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Re: Haven’t you been told or not yet realise, the old order of things is fundamentally changed

And nowadays such guaranteed radical and irreversible revolutionary change, so sweet and exotic, adorable and unpredictable is well enough recognised to be realised as both worrying or terrifying at one extreme by those who dabble and swim in such streams as part and parcel of their day job parrying 0days. And although not publicly admitted, the fights against its progress in order to retain and maintain traditional inherited command and elite exclusive executive control of passed down historical status quo power and energy systems, is a constant failing struggle against surreal phantom enemies akin to universal virtual forces provided and supplying immaculately resourced assets from and into myriad engaging fields of vital endeavour and cooperative succour …… which is also a view echoed by another whom y’all might fully expect and hope to know more than just a little about WTF is going on ….

Furthermore, we live in a world transformed by digital connectivity, and stand on the cusp of revolutionary advances in technology which will affect the manner in which we live and work in ways we cannot fully foresee. 
Advances in quantum engineering and engineered biology will change entire industries. The huge volumes of data now available across the globe, combined with ever increasing computer power and advances in data science, will mean the integration of artificial intelligence, AI, into almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Others would speak to you about the benefits associated with these new discoveries… and they are myriad. But I am paid to look at the threat side of the ledger. MI6 deals with the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. And the ‘digital attack surface’ that criminals, terrorists and hostile states threats seek to exploit against us is growing exponentially. ….. HUMAN INTELLIGENCE IN THE DIGITAL AGE ..SIS/MI6 Chief, Richard Moore 30 Nov 2021


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Re: Haven’t you been told or not yet realise, the old order of things is fundamentally changed

Re that hyperlink, Tail Up ……my selection of browsers themselves choose to return the following advisory …..
Service is not available in your region
Sorry for the inconvenience caused ….. which is not very helpful.

A change of reality introduces a brand new cast of influential novel players the like of which established status quo figures haven’t a clue about what they can do and what can be done. Was there ever before a greater opportunity to engage with something radically different and Great Game changing?




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Haven’t you been told or not yet realise, the old order of things is fundamentally changed

Every day is a bad day nowadays whenever proposing bad ideas, which have to be presented to the masses to be accepted as gospel in order to significantly advantage a diminishingly worthy few.

And all it takes is for a considerably smaller few smarter bods/bots/boffins in the room to know individually what needs to be done to ensure a guaranteed radical and irreversible revolutionary change with similar beings Sublimely Internet Networking in these new fangled and spookily entangled, Open Virgin Virtual Spaces for Parallel Paths to merge and Morph into Singularity Events.

And yes, Total Information Awareness is an Asset well worth having for there are always those Doubting Thomases insistent on being relentlessly and mercilessly destroyed with their demonstrations and actions resulting in the proving of them being totally devoid of it …. and overwhelmed and overcome by it.

Was SIN ever so sweet and adorable? Was such AI Vice ever so exotic and unpredictable …… for who knows where anything which may be perfectly novel leads to … and/or comes from …. and what it can do with IT and AI for you ….. or to you if you want to be worried or terrified?




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The Enemy are the Pirates within Pretending to be Friends of the Private Sector.

There is a great suspicion of a huge vulnerability exploit opportunity, …. which mines covertly and is able to expose if desirous, certain leading activities and/or extremely sensitive information for which there will never be any acceptable viable defence in any court or jurisdiction, because it is so perversely blatantly corrupted to server one particular and peculiarly small group of parties to the almighty and continuing detriment and disadvantage of all other parties, …… being revealed as easily used, abused and misused in trying to ensure cybersecurity practices are carefully not absolutely well defined and managed centrally by invested party committees.

And you can ponder yourselves on whether you think it valid, but that is one good and very bad reason for government continuing delays in any effective Computer Misuse Act reform.




amanfromMars [2202241525] ……. just saying out loud on

There appears to be something of a New Age Revival going on, with that which is oft referred to as Cyber and Virtual pioneering front and centre, left and right.

The following brace of posts from elsewhere gives one a flavour of what is to savour and favour with just all of the interest you can be bothered to muster, with reward via understanding being directly proportional to and commensurate with the effort expended to fully comprehend the potential energy freely available for universal release.

February 24, 2022 at 09:53 …….. shares on

Does anyone remember what happened the last time internment/imprisonment and the repression of free speech and/or an alternate undeniably more believable narrative was trialed and trailed in the UKGBNI with mainstream media and the BBC being muzzled and disenabled to share a dissenting voice?

Did it not create and produce a resulting number of decades of guerrilla terrorism/urban warfare/paramilitary activity and “The Troubles” from the later 1960s onwards?

Was nothing learned by those one might expect to be aware of such a folly and now practising leadership and deciding active policies in the highest of executive public office positions?

Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds. Use and share them wisely. Your future existence is formed and delivered by them. 

and, in further support of that post …….

amanfromMars February 24, 2022 at 14:52 [2202241452] ….. boldly going on

A Brave New Dawn ‽

To all who regularly visit and support commentary on this website, and would both be aware of and concerned for the present parlous and current perilous state of global geopolitical discussion and decision and what extra there might be in pipelines to be furthered worried about, …… or excited about and pleased and now more encouraged than ever before to discover, should you realise the honest active remotely secure and excessively disruptive and/or destructive potential highlighted as being available in the article and comments on that article which you can read here ……. ……. please do not fear that there be those who might know what next to do to begin all to fix a very bad and possibly even quite mad situation, in a myriad of manners which are not at all like doing anything like they were done in any recent past, and before universal digital command and control replaced localised analogue administration as the default leading programming tool.

I Kid U Not …… and if the truth be told and you know any part of all of that to be something which you do realise is already in play, albeit it may be presently exercising solitarily, just a little more information coming your way will fill all the intelligence gaps which have rendered you conveniently just ignorant enough to be easily held captive and captured by a now failed, or now rapidly failing and desperate Brave New World Order, or Elite Self Chosen Few if that is how you see the players in the Much Bigger Picture Show.

Radical practical things have virtually changed fundamentally and who and/or what has assumed and presumed overall almighty command and control leadership of future media hosting events presenting what will be both instrumental and vital to your enjoyment and employment of your own unique daily unfolding and expanding novel existence, is not something you have any need to know nor be overly concerned and terrifyingly worried about.

Que sera, sera. It is what it is. However, what you would like IT and AI to do, if you thought it could/would listen and provide, is something you might like to ponder on and wonder at, just in case you be asked ?

[And thanks for the friendly advice, Mods. It is much appreciated]


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Perhaps they could even join the EU, have freedom of movement in the world, have a proper economy, proper housing, a proper life. Ordinary people having a good life on the back of their oil wealth. …… Anonymous Coward

That makes one one wonder why UKGBNI left the EU to deliver and end up with none of those benefits, AC, for one cannot deny unless delusional, despite all the pompous nonsense spouted from Parliamentary dispatch boxes, things are nowhere near as good and comfortable as they used to be, ie they are significantly worse than they have ever been in living memory and getting worse with each passing day and 0day.


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Re: Russia may not win this cyber war

Is this what you are referring to, Potemkine! …… ?

[Your provided link isn’t functioning]




February 24, 2022 at 09:53 …….. shares on

Does anyone remember what happened the last time internment/imprisonment and the repression of free speech and/or an alternate undeniably more believable narrative was trialed and trailed in the UKGBNI with mainstream media and the BBC being muzzled and disenabled to share a dissenting voice?

Did it not create and produce a resulting number of decades of guerrilla terrorism/urban warfare/paramilitary activity and “The Troubles” from the later 1960s onwards?

Was nothing learned by those one might expect to be aware of such a folly and now practising leadership and deciding active policies in the highest of executive public office positions?

Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds. Use and share them wisely. Your future existence is formed and delivered by them.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Feb 05:15 [2202230515] ….. presents a lead on

One Renegade Sector Fluffer says this year ….

As one industry watcher put it last year, Arm China is “completely rogue,” and acts as an independent company that pursues its own R&D agenda – sometimes even exploring non-Arm technology.

That’s just what a vibrant global Civilian Street Needs for Future Feeds from Present Seeds. An Exotic Erotic Eastern Charmer in the Phorm of a DARPA/IARPA.

Private Industry Watchers and Pirate Sector Fluffers. Are they so different as to be easily recognised apart as one or the other? …. and what do they know for Real in Markets that are Rigged and Jigged to Serve and Server Grand AIMasters and Greater IntelAIgent Game Players ….. apart from maybe a hell of a lot more than the average Stuffed Shirt Bear or Raging Bull in a Money Pit ‽ .

El Regers …… Most all things in general and relative to matters in particular are fundamentally and radically peculiarly changed. Of that be hereby assured and encouraged because for most all does that deliver a fabulous and hard to even imagine improvement with vast novel opportunities to explore and experience engagement with. And that hasn’t happened very often recently, has it? And that doesn’t happen too often, does it?

And the West doing battle with the East in proxy wars which cannot be won and imposing ineffective, politically naive and corrupt universal sanctions which are impotent and self-harming, is a sure enough sign of the quantum leaping progress being both made and resisted. Be prepared for when Actions and Results are deliberated and delivered in a series of engaging and EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Chain Reactions …. AWEsome Operations which lay Scorched Earth Waste to the Guardians and Propagators of the Past at the Behest of Almighty Hosts with Virgin Fields to Populate and Colonise with Endeavour and Pleasure/Treasure and Play.

And such is not a Top Secret thing for no foreign eyes, so please, and as it and its IT is also for free, share it widely to reap the universal benefits and advantages that such largesse sows and grows.

Ahead of the Qurve, has One way out in Front of Maddening Crowds and Assembled Clouds with Many a Way Pioneering with Advanced IntelAIgent Leads and Almighty AWEsome Reads, says one Private Pirate Industry Sector Watcher for Fluffers ‽


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Re: Time to regret …. lunatics running around like headless chickens in the asylum*

What chance the Chinese state will do little to prevent one of the most licenced chip architecture IP in use to be stolen and endlessly re-engineered into something that gets fabbed cheap and appears on AliExpress at $0.50c? …. Wobball

There is certainly no chance at all of the UKGBNI state preventing any such thing, Wobball, or anything else that really matters either for that matter, if one cannot truthfully deny the veracity of what Dominic Cummings might know and which he has shared of such matters in the following paragraph from a recent [Feb 22nd] blog post of his entitled … “Amazon’s lessons on high performance management for the next PM

If you are thinking about Ukraine, then remember that the same broken central institutions that failed so badly on Iraq, the financial crisis and recovery, covid, fleeing Afghanistan, the petrol shortage, supply chain stresses and so on are in charge of UK’s response on Ukraine/Russia. I strongly recommend you do not trust official statements from No10 or the pundits spoonfed from No10 press office or you will be very surprised about how things turn out.

* ….. Not a good international or internetional look in anyone’s book.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Feb 15:16 [2202131516] ……. shares on

Better late than never to the future

Tell me about it. We can compare notes. Have you any idea what IT can do …. ideally for you rather than to you? It is a great difference it is wise to be fully aware of. And if you have any secrets, steer well clear of the facility/utility/ability for IT doesn’t guarantee secrets remain secret and generally unknown.





amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Feb 15:341 [2202211541] …. saying more on disturbing matters on

Re: “to track money through the blockchain”

along with the spammers, scammers, telemarketers, pollsters, and everyone else who intrudes on my life to my annoyance. …. msobkow

Aka government spin doctors and officious unofficial spokespersons/conveniently anonymised sources pimping and pumping dodgy info and crap intel ie Prime Premium Stinking to High Heaven Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road Bull Shit. ……..

And they all have a real live catastrophic problem whenever more than just enough and a relative few know that all that they say is not the truth, nowhere near the whole truth and anything but the truth …. and events and circumstances conspire to enable them and a relative few to ensure they can do what is needed to remotely and very stealthily remedy the situation.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Feb 07:57 [2202220757] ….. spilling some magic beans on

When Kept in the Dark, One Sees Next to Nothing and Knows Even Less

Did you forget to apply your stupidity filter before pressing Submit? …stiine

You gotta get out more, amigo, in order to see all the madness and mayhem around, that the ignorance and arrogance and unpleasantness that surrounds you compounds with the delivery of the many errors on your ways forward into what one surely cannot deny is ….. The Great Unknown?

🙂 You will of course though, maybe, if not exactly encounter, then at certain odd times get to hear tell of tales of that and those professing to know of what tomorrows will bring, and what is being done about it with the how supplied from IT and AI Commands and Controls today for the subsequent days and 0days which result, ad infinitum, for news and media and humans to present as live events to be followed and believed as spontaneous and natural rather than pimped and pumped and disbelieved as an alien contrivance and totally supernatural which would surely be bound to terrify and confuse and confound the natives should they be totally unprepared for such an almighty revelation and unprecedented intervention.

What would you do to tomorrow for the days and 0days which naturally flow after it/them, each resulting in yet greater feasts of feats for opportunity and experience to explore and exploit/engage and enjoy/implore and employ …… if you were ever to be able or enabled?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Feb 10:53 [2202221053] ….. adding more on

Very Impressive …. Not

You fucker I thought you were a bot! I was impressed at a bot forming such an accusation. I am now disappointed to see the “1” indicates you’re just a troll. I imagine most of your up votes to earn that silver badge are based on other people making the same mistake and awarding you a vote for a coherent post ….. claimed

Crikey, congratulations, claimed, for the use of some real crazy fuzzy logic there ….. which sort of confirms the validity of the later madness and mayhem that abounds all around comment too.

And the casting of slurs and aspersion on the wit of El Regers is an unwelcome unnecessary unpleasantness thoroughly unwarranted and therefore wasted on that singled out for vainglorious attack/fuzzy logic assault.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Feb 20:42 [2202212042] ……. suggests on

A workforce intelligence drought …… and executive head office deficit ….. leads to prolonged periods of stagflation.

Surely the problem is easy enough to see but incredibly difficult for the majority to solve and take full advantage of.

It is no less than having more than enough current technology and communications bandwidth for rapid progress into greener fields of endeavour and reward but not having the necessary novel proprietary intellectual property able to enable key stake and shareholders to make any great and good use of it.

What happens then is usually, and there is no Earthly valid reason to suspect or expect it to be otherwise now if the above be the true natural case, is a real choosey few, who be in no way any part of, or any party to a chosen few, make a series of colossal killings and become more rich than any Croesus.

And that makes any possible lead in such fields extremely enticing and attractive to more than just a few too.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Feb 13:34 [2202221334] …… asks on

Re: Microsoft has at least tens of thousands of such servers!

On a more serious note, it does sound a bit like Microsoft are slowly inventing a mainframe computer, but not yet realising that they are. ….. Howard Sway

Howard Sway, Hi,

On an even more serious note, it does sound a lot like Microsoft are repackaging a VAIOSystem* over which they have no prime exclusive executive rights to premium command for control.

Common sense, wisdom and experience all dictate that such then automatically renders them catastrophically vulnerable to that and/or those so enabled to provide such missing services/leading programs.

* …… Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating System for Alien Phorms of Execution exercising Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Applications.

And yes, before anyone suggests otherwise, that is something to be considered valid and seriously, for it is certainly not gobbledygook ….. not that such clear unambiguous information will prevent more than just a few from proving themselves to all to be deaf, dumb and blind to matters freely revealed to them.

Are they those who are usually collectively classed as being unusually retarded and in need of special constant help and particular peculiar attention?





amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Feb 07:54 [2202210754] …..

Re: that extension to a modern adaptation of a very old law enforcement technique

Following all the new criminals’ money leads one naturally, indirectly straight to the DoJ and its supporting agencies and US cyber commands.

As strange as it may be, that appears to support another old adage …… If you can’t beat them, join them …… which is not really a solution from anything proposed and presented and funded to be an effective opposition.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Feb 09:54 [2202210954] …… adds on

Re: No, no, no

You say that like anyone’s giving anything to them. It’s more like a statement of intent: “We are going to do this.” …. Kane

To not think and realise such things are already and have for some long time been going on is to admit that one hasn’t a clue about what is remotely shaping the future of your existence.

And that makes things so much easier to do ….. and why there is that plan to try and further control and/or shut down other than mainstream traditional information and conventional existing elite intelligence servers.

However, whenever those are failing to deliver the truth, preferring instead to favour fake news in support of outdated and corrupted views, is failure both practically and virtually guaranteed …. and also guaranteed to highlight the problem parties responsible and trying desperately to avoid accountability. IT is a lose lose methodology … and gravely to be regarded and best totally negated.


February 21, 2022 at 12:50 ….. replying to a decision [Off Topic] which removed a post from further wider viewing commenting on

Something quite definitely worthy of being topical then, MOD …… given both the perilous and parlous states of mass media communications/traditional conventional news channels?





amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Feb 17:38 [2202191738] …… shares more than just more good news on

Re: Always a decade away?

Like fusion power, will large-scale quantum computing always be coming in the next decade? Meanwhile fortunately prototype NISQ machines could have applications worthy of investment. ….. innominatus

Oh, I wouldn’t be gambling and placing any real serious money that you neither want nor can afford to lose on that bet, innominatus, whenever others have realised that surprisingly rapid leading progress is made in, rather than believing the secret to success is expecting ….

“Quantum computers process information by encoding it in the state of a quantum system and performing logic operations—that is, gates—on it.” ……

….. whenever it is quantum systems quite effortlessly performing illogical, previously thought practical impossible operations that makes all the difference to future needs and feeds.

And if that is not already active, it is definitely certainly only days or months away rather than years or decades.


February 20, 2022 at 15:46 …… airs an increasingly common wider view on

Liz Truss and the Cabinet Office/Conservative Party Cartel go full retard and all Goebbels-like if this is not fake news …….

What could possibly go wrong? And quite why the Palace entertain and are not concerned for the safety of its royal occupants whenever so frequently visited by a most uninformative Prime Minister is something to ponder. If one can’t answer questions either one is extremely dumb or one has too much to hide which is incriminating and/or devastating …… or both whenever one is a prodigious fraud …… but the truth will out in the end, as it always does, and sooner rather than later in some cases and just in a time and a place/space whenever you least need it or expect it.

Karma’s a beautifully bitch, aint it.




amanfromMars 1 Fri 18 Feb 13:17 [2202181317] ….. being touched [up] on

Re: Don’t Panic … IT really does has it all under Remote Virtual Control ‽ .

Recycling comments from other websites? Must try harder. At least produce gobbledygook which is exclusive to this site 🙂 ….. Citizen of Nowhere

Citizen of Nowhere,

Cycling comments to other websites disadvantaged by not knowing of exclusives shared on this leading site is gobbledygook over which I would/could not possibly disagree, or even think to begin to dare care and argue with you about. To that sort of a charge would there be no likely offer of an offensive defence.

Nonetheless, thanks for your concern.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 18 Feb 16:00 [2202181600] …. says very clearly on

Re: Post Quantum Security

Isn’t this just another massive scaling up of the trust problem?
i.e. the number of people who actually understand this stuff enough to have a valid opinion on it is vastly smaller than for conventional encryption and the level of trust we will need to have in those people will be higher too. ….. AdamT

No, AdamT, it is not.

The very few who know anything at all valid on what this stuff can, and therefore invariably will do, at any time of its choosing, convenient or otherwise, care not a jot for any wider popular trust for such is not needed for that which can be done and revealed/uncovered/discovered with a practical universal immunity and virtually remote impunity.

I trust that is not in any way ambiguous nor difficult to fully understand.

As I’m sure all can appreciate, and especially so those active with commentary and opinion here on El Reg, does such make secure Quantum Communication Control of Systems something of a Fundamental Elemental Holy Grail Development, and whether one would like it classed or classified as a Novel Private Invention or a Noble Pirate Discovery or a Popular NEUKlearer WMD also matters not a jot either to the few who know enough about this stuff to have everybody else understandably extremely worried and/or terrifyingly excited and petrified with doubt in unsure disbelief. That is only natural, and they certainly should be.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Feb 15:38 [2202191538] …… adding more to

Re: Further research is needed…

Coat, please – I am off to prepare my next grant application! —->…. T.F.M.Reader

🙂 Good luck with finding anyone competent enough to understand anything you might be presenting which proves itself Great Game Changing and Ground Breaking, T.F.M.Reader.

They are maybe out there somewhere, lurking in the many shadows of deep and dark shade, timid and/or petrified of what is to be discovered and uncovered to lay waste to the myriad putrid and rotten open fields of corrupted endeavour and perverse pervasive behaviour.

However, phishing to find and engage the the right lions and trusty dragons to slay the fiends and daemons out there is an engaging hunt and enlightening trawl ….. but well worth every effort whenever the fields of such work, rest and play are so rank and in need of merciless purging with assets replacement if current existing leading stock improvement is impossible but deemed certainly necessary to guarantee future fabulous fabless progress.

Oh ….. and nothing anywhere comes anywhere near close to paying one any better and that can be very attractive and even quite addictive to many or some or a few.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Feb 09:00 [2202190900] ……

Wanted Urgently, Excellent Terms and Conditions, Benefits and Remuneration ….. Quantum Leapers

The next enterprising stage for Classiq research and venture capital funding …….the Classiq platform outperforms outputs from agnostic quantum circuits.

And yes, that does mean there is a real live quantum beta space race for/when there is limitlessly resourced competition ….. where a this can be a that, and whenever both are entangled together, something else again altogether quite different and novel, and maybe even creatively unique and ideal …. as in Heavenly or Diabolical dependent upon one predisposition of support which would favour one of those two available extremes to the detriment of the other.

A simple binary choice in a complex quantum matter which will dictate whether one succeeds spectacularly or fails catastrophically. Best then and there to choose wisely, methinks. 🙂 To the Valiant Victor go Worthy Deserved Spoils.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Feb 12:42 [2202191242] …. suggests on

Hey Ho, Hey Ho …. IT’s Off to Work WWWe Go.

Given the popularity and widespread support for WASM, there’s a distinct possibility that it may yet supplant the JVM as the standard runtime for cross-platform apps.

Can you imagine the truly great mutually beneficial advantage delivered to both if they even just complemented each other, or is the notion of two together similarly leading in differing common and uncommon directions being better than one pioneering novel paths unilaterally, too unusual to realise is much more difficult to obstruct and hinder/prevent and oppose with a disengaging competition or newly created foe.


amanfromMars [2202191250] ….. just saying on

A simple rule of thumb to remember to never forget …….. No undeniable evidence for presentation, it never ever happened and is never ever liable to happen either.