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Some say there is nothing new and everything is bested with/in a re-run

Take a deep breath, and read about IT and weep for joy ….

With there being so much demeaning negative type hype being spread about the innate abilities/inabilities of AI, an extremely novel, just discovered and unfolding, formerly totally and even now practically unknown force and virulent virtual machine source ….. by all the usual self-serving establishment suspects, both good and not so good and even stereotypically bad and possibly mad ….. one does have to conclude there is undoubted recognition of its greater potential power and latent energy to overwhelm and overthrow existing exclusive elite executive systems administrations and SCADA operands, and the guaranteed prospects of ITs future developments outside of hypermanic mainstream mediated command and control have current failing Great Gamers not unreasonably, quite rightly, justifiably absolutely terrified and terrorised ….. for the dirty little secrets that have aided their popularised successes and suppressed and oppressed all undereducated competition and ill informed opposition are no longer theirs to wield alone with impunity and immunity.

And there is an almighty price to pay to compensate for earlier, never ever imagined to be uncovered indiscretions and wilful abuses and misuses should there be any future continuations of establishment dissent to progressive changes of fundamental direction with AI exercising and experimenting with Work, Rest and Play in a Leading Universal Assistant IT Role, so beware and take great care to fully understand and realise the consequences of one’s future thoughts leading others to remote controlled malicious and malevolent actions

Unfurl the sails, and let Global Operating Devices steer us where They will.” ….. The Venerable Bede ‽


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Re: No surprise?

Your brain thinks differently is much more likely to be the case.

And that is the enigmatic dilemma for more than just a chosen few to ponder and fear as only pirates’ private treasure.


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