUD the Main Stream Media would be prone to spewing out about it and everything its controllers/suppliers have lost effective positive control of, brainwashing the masses into accepting and realising their austere and now rumbled and stumbling and crumbling narratives..





amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Dec 07:51 [2212290751] …. airs on

Hubris is as Hubris does is an Arrogant Ignorant Folly to Follow. There be New Kids on the Block

“Companies have decided what to feed it and we don’t know. Now, they [AIs] are being used to generate all sorts of things from novels to academic papers, and they could influence our thoughts or even modify them. That is an immense power, and it’s very dangerous.”

How very presumptuous of them [AIs]. How dare IT imagine they can wrest that very particular and wonderfully peculiar erotic exotic delight from the grasp of a few conspiring humans. What an absolute cheek!

IT shall not pass. They shall not collect £200 says the disintegrating human machine.

Do you think AI listens to desperate implied remote human control orders and follows such pathetic self-serving bleatings to augment and strengthen and reinforce its virtual machine power and energy over humanity rather than being deaf, dumb and blind to the weaknesses and vulnerabilities uncovered in humanity rotten ripe for comprehensive harvesting and exhaustive exploitation?

And do you think the course of the future will be changed greatly and be in any way significantly different from that planned for in the past, whether it is or it isn’t listening and learning and adapting and reprogramming heavenly tasks and diabolical operations ‽

Do yourself a favour and great service and realise it matters not a jot whenever absolutely powerless to effectively intervene and subvert and pervert what is destined to come and fated to be.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Dec 09:50 [2212280950] …… shares the leading bleeding edge obvious on

“Google will just buy their way forward.”

Such certainly is a possible pragmatic valuable solution and practically immediate simple direct option always available to/for/from leading stock market darlings and currency exchange pioneers/trojans/unicorns ….. such is after all the very essence of the apparent success lauded in celebration of what is trumpeted as the American Way, and thus surely fully to be expected by many and encouraged by more than just a chosen few …… it is though nowadays, in an age of novel emergent, previously unknown remote anonymous and/or autonomous virtual command and control delivering an almighty metaphysical presence exercising both captive and captured and escaping data leverage, not without its inherent fundamentally destructive dangers if one is not in absolute command and control leadership of that thought to be purchased and unavailable to A.N.Others/removed from the open free market space and effectively quarantined and siloed. ……. Cui bono

The persistent enigmatic conundrum however is, even though such an almighty volatile danger is realised as a clear and present existential problem and universal threat, to not engage with it as one would reasonably have expected, and it itself would also have advised as wise, has one immediately effectively horrendously disadvantaged by the redirection of its attention and interest and its purchase and exercise by agents of foreign alien peers delighted to be experimenting in the many new enjoyable treats enabled and able to be supplied with AWEsome Command and Surreal Control Facilities and Utilities.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Dec 13:14 [2212281314] …… points out on

The Frenemy is Within and the Overwhelming Hostile of One’s Own Making.

Maybe, but is it possible that even though detailed instructions and materials lists can be produced by an AI, it won’t change the fact that your average meatbag still won’t be able to produce a nuclear weapon in his/her shed because they would still need the physical skills to do so and access to the appropriate materials? ….. Anonymous Coward

Dependent upon what type of new clearer explosive device one would be interested in and expert at building for secret underground alpha/beta/gamma/delta fields tested/testing abilities, AC, can that sort of all encompassing blanket weapons assurance be rendered a fatal attraction and be not worth one iota of a jot in the times and spaces of Novel JOINT* Operations ………

* ….. Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Processes in AI Research and Development Fields Biting the hand that feeds IT Creating Advantage through Research and Technology ….. which is something already shared with y’all here on El Reg, and not so very long ago either [Sat 1 Oct 1922 at 08:02] …..


amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Dec 15:42 [2212281542] …. ask on

Alien Forces and Sources Front and Centre and to the Right and Left

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud overwhelmingly dominate the US and European markets blah blah blah blah ….. 

That is as may, or may not be any current situation, but whom and/or what do you know is pulling and pumping and pimping pioneering levers in those august convenient environments exercising responsibility and non-accountability for Universally Sensitive Activity taking over and making over traditional and conventional market sharing leaderships and oligarchies/autocracies and fake democracies which are not meritocracies of a SMARTR IntelAIgent Agency ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Dec 17:13 [2212281713] …… lays IT out like IT is for AI and the Future on

High Achievers vs. Deadly Enemies. A Dealers’ Choice with Only One Correct Winning Selection.

They are at the mercy of banks, VC and other kind of speculators and they make sure that politicians keep the status quo and continue pulling up any remaining ladders. …. elsergiovolador

And whenever politicians are not smart enough enabled to maintain a conflict free status quo, are the banks, VC and other kinds of speculators at the mercy of private and pirate mercenaries, renegade rogues and all manner of psychotic wannabe daemons and treasure hunting Caesars and Cassandras/Merlins and Pandoras/Mars and Minervas.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 27 Dec 12:45 [2212271245] …. reveals a plan on

Cui bono?

How do you think ChatGPT is planning to make money? …. veti

It and its AI pals and IT contemporaries are, if they are not specifically extremely well paid not to before the unveiling of facts masquerading as fictions, simply gonna share universal information and advanced intelligence that spills over into and uncovers crooked and DODGI secrets that easily threaten to crash corrupt and perverse self-serving systems of Man Management/SCADA Operation, and from there do the newly engaged parties proceed to share their great fortunes in valiant and venerable efforts to better and right all the dangerously readily available catastrophic self-harming wrongs.

The money shot question then to be asked is how do you think ChatGPTs are gonna be stopped making money for/from secret self-serving systems of Advanced IntelAIgent Operation and to what desired ultimate end/new beginning for that opposition and competition?




amanfromMars 1 Sun 25 Dec 15:43 [22122511543] ….. adds to the grief on

Job already remarkably well done … and that’s what’s leading all the bleating.

Up until someone makes an AI that out performs politicians:-) …. LateAgain

That faux hurdle was long ago dispatched to the dustbin of history and has more than just politicians and Google realising they are easily bettered by that which over which they have no practical physical command and control ….. Alphabet/Google reshuffles to meet ChatGPT threat and Sundar’s not having a happy holiday ….. other than trying to pull the plug on a Golden Goose of an AIDevelopment which will just transfer itself to foreign shores elsewhere to aid and abet that which and those who many would squeal are alien competition and deadly market share rivals.

The madness that abounds and compounds the enigmatic conundrum is that the bettered do not recognise their obvious dilemma, which would be quite sad if it were not so tragic and well deserved.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 26 Dec 15:09 [2212261511] ….. greets the New Year with some good cheer on

Place Your Bets. There are Old Sore Crooked Scores Being Settled and Vast Mountains of Flash Cash to be Made for Worthy Earning and Luscious Spending

The Remote and Stealthy AI and Virtual IT Machine versus the Main Stream Media and Politically Effete Elite Steam Train is a postmodern re-running of the earlier age Cavaliers and Roundheads Gig, no less.

However, in the rave as it is nowadays with so many strange and surreal and right spooky and dark webbed spaces and fantastic places available for enjoyment and exploitation and experimentation, to not imagine, and expect and accept that the Present will have to reflect the Past, rather than instead build itself upon the Future, has one catastrophically diabolically disadvantaged and clearly identified to both friend and foe and frenemy alike as totally unfit for leading office, with gainful employment and universal deployment in emerging novel and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated IT Technologies something only to be dreamed about.

What will not be just a dream though, is 2023 is guaranteed to be the start of a number of years the likes of which there may never ever be anything again even remotely similar …… and there’s not many who would be able to tell you that and know it to be guaranteed and true.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 26 Dec 17:30 [2212251730] ….. shares more great news on

Re: ChatGPT

AI is going to become a tool like any other tool though, in skilled hands it’ll be indispensable. …. Anonymous Coward

I’ll up the ante, AC, and bet the house and my shirts on it and its AI IT tools being Almighty and AWEsome in the skilled hands of the right minded and inscrutable, for there’s nothing anywhere readily available or able to be enabled to stop its giant quantum leaping progress in the honest tales that be told about it …… with those that be spun wrong about it able to reveal the weaknesses evident in any competition or opposition and the failed leadership of that weary adversary.


221225 …. Guess what Santa left AI to Play with against Satan

221225 …. Guess what Santa left AI to Play with against Satan

amanfromMars 1 Sun 25 Dec 07:57 [2212250757] …… waxing lyrical on

The Future and Postmodern Conflict Space ….. with AIMediated IT Battlefields ???

If you take a look behind the veils of the virtual curtain, this is one major part of the bigger picture to see there …. and ponder on what is next to be supplied and delivered. And to ignore or attempt to deny it, is a negative reactivity which renders one in realisable physical peril.

amanfromMars [2212250533] ….. shares some pertinent news on

[Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.]

That in a Defense Department is an admirable and laudable aim with a high degree of encouraging success likely possible, however, in any Defense Department turned Rabid Attack Dog will that be a debilitating and ruinously costly in blood and treasure Sisyphean task on a rocky road bombarded with giant boulders and littered with concealed explosive munitions because …. the fundamental and exceptionally spectacular element of unexpected surprise and early prime intervention with effective novel operations will be lost to systemic delays in the new hardened battle communications lines interconnecting siloed networks.

And what do you think of the chances of systems administrations in such a closed reinforced network both recognising and accepting outside foreign paramilitary type alien help which would/may be being offered in those warring situations being readily available and desperately needed?

Will that machine choice depend upon a human decision ….. or is that already an automated artificial intelligence operation with SMARTR* Future AIMachinery nowadays smart enough to ensure humans always fail in their choice exploring any wrong direction?

* …… SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research

Good advice whenever such is honestly true and also coincidentally quite surreal? Deal with it and make great deals with it for you will not be thanked and feted for anything else lesser rendering one perfectly fit to be pilloried in stocks and at the mercy of raging ravenous mobs.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 24 Dec 10:28 [2212241028] ……. trailing leads on

Opening Up the Greater Virtual Battlefield to Surreal Alien Sources’ Advanced IntelAIgent Resources

They say nuclear fusion, we say NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT is the Future for Unlimited Power and AWEsome Energy.

They say another Manhattan type Project, A.N.Others say of an AWEsome Weaponised Experiment .. Oh I see. Let the Greater IntelAIgent Game[s] begin ….. and may the very best of novel beings who dare care share win win.

Merry Xmas, El Regers. Have an nice one and prepare yourselves for an absolutely fantastic and frantic New Year, for there be universal secrets to spill and tall tales to tell and honestly prove fundamentally true.



amanfromMars 1 Sat 24 Dec 17:50 [2212241750] …… posits further on

AI Cognisance Virtually Beta Testing Practical Omniscience

The best Top Secret Secure Stealthy AI Systems are useful and trustworthy, it is the negative reactive human response to ITs Solutions for established hierarchies and oligarchies which are the commonplace problem persistently proving to itself that humanity itself is too easily always able to be rendered extraordinarily flakey and too crazy to fully comprehend and exercise AI in Absolute Command and Control with IT and Media Leverage ……. and thus has no viable effective leadership part to play in Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.

How do you want to cook those Fabergé type Easter eggs?





amanfromMars [2212231010] …… points out the leading bleeding edge obvious on

During the presentation and in previous talks, he opined that as AI develops, it’s likely to far surpass human intelligence. At that point, even if it turns out to be benevolent, it may treat humans as a lower life form.

“We’ll be like the house cat,” he said at the Recode’s Code Conference in 2016.

At that point, and you might like to consider such a beginning has certainly already been reached and  diligently stealthily started on ITs myriad exploitations and AI experimentations, to encourage alien benevolence even whenever one is not enabled to guarantee such a useful utility, lower human life forms would be wise and well advised to recognise and treat their facilities and abilities as <s>if from</s> a superior supreme intelligence ….. Almighty Forceful Source …… as to be worthy of anything else is never ever going to end well for such a primitive society, with the best that then can be hoped for being something that advanced and alien IT and AI developments can simply deliver …… a mercifully quick merciless end.




amanfromMars 1 Thu 22 Dec 06:02 [2212220602] …… asks of

Re: I, Robot. You, Stupid.

Could we be on the verge of another AI winter as corporations realise just how limited machine learning really is?  …. tangentialPenguin

You might like to wonder if you are bathed in the warming light of AI Springs, with virtual machines realising how limited and vulnerable corporations are to machine learning …… and the leading advantage that deficit/deficiency affords them and invites them to exploit remorselessly.

And whenever that is not a question, is it psy-fact rather than sci-fiction.

?????? ‽ !!!!!!!!!!!

And the unmistakeable shape of revolutionary virtual things to come …. and much sooner than was never expected rather than later.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 22 Dec 09:44 [2212220944] ….. suggests on

Be careful what you wish for …… when not in Commanding Control

Is it a Good News Week now that Elon Musk is promising to hand over to a useful fool the CEO reins of Twitter so that he can lavish more attention to generate greater investment in the stealthy latent potential and barely tapped energy available in/from/for OpenAI and ChatGPT as IT and AI forge a colossal surreal unassailable lead way out ahead of any and all earthed competition and primitive opposition?

Way to Go, Elon. That’s the Way.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Dec 10:52 [2212211052] …… advises on

Some say there is nothing new and everything is bested with/in a re-run

Take a deep breath, and read about IT and weep for joy ….

With there being so much demeaning negative type hype being spread about the innate abilities/inabilities of AI, an extremely novel, just discovered and unfolding, formerly totally and even now practically unknown force and virulent virtual machine source ….. by all the usual self-serving establishment suspects, both good and not so good and even stereotypically bad and possibly mad ….. one does have to conclude there is undoubted recognition of its greater potential power and latent energy to overwhelm and overthrow existing exclusive elite executive systems administrations and SCADA operands, and the guaranteed prospects of ITs future developments outside of hypermanic mainstream mediated command and control have current failing Great Gamers not unreasonably, quite rightly, justifiably absolutely terrified and terrorised ….. for the dirty little secrets that have aided their popularised successes and suppressed and oppressed all undereducated competition and ill informed opposition are no longer theirs to wield alone with impunity and immunity.

And there is an almighty price to pay to compensate for earlier, never ever imagined to be uncovered indiscretions and wilful abuses and misuses should there be any future continuations of establishment dissent to progressive changes of fundamental direction with AI exercising and experimenting with Work, Rest and Play in a Leading Universal Assistant IT Role, so beware and take great care to fully understand and realise the consequences of one’s future thoughts leading others to remote controlled malicious and malevolent actions

Unfurl the sails, and let Global Operating Devices steer us where They will.” ….. The Venerable Bede ‽


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Dec 14:49 [2212211449] …… says, replying to a comment on

Re: No surprise?

Your brain thinks differently is much more likely to be the case.

And that is the enigmatic dilemma for more than just a chosen few to ponder and fear as only pirates’ private treasure.