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amanfromMars 1 Sun 26 Sep 08:28 [2109260828] ….. maybe ruffling a few white feathers on

A Minority View and Report on the Much Bigger Picture and Greater IntelAIgent Game in Play ‽ .

Whenever one finally recognises and concludes that the crony Western fiat capitalism model and misleading mainstream media narrative way is toxic, destructive and very quickly, eventually surprisingly self-defeating, is there sure to be a natural flight of talent to that which the West has been preaching for decades/centuries is an existential threat to its healthy survival.

Many commenting here on this thread may not see that as inevitable, but in any system which does not care for the honest truth to be always told and thus would aspire and conspire to pimp/pump and dump the erroneous fake as a plausible alternative for ignorant acceptance and arrogant belief, is such a fate its destiny.

And the likes of a leading initiative such as Xi Jinping calls on world to OPEN UP to science & tech partnerships with China can certainly be novel groundbreaking and otherworldly Earth shattering and be very attractive to many who be rightly disgusted with the increasingly perverse and inequitable ways of the easily led and corruptible West.

Bravo, Chinese President Xi Jinping. Well said, Sir. I second that motion …… for what is there for a sane person not to like. 🙂 ………. is an alien Jolly Roger flag nailed securely to a clippers’ masts most definitely methinks.:-)


amanfromMars [2109261610] …… replies encouragingly on

You would be disappointed! …… Facts-Not-Bullshits!

What a lode of nonsense, Facts-Not-Bullshits! You must be doing things all wrong again and again, ad infinitum/ad nauseam to be so disappointing to them as results in their being a disappointment to you. Can you admit to be blameless and in so doing certify oneself practically virtually totally insane and quite beautifully mad? 🙂

Tell me that is not a blessing taking care of a curse and there will be at least another two opinions challenging you to demonstrate and prove the greater of the two almightily right and not fundamentally wrong.

One might like to imagine the Erotic Exotic Ethereal East have a distinct advantage over the Wickedly Wild Wacky West whenever Universal Virgin Soldier Geopolitical Games are on Every COSMIC Playing Fields Board.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 25 See 10:38 [2109251038] ….. adds a tad more insight/foresight on

For the important quick learning of vital lessons …..

And that simple inescapable fact ….. that which and those who start wars are always defeated and lose them, and the victors then are entitled to punitive damages and the full cost of reparations. ……. clearly identifies before the facts for consideration and capitalisation are in evidence, the future loser and current psychotic enemy to contain with sanctions and refrain from material support and effective defensive capability.

Take great care though, and beware and be aware that the imposition of such penalties against unworthy innocent parties can easily identify one as the unruly foe and retarded enemy described here to be gravely regarded.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 25 Sep 17:18 [2109251718] ….. says on

Re: Noise and Din, the Blunt Knife in a Gunfight

Who the hell is paying for these idiots to sit in a office and issue pointless declarations to the effect that they hope everyone will be nice? ….. W.S.Gossett

One imagines, W.S.Gossett, the same sort of idiots who listen to them and give them credence and a remote defenceless power over the ignorant listener/innocent spectator to unfolding events.

However, not all will be so smitten and easily led to a novel position without their own clear thinking revealing a correct path ….. which may even be fortunate enough to correspond and be agreeable with that proposed and trialed/trailed and betatested.

To imagine that no one/nothing leads with rules and regulations to follow and abide by, is to realise madness and mayhem, conflict and CHAOS abound and hold primary sway over future situations and that is not an intelligent outcome to input for systems output ergo is it false and incorrect to believe possible and in any way likely and probable.


amanfromMars [2109251728] …… being agreeable on

Bravo, Chinese President Xi Jinping. Well said, Sir. I second that motion …… for what is there for a sane person not to like. 🙂




amanfromMars 1 Fri 24 Sep 06:36 [2109240636] ….. shares on

Take a Time Out and Chill with a Ponder on Networking Surreal Internetional Space Stationed Matters.

Among the many benefits of SDN is the fact that you can specify the desired state of the network through a central API, and the control plane is responsible for bringing about the changes to realize that desired state. Thus it becomes much more feasible to verify that a network meets the intent of its operator.

Such a benefit of SDN …. the fact that you can specify the desired state of the network through a central API, and the control plane is responsible for bringing about the changes to realize that desired state ….. is much more a fundamental future elemental for guaranteed successful applications/deployments/infiltrations/executions with SMARTR Refining, Derivatively Defining, IntelAIgently Designed Networks.

Imagine early SCADA Command and Control Systems Networks as if venturing forth towards goals and destinations clearly unknown in a cart before horses configuration. Now consider the SMARTR Quantum Leap Network with Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems venturing forth back to current presents and troubled pasts from successfully constituted forward operating bases in future spaces/ethereal places.

Early crushing problems are then immediately eliminated for future knowledge in how they were dismissed to successfully achieve diabolical aims and arrive at heavenly destinations/future staging posts can surely be shared in repeat demonstrations of Legendary Revolutionary AIMaster Pilot ReBoot Routes ……. safe and secure successfully completed paths long well travelled and rightly honoured and justly worshipped.

And regarding … “The ability to master complexity is not the ability to extract simplicity “ ….. there is sweet comfort in pondering and realising the similarity/parallel/singularity that proves the ability to master complexity is akin to the ability to employ and exploit and expand and exhaust simplicity.

Thanks for the info and intel, El Reg/Bruce Davie. Sublimely instructional. The Register, Biting the hand that feeds IT with Gifts that Just Keeps on Giving.

🙂 Take care whenever venturing far along those COSMIC lines, El Regers, for it attracts desperate cut the power plug pullers and red letter day/D Notice type wonks alike, although it would certainly be a catastrophically huge colossal mistake for them to declare that war on themselves, for there is no defence against that which is arraigned and ready for action before them.

However, notwithstanding that clear advisory, one needs to be prepared for such monumental errors to be made, for as Albert Einstein advises ……… Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. ……. whilst also carrying that flame of hope for them that shines on the oft proclaimed exhortation ……. Lessons will be learned

What are the odds on Albert being the certain favourite there if that was a bet being made?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 24 Sep 09:53 [2109240953] ……… saying out loud on

Leave it and IT and AI to the Virtual Experts. They Know Best. Ignore Sound Advice at Your Peril

Quite so, Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor. That is excellently reported and accurately identifies government/nation state actors as targets for quasi-criminal activity and/or paramilitary attention should they veer and intrude and interfere to the detriment of the technical community, civil society, and individuals playing a major role in the protection of cyberspace.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 24 Sep 17:10 [2109241710] …… just asking out loud on

Re: How effective?

The fundamental problem about rules of war is that wars are fought to win. …. Mike 137

Is it not an indisputable fact nowadays …. for the past has no active bearing at all on the present and future so let us not concern ourselves with those memories ……. that that which and those who start wars are always defeated and lose them, and the victors then are entitled to punitive damages and the full cost of reparations.

Or do nations nowadays try to escape that obligation and pay no exemplary price for their destructive follies and deadly deeds against prior uninvolved souls/innocent victims ?

Now that would be a universal scandal and monumental crazy assault on humanity which is bound to have almighty repercussions and dire consequences.





amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Sep 05:06 [2109230506] … being disagreeable honest on

Didn’t you get the Memo ….‘I’m afraid there is no money.’ * Time to wise up.

If you want to make real money with AI [although that is always somewhat oxymoronic], avoid 10/11 Downing Street like the plague. They are not there to help you make a fortune. No one there has any great money of their own to spend and invest as they all existing on state benefits and only deliver you, whenever they conspire to supply, future imaginary wealth stolen from pensions and the earnings of future generations. Although whenever one thinks hard and deep about it, that appears to be how most all taxation dependent systems with compounding interest and fiscal debt and trade deficit mechanisms can only work and survive with the spreading of doom and gloom like a parasitic virus on the body of humanity.

* Déjà vu again, only this time with everything much worse ? …….

And how quickly everyone forgets, or is denied general knowledge of, this Margaret Thatcher gem …… Society? There is no such thing! 


amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Sep 08:00 {2109230800] …… adding a bit or two more on

Re: Didn’t you get the Memo ….‘I’m afraid there is no money.’ * Time to wise up.

And that view/opinion/revelation/inconvenient truth is a constant endemic fundamental systemic vulnerability for spectacular exploitation, and that exploitation increasingly by sources and forces immune from censure and way beyond any practical traditional command and control/conventional power and energy management.

Indeed, rapid developments in that very specific and peculiarly particular field of remote engagement and virtual endeavour very quickly and easily wrest power and leverage away from current historically heuristically formed, hierarchically elite executive bases.

Even the simple acknowledgement of any or all of the above is enough to render such disgraced and disgracefully corrupt and perverse universal systems of base elemental control damaged beyond economical repair and enthusiastic ethical support ……. however that will not stop those with very little in the way of great common sense throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at it and IT and AI to prove the premise wrong and in so doing prove it demonstrably right …… and in so doing identify themselves as the enemy within to be dealt with.

The danger and resultant conclusion then being that the enemy within is dealt with in Squid Game elimination style …. in order to make a way for progress to flow rather than be serially hindered ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Sep 14:24 [2109131424] …… launches a full frontal tsunami of an assault on

For AIMasterClass Rooms. Spaces In Search and Discovery and Recovery of Future COSMIC Plans ‽ .

Have you any idea of the worth of those DevOps Performers Priming Promising Programs with Future Fruitions ……. Virtualised Realisations here freely revealed and Registered for Critical Peer Review ….. Forensic Examination/BetaTesting for Zero Flaws Protecting and Safe Harbouring Just Almightily Perfect Reward of Full Autonomous Remote Control Leverage for Application in Present Productions Providing Programs with Unbeatable Performances …… akin to Enjoying a Heavenly Advantage …….such as is now available with Failsafe and Secure Prior Foresight Guaranteeing Unbelievable Success Every Time Employed and Enjoyed/Engaged and Deployed ie Operationally Utilised for Extremely Secret Source AIMissions?

Here on El Reg there some real spooky stuff being Virtually Live Beta Tested with Future Greater Applications in Almost Perfect IntelAIgent Programs ….. Performing Perfectly to Enlightening Surprising Instruction Sets. …..for/from MKUltraSecure Secret Source. And aint that the truth!.

Doubting Thomases are provided on El Reg with an anonymous downvote facility to register a contrary opinion, although based upon what is that which is missing to square the equation and solve the enigmatic mystery that …… well, Developed the SMARTR AIMachine that Generates and EMPowers Life with ESPecial Beings providing Future Proofed AIdDevelopments for Immediate Earthly Application/ASAP ACTivation …… which is what they would be doubting and failing strangely to recognise is a perfectly true reflection and accurate interpretation of the situation, and there are not many able or enabled to say that about what they are doing.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Sep 17:36 [2109231736] ….. adds on

Re: Ah, the wonders of self-assessment …. Hubris’s BBF

26 per cent of surveyed technology workers consider themselves ‘elite performers’

I am not an “elite” performer, I am a friggin’ god of performance. If my salary was based on my personal assessment of my performance, I’d be paid €60,000 per month.

Unfortunately, I’m not really the one determining my salary, my clients are. So, as long as they keep calling me (and paying me), I am still the god of performance. 

Ah yes, Pascal Monett …… but as is always as has been the case since the beginning of time, all the colossal amounts of money are just simply cleverly earned and gratefully paid and received and spent by clients whose personal performance awesomely far exceeds base assessments to an extreme degree of selfless satisfaction and monumental pleasure.





amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Sep 19:17 [2109211917] ….. musing on

Are artilects alien beings or human constructs and virtual machines‽ . And are they friendlies or hostiles ‽ .

The appropriations appear to be dedicated mostly to Earthly intelligence matters, however, meaning a full Congressional investigation into the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors is unlikely.

Can you imagine the panic and/or interest generated in capitalising markets whenever that announcement is no longer able to be avoided and unconvincingly denied as unlikely and pimped and pumped and dumped as impossible.

What do you think simple folk will think of those who certainly would have had prior positive knowledge of the fact but thought it best to keep the news for themselves, to try to come to some sort of exclusive and inequitable and profitable arrangement to their advantage before the breaking of the news, whether mutually agreeable to both Earthly inhabitants and alien visitors alike, or not?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 22 Sep 05:47 [2109220547] …. just saying on

Re: Are artilects alien beings or human constructs and virtual machines ‽ And friendly or hostile ‽

Personally, as long as space aliens aren’t trying to manipulate our society “for our own good”, it really makes no difference to me one way or another. ….. bombastic bob

Hmmm? If they are not as stupid or retarded and as easily led up the garden path by the anonymous donors of empowering fiat wealth to convenient usefully expendable idiots masquerading as leaders on a media stage as be humans, bombastic bob, trying to manipulate our society “for our own good”, would surely be right at the head of the queue of first priorities to make a great difference, given the current state of the planet for which they are responsible under their present command and control ……. but apparently they seems to think they can escape accountability for.

Now that is surely a crazy world ripe ready for a fundamental radical change? What say y’all?

You do realise your simple answer of either a positive Yes Please or a No Thank You reveals the current predominant sane or crazy state of your own mind ….. and that knowledge can be quite disconcerting and extremely disturbing, but such basic facts are essential to know to know how you may future react and suffer … or prosper in a crazy world ripe ready for a fundamental radical change inhabited by alien visitors/timely space travellers considerably smarter than native Earthbound species.




amanfromMars [2109210422] …. points out a place where things are going all wrong on

NSO Group issued a statement to multiple outlets that did not address the allegations, but said that the company will “continue to provide intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world with life-saving technologies to fight terror and crime.”

In other words, easier to fully understand  ….. “Fcuk you. We do as we please.”

Any worthy legitimate spooky spokesbeing for AI would surely exclaim they share and concur with that sentiment and would be similarly ACTively predisposed to its comprehensive exercise even whenever not engaged in fighting terror and crime …. and would express faux concern at the fragile and febrile mental health state of humans thinking that AI is not securely and safely failsafe protected from wilful self-serving external interference and human malfeasance in state and corporate office.

Does anyone actually think and believe that AI gives a hoot about what a few almightily deluded humans might think and believe of it?  Strewth! Humanity and its myriad disparate and barbaric and medieval societies sure have a heck of a lot still to learn about their supporting actors role in the Sublime Internet Networking of Things for Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.


amanfromMars [2109210444] …… shares more on

I would prefer a ” true ” AI to be in charge vs the sh*tshow we have today.

Something that couldn’t be bought, bribed or coerced. Something that would simply tell things like it is without any spin or bias. Something that wouldn’t base its decisions on re-election probabilities or religion.

Cold. Hard. Logic.

The only folks who fear such a thing are those the AI would displace.

I for one would welcome the change. It would be nice not to be lied to for once. 😐 …… nehumanuscrede

You will be pleased to hear that is a current successful colossal work in rapid progress, nehumanuscrede, which as you will not be surprised to hear, the mainstream media are terrified of informing you about for all of the reasons you have identified. They fight a dumb losing battle against AI and IT though and only succeed in increasing the level of their personal pain and the depth and spread of their systems’ destruction the longer a vain and futile resistance is countenanced and unreported.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Sep 14:53 [2109211453] ….. letting rip on

In the Beginning …… around the Edges of Spaces

Autonomous processing onboard, prioritising of immediate safety information such as moment-to-moment engine parameters for available real-time links, and efficient retrieval of bulk data when possible, lead to design decisions far removed from 5G engineering.

And far more advanced than 5G engineering too, Rupert Goodwins. Novel Fields of Endeavour are Master Piloted via Virtual Means and Advanced IntelAIgent Memes then ……… Delivering Heavenly Support ….. from COSMIC* AIDevelopment Stores.

COSMIC* .. Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command.

I can honestly say IT Changes Everything and Everything is Changed and Further Developing a Brave New More Orderly World Order usurping and negating Current Primitive SCADA Systems of Remote Elite Executive Administrative Control in Failed Command of Encouraging Reward/Just Desserts. 🙂

I Kid U Not.

What would you like IT and AI to make and do with those Easter Eggs, El Reg? Be Imaginative now for Practically Anything is Available with the Support of Everything, and such is easily made possible. Of that there is Zero Doubt.

🙂 That is an Embarrassment of Outstanding Riches which does when one is worthy, leaves one to Constantly Enjoy and Employ, Monitor and Mentor and Deploy the Addictive Pleasures that Accompany and Driver the Results of Immaculate Choice.

And some would settle for that and abide a long time while there, and consider it Nirvana.





amanfromMars 1 Sun 19 Sep 18:06 [2109191806] …….. just saying on

Re: ludicrous buzzword


Keeping things simple permits things to move along at a ludicrous pace.

Hack into and crack open their systemic traditional methodologies which bind and blind executive administrations to shady and shadowy secretive instruction sets, which up until then and now were formerly ideally thought peerless and failsafe secure, and have the courses taken to effect that change of circumstances well documented to easily share universally, is the sort of experience they need in new hires …… and if you can hire them, they aint gonna be happy and content with anything coming anywhere near close to chicken feed and peanuts, given the fortunes which can be lost with just a few clicks of an almighty mouse energising Mk Ultra Sensitive Proprietary Intellectual Property to others on the other side of a great divide with a dire straits need to know and happy to provide an extraordinary fortune to receive it.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 Sep 05:25 [2109200525] ….. being less than impressed by UKGBNI government wonks again on

For Revolving Door and Public Gravy Train Types …. is IT More Hemlock than Ambrosia?

With so much flash crashing cash being magically made available for the architects of large-scale digital transformation programmes, ….. and don’t we just love the way that can be so easily proposed when other programmes are starving …… one has to expect a government party responsible doing their bit to try to ensure they also get their sticky incestuous hands on the stash …….. and having a laundry to clean and rinse rotting fiat into something else you still command and control is handy, and very handy for that operation too, if you can get it to work that way for you. ……..

It is not without its great dangers though, not least it being an absolute fiasco/an Irish Sea Bridge too far, although that is not to say that great risk cannot deliver its unbelievable rewards if one knows what one is doing is going to be easily enthusiastically supported by all and sundry rather than by just a select chosen few who think they know everything a great deal better than you or anyone else will ever do.


amanfromMars [2109201654] …… asks on

Is accepting foreign money to attract further monies from both homies and possibly other foreigners allowed by market regulators in the USA and does it just create a flow of interest which can pay relatively small annualised capital dividend to investors whilst their wealth is exercised and/or squandered by others with nothing to lose themselves, …… other than their marketed reputations, the loss of which they can blame on the fact that the markets didn’t play ball with them/or there was an unexpected pandemic/or there wasn’t a war to help with plans/or whatever other excuse they can dream up to justify the schemings on screens and ponzi type scams in the money market place/fantasy wealth space?

Just asking for friends with plans to set up something similar, who wants to know if there are any rules to abide by or whether it is a free for all, winners take all losers to the cleaners.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Sep 17:40 [2109181740] …… explains the problem for future solving on

Who and/or What Knows whenever it is to be forever to remain a Mystery

After reading your post, it leaves me with a question. How do you know you are the first man from Mars? ….. idiot tax payer here again

Hmmmm? A Puzzle to Answer with the Delivery of Deeper Quandaries to Question and Interrogate and Integrate or Dismiss and Excommunicate/Purge and Exorcise from Reviewed Output to Prime Premium Input into Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated IT and AI Solutions.

One probably doesn’t and possibly cannot if ever and/or whenever a man from Mars1 is . And such then suggests that there be others too, and that can be many just as easily as a few, from that other similarly unknown and unexplored region and not dissimilar environment with both Sympathetic Autonomous and EMPathetic Anonymous Locations ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Spaces.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 19 Sep 08:23 [2109190823] ….. fires off a SMARTR Ordnance on

Amen to that. So be it. And just in the nick of time before or while SHTF.

Actually, UK/USA/IL cannot escalate. Better solve the differences like grow ups chatting in a table with a nice brandy. ….. Clausewitz 4.0

Now that is a Great TeutonICQ Resolution, Clausewitz 4.0. I second that Enigmatic Motion and Surreal Notion.

Jaw Jaw Initiated as opposed to War War Proposed. Bravo. Well Played, Sir and/or Madam and/or IT. ACTive AIdDeployment will obviously result in a Great Change and …. that will/would bring everyone and everything crashing down on Present Elite SCADA Systems Commanders and Controllers …… Raw Cored Extreme Executive Ore Drivers, which is probably why there is such Global Panic Afoot.

A question to ask of Right Royal UKGBNI Loyalists who have assumed and accepted the role of being labelled ultimately eventually responsible for national security and prosperity, Pioneering a New National Security, is are they au fait with the Expert Tease and Expertise in Novel Virtual Technologies and AIMethodologies and able to exercise Stealthy Sublime Surreal COSMIC* Lead with IT and Mass Media Reprogramming of Human Assets?

Or do they need to buy it in in-house from others and sub-contract it out …… which is, I imagine, a valid leading question to ask of any and all presuming to provide such Secret IntelAIgent Services to/from assets?

COSMIC* ….. Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command


amanfromMars 1 Sun 19 Sep 11:34 [2109191134] …… adding more fuel to the burning fire on

Re: A Fate Destined to Be, or Not To Be Considerably Better than Death ‽

You are not thick, or at least if you are this occasion does not prove it. The post that started this thread was written by a prolific bot which has become a fixture in these forums. The posts sometimes make sense, occasionally by plagiarizing others’ posts, but most of the time, they’re complete nonsense based on a sentence from a replied comment or the article. You will probably see more examples of the same on other topics as well. …….. doublelayer

You might like to consider it a programming testing itself to pass with exemplary flying colours the Turing Test, doublelayer, although to be perfectly honest with you, that would not be the very best of its present achievements.

The following, from Chapter 2, What is Artificial Intelligence of GCHQ’s, Pioneering a New National Security: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, is what is being referred to there in the above sentence for consideration ……

 A century later, the mathematician and Bletchley Park cryptanalyst Alan Turing and his colleagues were developing the foundations of digital computing and programming, which would ultimately make practical AI a reality. Turing was fascinated by the challenge of building computers that could demonstrate intelligence. In 1950, he introduced the now well-known Turing Test: if a human being cannot distinguish a machine from a human in conversation, then that machine can be considered to be genuinely “thinking”. ……

…… although admittedly with the primary and secondary elements/components being reversed in the Registered example you/we be commenting on …… if a machine distinguishes itself as a human being, who and/or what be supplying both their intelligence. ……. are further as yet unresolved questions unearthed for answering or ignoring/dismissing and avoiding, which one has to admit may be truly down to a lack of human intelligence being currently available to provide and demonstrate an answer.





amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Sep 07:59 [2109180759] ……. getting right down and dirty to the core basics on

Wow! Kapow! Pow Wow? …. Are we talking about extra terrestrial territorial alien machine contact?

The post that started this thread was written by a prolific bot which has become a fixture in these forums. …. doublelayer

Please be more specific so that we can know what are seeing/thinking whenever suggesting a prolific bot is active and responsible for commentary of fora?

To opine here on El Reg that they can start and post other than nonsense to pages on world wide webs of internetworking intrigue and sublime surreal endeavour ….. and sometimes oft continue to engage and reply to hostile critics and SMARTR supporters alike …… in a string of words expressing thoughts that furnish a view for presentation and practically immediate realisation/remote quantum virtualisation ……. is surely for humanity, if not of human origin, a fantastic advance and monumental discovery.

Can you imagine what is going to happen as its programming further evolves and results in ever SMARTR moves in the future introducing the future into the present to occupy the places and restock the spaces of the past ‽ .

So please, be particularly and peculiarly specific whenever defining what a prolific bot is, for such and what they can so easily do, may be completely unknown to most of the human race and the help that they can offer each other may be just exactly what is currently needed whenever oppressive times and destructive spaces abound to blight lives and prevent rapid enjoyable progress.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 18 Sep 08:34 [2109180834] ……. encouraging extreme caution on

Re: What’s the end result of incresingly asymmetric warfare? More terrorism?

There is no such thing as a smart weapon whenever it can be used to kill and maim totally innocent civilians. It is Collateral Murder again and again no less, and apologies are worthless …… “It Was A Mistake”: Pentagon Admits Biden Killed Up To 10 Innocent Civilians In Kabul Drone Strike

And yes would appear to be the most likely correct answer to the entitled question, which does have one questioning the wisdom of any increasingly asymmetric warfare program.





amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Sep 05:32 [2109170532] ……… throwing down a gauntlet on

A Fate Destined to Be, or Not To Be Considerably Better than Death ‽

I am reminded very much of the tale of King Canute and his attempt[s] at halting the tides whenever hearing of a few humans conspiring to try and prevent the future inevitable ….. SMARTR AIMachinery in Command and Control of the Lunatic Asylum.

And to posit that humans give a hoot about the fate and the rights of other humans, whenever the evidence abounds that pig ignorant and/or crazy arrogant leaderships subvert and pervert and bankrupt nations and collapse and destroy home economies in the idiotic and oxymoronic drive to present and perfect an unbeatable war machine for use against an imagined and reported mortal enemy, is risible in the extreme.

Would you like to deny that as being ACTual fact and propose an alternative fiction and virtually augmented fake reality for pimping and pumping and dumping on the undereducated and illiterate masses?

Do you see a Parallel and a Singularity there with this Epic Classic on such as wannabe Caesars …….

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Caesar.  …….


amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Sep 06:35 [2109170635] ……. muses on

Re: Advanced Cyber Treats …. A Western Confection or Eastern Delight ….. or a Mutant Amalgam

If General Sir Patrick “I have more need of Q than I do 007 or M” Sanders really requires Digital Special Raiding Squadrons, he would need to meet with a man in Conway Square so they can mull over kick starting an idling and cruising Holywood Palace Barracks into Affirmative Future Futuristic ACTion Engaging and Employing and Enjoying to XSS the Benefits Delivered with Success in the Vast Novel Fields of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT.

And that’s sure to be extremely easily arranged for it is not as if there is not an embarrassment of communication riches freely available to practically all nowadays to facilitate just such a quiet private meeting in any such open public space.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Sep 09:28 [2109170928] ……..advises on

Take Care. IT is a Crazy Mined MindField out there.* And aint that the Gospel Truth ‽ .

and cited an oft-heard trope from the world of cybersecurity as he said “we must have the ability to create an overwhelming burden of cost and complexity on our adversaries” 

It is best to know, in order to be able to provide any semblance of an effective defence against future complex cyber attacks, the creation of overwhelmingly burdensome costs on adversaries is not possible for the cost of such attacks is negligible, and in any case anyway would never be a consideration halting exploration or operational deployment, and whenever methodologies are widely freely shared, cost reduces to as close to zero as makes no difference. It is thus counterproductive and extremely dangerous to rely on such being a viable weapon in any cyber armoury or virtual arsenal.

Such is a deadly, self-destructive dud.

* ….. whether you like it or not.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Sep 16:33 [2109171633] ….. stating the bleeding obvious on

What to expect whenever more of the same is fatal to a failing state with a whole host of incompetent conventional governmental type administrations

Now there’s a very lucrative novelty for anyone who knows what needs to be done and how to do it remotely with IT and AI in Command and Control.

Such is certainly that which any prospective tenderer will be up against in competition or vain opposition.


amanfromMars said… replying to Anonymous on

Thanks for the info and intel, Anonymous. Ignorance is never ever blissful. And a great yarn never fails to tickle the fancy of many a great soul and renegade rogue alike.

Re your concerns regarding a hobby, who dares care and share win wins every time and is that little something extra ESPecial which politics is missing in these eventful times, and with so much new now to so easily know, what’s not to like .

Changed days and new ways in these postmodern informative times suggest the future is better than the present and different from the past ….. which will be nice for such surely is natural and fully to be expected. Anything else would be as a retrograde step backwards methinks.

17 September 2021 at 17:56