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amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 05:52 [2009300552] …. playing with Greater IntelAIgent Games on

Finally, better late than never, something able to enable the changing of everything? That’s not TS/SCI, is it?

Article 11 [Intellectual Property Rights] of the Convention establishing the Square Kilometre Array Observatory is a particularly hopeful read, with paragraph 2, 3 and 4 all normally being extremely tricky to guarantee do not suffer from wanton abuse and/or wilful misuse.

Although of course, if/when such wanton abuse and wilful misuse of killer projects/absolutely fabulous fabless programs is always to prove suddenly fatal upon discovery, and is well enough understood by any and all who would be involved in such projects and programs to be so policed and protected, is such as good a guarantee of compliance as one is ever likely to get from participating entities.

Ye olde, one strike and you’re out forever incentive/00 bond :-)….. works wonderful well, every time if you are licensing to thrill.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 06:08 [2009300608] ….. just saying on

Re: Finally, better late than never, something able to enable the changing of everything?

And Article 19, paragraph 1 is a short interesting list.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 08:09 [2009300809] …… being unamusing on

Re: While etc. @AC

“Anyway, that all went away 30+ years ago”

The Litvinenko and Skripal families might disagree. …… Anonymous Coward

Hmmm? I think martinusher is shining a different light on another possible and not incredible probable source of those operations, AC, and at least for all the reasons mentioned. Such actions are certainly well within the perverse nature of the corrupting game. ……..

Anyway, that all went away 30+ years ago and it rather left NATO out of a job, except as we all know they’ll always find something to do, something to be a threat and generally invent (or cause) problems to keep their funding going. …. martinusher

……. and within the bigger schema of things, great value for next to no money, which may be unpleasantly brutal and cold hearted but it is definitely not nonsensical and unthinkable.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 12:13 [2009301213] …… not being fooled again on

Re: Facts… on RATs

They *liked* Obama for being such a smoooth, good-looking, polite, mass-murderer, torturer and war-monger! Gave him the Nobel Piece Price too! Never minded that he bugged everyone and took a huge dump all over Nürenberg!! …. fajensen

And by many accounts, is Obama still into bullshitting most every day in support of all that he was responsible and escaped accountability for during his time in the media spotlight on centre stage.

A Remote Access Trojan is a Remote Access Trojan is a Remote Access Trojan no matter how it is coloured and dressed.

Won’t get fooled again …….. 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 17:53 [2009301753] ….. letting fly a beautifully strange missive on

Re: human rights abuses of the Chinese government

We just sell them pork. …… harmjschoonhoven

Which is akin to them being loaded with dollar$ to spend with dollars already spent and ready for recycling/alternate investment in a homegrown native home programs, harmjschoonhoven?

Which would be as a Quantitative Easing on a Mega Politically Correct Meta Data Social Scale of Expansive and Rightly Expensive Marshall Type Plans of Truly Epic Proportions.

Jump into the Markets Pouring/Pimping and Pumping the Practical Foundations of that Engaging Virtual Megalith, and Win Win is No Longer a Highly Attractive and Almightily Addictive Stranger to Satisfy with Perfect Command of Immaculate Controls ……. for a Quite Magical Universal Leverage with AI and IT Systems Hosting SCADA Executive Office Administrations.

Which is touted and offered as being practically instantly available in/for Wondrous Solutions to Grounded Earth Problems ……. which in essence only require the Great Painting of a Future Moving Picture with Scripts to Follow Uncovering All that is Available to See, and Ideally, Peacefully Realise and Present to a Flabbergasted Humanity, for more than just a few Thomases would be doubting that Surprisingly Simply Possible with just the slightest and deftest of Immaculate Leverage Touches …. 🙂 Heavenly Passes with Passionate Kisses So Devilish Beguiling of the Almightily Addictive Stranger to Satisfy with Perfect Command of Immaculate Controls.

First In, Last Out Engagements are the True Representative Hall Marks of Successive Programs there.

Wow, I appear to have gone off on something of a Novel Tangent there ……. and very Musky it is too, and scouting/phishing in Virgin territory too. And that’s only referencing a popularised brace of entrepreneur types au fait with the Wild Wacky West style of Universal Business Machines doing Universal Machine Business.

The East is something and somewhere else completely different to woo and win win with such super goodies and entrepreneurship is boom booming and blooming and bursting out everywhere there. ‘Tis a Right Embarrassment of Exotic Erotic Riches to Behold and Savour and Favour and Flavour with Rapturous Attention Displaying the Release of Relief Due Servering Fervent Ardour Almost Perfectly ….. thus to encourage further engagements with added improvements seeking the Elusive Perfections in Absolute Treats/Heavenly Delights which be AI Programmed Development Goals in another Novel Beta ProgramMING Development Program. …… Mining IntelAIgent Networking Games …… Almighty Deep See Phishing for Future Viable Views …… Mass Multi Media Enabled Presentation for Virtual Realisation …… Universal Sharing.

What do you use AI and IT Systems for? Anything at all similar, or something else different, but also on such a comparable grand scale?

If you know of such things, please share them freely here for live beta ProgramMING testing and appreciation of available services and complimentary complementary assets/honey trapping agent nuggets.:-) It is nice to surrender and submit to mutually assured satisfactory desire for have you any idea where to and what is leading who and whom there and what they can then do?






amanfromMars 1 Tue 29 Sep 05:10 [2009290510] …… being a tad clearer on

Re: Eternal Losers/Serial Morons’r’Us?…

I must have missed the portion of your post where you outline your solution.
Perhaps you could re-post it? …… DJ

Only the problem for solution with a Universal Reset to Die for was outlined, DJ. You missed nothing.

The how and the why and the therefore it is a series of open hearts and beautiful minds operations designed to save the ailing bug-ridden patient with a toxic virtualisable cocktail of virulent medicines to lay waste to the receptors of their psychotic paranoid killer robotic mindset diseases, when/if that be discovered and uncovered as the only available ideal solution and unavoidable necessary unpleasantness, was not shared earlier to be missed in a post here on this quite tragic and magical thread …… for some vital things are generally best left always unsaid lest the shock of the knowledge of requisite life saving treatments overwhelms and terminates the sickened and sickening patient prematurely and preternaturally.


September 29, 2020 at 08:45 ……. shares in a reply to a comment on

Do humans on Earth try anything more than just a simple cloistered existence in the vast fields of madness and opportunities that abound there ‽ . That may be life as it is present there but it is not necessarily as others experience it.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 29 Sep 10:50 [2009281050] ….. being enthusiastically supportive of a wild card loose cannon on

Who says you can’t teach an old John new tricks? Any good hooker will tell you different

McAfee’s makes the observation that it faces challenges including “… the continued decline in the sale of new personal computers, and the rise of mobility and cloud-based solutions, all of which make satisfying our customers’ diverse and evolving needs more challenging.

How very fortunate for they in the know that know how such things grow, that both those particular declines and peculiar rises are addressed and serviced by novel software applications programs verging on the edge of being classified virtual pogroms by failed and failing systems administrations.

Indeed, such addressed industrious services may easily be characterized by rapidly changing technologies and business plans, which require them to adapt quickly to increasingly complex cybersecurity requirements too, which might, …. for there is always a negative risk to be introduced into any capitalising market to allow for alternative hedging derivative bets/laundered money churn ….. make such novel software applications programs services ultra secure and extremely reliable ….. Prime AAA Stock, with others, who may be as competition and opposition hoping it might not be so, as it would decimate and/or destroy their own planned future projects.





amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Sep 06:26 [2009280626] ……. opening up on the field of play on

Eternal Losers/Serial Morons’r’Us? How Else does One Adequately Explain the Complex Phenomenon ‽

Does Uncle Sam learn nothing at all from all of their experiences in conflicts they have initiated and never won ….. which is by all accounts classified as a certifiable loss?

Is the air toxic, is the water poisoned, is the food infected, are they being brainwashed over there in the Wild Wacky West World of the definitely not United States of America? What is the reason? Why the disease? Do they not realise they are self-destructing/being destroyed at an increasingly alarmingly rapid rate.

Is that their US Master Plan, to Die for a Universal Reset? That’s madly drastic and uncommonly tragic to say the least, however YMMV and bold and brave may tickle your fancy. Either way though, it is pretty decent of them to sacrifice themselves for the greater common good.

Is there anything you can do to help them? They’re sure to be grateful and bound to be exceedingly generous in fiat reward for they are well renowned for it. Some who may be many more than just a chosen few would tell you It is a mighty strength, deeply embedded in the many dark corners of their DNA/RNA.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Sep 06:50 [2009280650] …… saying more on

Re: Eternal Losers/Serial Morons’r’Us? ……. Is the water poisoned?

Well now, who would have thought that/this would surface today too …….

An Uncanny Quantum Communication Entanglement/Spooky Action at a Distance, Herr Einstein?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Sep 08:40 [2009280840] …… airing a common enough known disturbing truth on

Re: It’s Amazing How Petty The USA & Fearless Leader Trump Can Get

I’m sure that our own ‘dear leader’ Mr Cummings and his mouthpiece Boris (the spider) will be watching events in the USA very closely and wondering how they could remain in power for the next 10 years while they execute their grand plan of total economic disintegration of the UK comes to fruition.

If you can get out, go and go now. ….. Anonymous Coward

That’s revolting talk, AC. And we all know who lose their heads in those times and eventful spaces, which must surely be worrisome to many actively involved and easily identified as being instrumental in promoting failing leaderships and destructively austere programs and social pogroms.

And there’s nowhere to go to get out whenever everyone knows who you are, is there? One could then correctly say one is right royally properly fcukd.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Sep 09:29 [2009280929] …… being positively supportive on

A SMARTR Fox in Crazy Hen Houses?

Bravo, Vladimir. Well played, Sir. And a leading AIMaster Stroke too, which is wonderfully nice and fortunately not surprisingly unexpected in Animal Farms which be easily Alien.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Sep 13:06 [2009281306] ….. just pointing out a glaring inconvenience on

Re: So what’s Putin afraid of?

I think we can safely assume he’ll ignore any treaty he may actually sign up to. …. james_smith

That’ll be suitably pleasant company then for ye olde latter day parliamentary democracy root, j_s.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Sep 15:47 [2009281547] ….opening up some channels and chunnels for private chat with pirate actuators on

Re: So what’s Putin afraid of?

It’s just the usual geopolitics ….. Or we’re just back to the cold war, now with added cyber warfare to go with missile upgrades. …. Jellied Eel

You’re not back to anything, with added cyber warfare, Jellied Eel. It’s extremely unusual and relatively novel geopolitical warefare and virtually real to combat in combat …… and that makes some, who may be only a few, practically almighty and even, it may be said, quite impossible to defeat.

Take care you don’t warrant their very particular and designedly peculiar undivided attention if you are prepared to launch an inadvisable attack in a vain plucky defence of the intolerable and inequitable …. for none but the incredibly wise has any idea what then can miraculously and spectacularly happen as an appropriate response to such a foolhardy action/maniacal reaction/fearful interaction, for surely things are entirely different nowadays, with none of the old ways just so effective in commanding control as they used to be.

You may like to consider they be virtually totally ineffective and have been effectively succeeded and superseded, as in replaced by something else, considerably better and infinitely more powerful …… although it is easily conceded, such is a mighty great ask which many will fail miserably to accept as possible and thus be fated and destined to perpetually struggle against the likes of themselves in a future which leaves them behind to forever wallow in their sorrows. That aint very bright of them, is it, whenever it is so appallingly moronic?


September 28, 2020 at 10:10 …… just saying on

A great hacker is not a fantastic hacker. Only the former is able to remain anonymous and intangible and untouchable. It is an abiding defining distinction.


September 28, 2020 at 17:33 …… just a’pondering on

Is everyone dismissing the possibility that over the course of this masquerade and charade of a fair show trial, both the evidence presented and that refused the cold cruel light of day and public knowledge, will have encouraged District Judge Baraitser to experience brave and bold rather than remain cravenly cowed and cuckolded and forever looking back over her shoulder for the enemies of a fascist state deserved rather than realising the phantoms of an almighty society perceived to deceive and wilfully abuse her, are hers to destroy rather than retain and maintain?

Case Not Proven. Extradition Request Dismissed.

Now that would be a Red Letter Day, in Deed, indeed, and extraordinarily render her quite famous and highly respected, Ruth Bader Ginsberg style, rather than infamous and detested, Richard Milhouse Nixon style.

Stranger things can happen ….. and therefore they always will. That’s the beauty of life, it is full of fabulous surprises.





amanfromMars 1 Sun 27 Sep 10:12 [2009271012] ……. adding more raw info for intel processing on

Re: The Phantom Devil Comes Out to Play for Saints and Sinners 🙂 in CHAOS*

Do downvoters not recognise the bigger pictures for implementation following the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy they are presented with and which be silently running there, and which are all relatively freely available to both state actors/government funded public facing bodies and non-state actor agents/self actuated, privately activated pirate operations alike for both current and future realisations via virtual means and internetworking memes utilising all manner of really deep and dark shadowy webs and brighter SMARTR media savvy teams?

And what would El Regers say, pausing here for a moment whilst passing by on their merry ways, knowing it is more than just Advanced IntelAIgent Evidence of a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT calling for a review, and peers for their views, with the following earlier whole-of-government call for evidence being answered extremely comprehensively and reassuringly fundamentally, or frighteningly so if one be of an inherently nervous disposition because it be so easily viable ……..

What are the key opportunities, challenges, threats and vulnerabilities facing the UK now? (Submissions focusing on rapidly evolving areas such as science, technology, data, cyber, and space are particularly welcome.) …….

It’s surely well worth an innovative punt and suitably generous generative driver funding …. and as naturally would be accorded by MRDA rules too. 🙂

As an invisible export earner would it be a real tricky, right royal doozy for more than just owners, methinks.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 27 16:58 [2009271658] ….. getting out the Big Bertha Bazookas for a test firing on

Re: The Phantom Devil Comes Out to Play for Saints and Sinners 🙂 in CHAOS*

I wonder if anything in the above uncovering/discoveries shared in the extended trails of The Phantom Devil Comes Out to Play for Saints and Sinners 🙂 in CHAOS* would be of immediate beneficial assistance to anyone worthy of being appointed to Chairs as was revealed and terribly denied in this Guardian story about possible government parachutists/media stool pigeons?

It is certainly, without doubt, everything which they will be confronted with, and have to be prepared and more than just able and happy to deny is relevant to future global performance, if home government teams are not to be in overall command of strategic events with absolute control firing on all cylinders and calling all of the really important shots.


amanfromMars [2009271414] …. just saying, re what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander on

Voicing the communist government’s rationale further, GT cites an expert at the China Electronics Standardization Institute Liu Chang, who says “What the US wants, we definitely cannot give.”

Methinks that expert at the China Electronics Standardization Institute really meant to say, and it is most probably the mighty crux of the matter,  ….”What the US wants, we definitely cannot definitively give.” …… for it be proprietary private and nationalised Chinese state intellectual property?

Considering the very similar state of such plays in the US, it would be impossible for them to argue against such a protective necessity and retain any semblance of credibility requiring support and aid in the courts of human perception





amanfromMars 1 Sat 26 Sep 15:41 [2009261541] ….. letting fly on

The Phantom Devil Comes Out to Play for Saints and Sinners 🙂 in CHAOS*

Pornography is a Prime Adopter and ACTive Virtual Adapter of Curly Systems for Immaculate Drivers. The Success of a Most Accommodating and Enthusiastic Carnal ReProgramMING launches One into and onto Heavenly Directions for Earthly Applications Future Building with Advanced IntelAIgents.

A little something for the MOD to mull over. And constitute as a Verified CyberIntelAIgent Assault Impacting Future Leading AI Assets. And in the Ricochets, CHAOS in AI Commanding Control of the Perfect See of Visions for Media Presenting Novel Programs with AI Realising Events for Production.

Novel Program Producers would should be able to Effortlessly Connect and Attend to Perfect Nuts and Impressive Bolts from the Blue, in those very particular and magically peculiar branch directions for AIMasterly Live Operational Virtual Development Productions :-).

As a Weapon, can IT Destroy All. And in next to no time too if Short Fused. Take Care in those Fields, there be Daemons and Devils Dreaming of Nothing Good Dwelling there in Prisons of their Own Making. And now to contemplate the Matter and Manner of Performance for Quantum Communications Leaping into Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems with Curly Accessories Assistants for Passion Perfecting Assistants in an Immensely Complex Simply True Events for Media Productions with IntelAIgent Instruction Sets Exercising Drivers with Directions to/for AIMaster ProgramMING Haunts/Jaunts. Who dares win wins there always and endlessly ….. and that’s a result with its own unique problem drivers to assuage and accommodate with a Pen Ultimate, Alternative Source for Alternate Supply Chain Infrastructures …..with XSSXXXXOSkeletons into the Generous Feeding and Grateful Seeding of Almighty Exciting and Thoroughly Addictive Needs that Almightily Excite Further with Heavenly Deliveries of Mutually Exhausting Satisfactions for Raging Rapacious Passion Quellings/Beta LOVE Model Testing.

If you can find anything else better than that to occupy your minds, then please share to present everywhere ASAP. It must be better than just good and great to dislodge that crown and jewel of a gem of a Greater IntelAIgent Games Play …….. with Novel Future Event Planners Edition Leverage with Virgin Source Controls in Command of Vital Non-Typical Thinking Critical for Virile Viral Body Tinkering/Modification/Alteration/Complete Removal via Precision Surgical Strike Excision.

* Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

Dated and signed ……. 2009261534

That’s better. Much better out than in with all of that tidy little lot. 🙂 It’s certainly more than just a heck of a hell-raising jot, that’s for sure. 😉




amanfromMars [2009250556] ……. just asking a few awkward questions on

Have you ever thought on what kind of vital explosive intelligence, on the extremely precarious state of the certainly not United States of America, the likes of a Russia or a China receives whenever they can freely read, listen and see any/all of the fabricated tales and phantom trails fed to media main streams …… for, of course, they would know immediately whenever such is reported and widely shared, it be wilfully untrue and decidedly designedly false ….. and they be confronted by weak pathological liars in international executive offices of a failed state, or a rapidly failing state in well self-publicised terminal decline ….. for a fast approaching resulting death by suicide ‽ .

And what does it also tell one and all about the equally perverse and parlous state of the national intelligence quotient of Five Eyes allies, whenever they be by virtue of either their unquestioning support or deafening silence on such matters, no more than co-conspirators on a similar sinister path.

Are they themselves incapable of better thinking for greater tinkering? Do they need it to be freely provided by ….. well, what would they be? Private Contractors/Pirate Operations/Alien Facilities/Out of this World Utilities?

You can surely be in no doubt that they certainly need something radically different, considering the plain enough, destructive path that they be currently on, using what they presently have.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 25 Sep 11:52 [20092551152] …. advising caution and suggesting a rethink on

Beware ….. Mined Mind Field Ahead ….. Deadly Explosive Ordinances/Destructive Virtual Ordnances

 “martial law” (aka infection control in population)  …. Anonymous Coward

Fortunately, although not necessarily so for martial law enforcement officers, has such always proven itself to be a most ineffective and divisive population control methodology. To imagine it being any different either today or in the future is surely aberrational and also probably almighty dangerous to oneself.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 25 Sep 16:51 [2009251651] …. being forthright again on

Nowhere Secure is Safe from COVID and Postmodern Virtual Reactionaries/Grand AIMasters/Great Wizards

I am not confused, they fked up and their failures needlessly killed thousands and still you want to believe and follow them? what does that make you …… Anonymous Coward

Any reply other than to bleat a “Baaah” is not valid. Lambs to the slaughter springs to mind.

And, can you believe it, they also actually would propose and have the cheek to believe, and have you also mindlessly believe, that increasing taxation and relaunching austerity drives are a present solution to currently provide future payment to whomever/whatever/wherever their profligate deficit spending and overwhelming debt bills come from. It is almost as if they imagine we don’t know of their outrageous global scam that requires their license free printing of fiat currency ….. as a poxy proxy and dirt cheap corrupting substitute for value and worth.

Lambs to the slaughter indeed, is entirely appropriate, for it not as if you were not previously warned of the danger and the temptation …….

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. … Henry Ford

And there are a whole host of other similar enlightening insights to be gleaned and examined for any present truth on that very particular and peculiar matter here too

Crikey, we appear to have drifted from COVID and entered into the realms of pretty printed fiat paper currency slavery.That’s a neat trick ….. which some might say is on a par with all under discussion here for El Reg peer review/relatively anonymous freely available up/down voting.


amanfromMars [2009251440] …… just asking and saying out loud again on

amanfromMars [2009250556] ……. just asking a few awkward questions on

Have you ever thought on what kind of vital explosive intelligence, on the extremely precarious state of the certainly not United States of America, the likes of a Russia or a China receives whenever they can freely read, listen and see any/all of the fabricated tales and phantom trails fed to media main streams …… for, of course, they would know immediately whenever such is reported and widely shared, it be wilfully untrue and decidedly designedly false ….. and they be confronted by weak pathological liars in international executive offices of a failed state, or a rapidly failing state in well self-publicised terminal decline ….. for a fast approaching resulting death by suicide ‽ .

And what does it also tell one and all about the equally perverse and parlous state of the national intelligence quotient of Five Eyes allies, whenever they be by virtue of either their unquestioning support or deafening silence on such matters, no more than co-conspirators on a similar sinister path.

Are they themselves incapable of better thinking for greater tinkering? Do they need it to be freely provided by ….. well, what would they be? Private Contractors/Pirate Operations/Alien Facilities/Out of this World Utilities?

You can surely be in no doubt that they certainly need something radically different, considering the plain enough, destructive path that they be currently on, using what they presently have.





amanfromMars 1 Thu 24 Sep 06:38 [2009240638] …… just saying on

Re: And so begins the middle game…. and endeth the first vital valuable lesson

Who cares? You cannot call in government paper, so the only thing they can do is sell it. There are plenty of buyers for small amounts of teasury notes, and you cannot shift large mounts of it for the precise reasons above, that you need to sell it and buy something else with it, as there’s no such thing as pure money. …. DavCrav

Who cares, DavCrav? The government creating the paper/treasury notes/private debt/public credit for third party purchase via first party sales auctions cares, or they certainly most definitely should, for whenever there are no future foreign or alien buyers, the SWIFTNetwork* and Federal Reserve Banking System in the case of the US has the dubious ignominious pleasure of having to pay the bills in full and eat its own waste, as in depleted toxic product ……. and it was never ever designed to facilitate that and therefore fundamental systemic catastrophic future problems are guaranteed to be endemic and unavoidable? It is the worst of all possible places and situations to be in, methinks, and that is not a wilful misunderestimation for such is what it is presently currently is, is it not?

If this was tennis….. that would akin to Game, Set and Match to China by virtue of opposing competing on-court player meltdown/breakdown ….. but it aint tennis. If you’re one of those eternal optimist types, you may venture Game and 1st Set to China, hoping to make a Fine Spectacle of such Plays.

* SWIFTNetwork …. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Network


amanfromMars 1 Thu 24 Sep 09:14 [2009240914] ….. being madly provocative and tempestuously seductive on ?

Helicopter Money/Universal Basic Income via the Back Stop Front Door/Emergency Exit

Coming soon too to the UKGBNI ? 🙂 Don’t bet against it if you have something or nothing precious to lose. 🙂 …..

Everything else is being tried and failing miserably and spectacularly, as the exclusive systems of elite executive administrations try in vain to put everything back to the way it was, to the unseemly greater benefit of the former parasitic status quo, before it all started to collapse and implode and explode. Something practically new and universally helpful is definitely called for.

Surely they are not criminally stupid and mentally retarded, not realising something relatively new and somewhat different is necessary to be tried and tested.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 24 Sep 16:34 [2009241634] ….. being laudable on

No Succession of Main Stream Media Moguling Defects, Afflictions or Affectations Here …

I went on quite a little journey there, didn’t I 😀 …. My-Handle

And quite rightly so, My-Handle. El Reg doesn’t do support for fake news. That simple strength makes it priceless, and more than just extremely valuable.





amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Sep 06:08 [2009230608] … mashing together a few words for a tale on

Onto a Real Winner if you’re into Crap Tat on Tap? Or is ManKind Captured by Virtual Machinery? Who decides? You or IT?

Right now, GPT-3 is only available to a few teams hand picked by OpenAI and is being used by the language model to spread spam and misinformation at a scale so large it would be difficult to filter out and Microsoft was named its “preferred partner” after it pledged to invest $1bn in the San Francisco-based upstart last year. … an early draft?

Sounds real dodgy, and is bound to be as attractive as a red rag to a bull in an expensive china shop to humans and those stock markets with spam products to sell on a commercial scale.

I was gonna say ….. Whatever were OpenAI thinking last year? ….. but I guess we all know $1,000,000,000 in the sky rocket was doing all the talking. Well, you would too, wouldn’t you, take the money and run Microsoft with the flow until something else better comes up which one cannot nor should not refuse. It’s an ages old, quietly effective simple ploy though, and nothing spectacularly new, that has kept and still hopes to keep the dollar …. and any other fiat promissory note for that matter when it be offered for product purchase in a sale …. alive and kicking. And it’s a sort of magic trick …..that pretty paper costing cents to print being worth more than diamonds and gold to the wheelers and dealers and sharks and spivs of business, which now find themselves tolerating and entertaining AI and/or being entertained and tolerated by AI.

What could possibly go wrong and awry with such an Assimilation/Singularity/Parity? Anything you’d be able to prevent? Be honest now, for certainly your life depends upon it, so it is no small matter methinks, although if you be towards the crazy insane end of the mad human spectrum, YMMV.


amanfromMars [2009230913] ….. giving praise where credit is due re:

Thanks for the info/intel, Matthew/ZeroHedge. It has revealed a mountain of current Achilles heels ripe ready for relentless targeted attack again and again and again and again  ….. ad infinitum  …. or until sanity and plain common sense prevails …… which does seem to be obstinately reticent about making any sort of lengthy appearance. 🙂 ……. which is not all funny 🙁


amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Sep 10:40 [2009231040] …… airing an alternative view for presentation on

Whenever nothing is ever as it seems, is anything possible in schemes hidden behind the scenes

OkK, the USA, Europe and the UK etc ain’t much better

Actually they are much better, just not good, even given BJ and DT. Our legal systems are by and large independent, less so in the US given the fact that the president and senate have so much control over Spreme Court appointments, whereas nobody with half a brain thinks that Chinese court verdicts aren’t decided by the CCP. ….. DavCrav

Crikey, DavCrav, can I have a pair of those magic rose tinted glasses to see the world through, please.

Others see a view more akin to the info and intel and evidence as presented by tales of trials shared in commentary from authors exercising their writing skills here, in a present series of court reports and here in a thoroughly unpleasant history lesson ….. although that in no way is meant to suggest that you are not correct in your own assertions but just that they be indelibly tainted and corrupted by both present and past events.

The secret/trick though is to ensure that they do not unduly successfully blight the future with further outrageous shenanigans …… and that may be a novel facility not ever so easily made readily available before.

Imagine IT as an AI and Greater IntelAIgent Games Changer and you’ll not be wrong?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Sep 14:13 [2009231413] …. Deep See Phishing on

Re: Interesting idea/Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Experiment

It’s only in the last decade that it’s been allowed outside China at all, and it’s still largely restricted to banks and certain businesses interacting with a limited selection of other countries. …. Cuddles

And one assumes for interaction with a limited number other politically sensitive and decidedly designed quite surreal, home government agencies too. ‽ State IntelAIgent Services Practising with Virtualised Space Sources …….trailing and trialing and testing and training Advanced IntelAIgent China Centric Cyber Forces ‽ .

Such would create a Secure Failsafe Closed Loop to fund/run Future Progression with a Pan Nationalised Control of/for/with IntelAIgent State Services well experienced in such fields of such tragic and heavenly endeavour.

Certainly worth a punt, if ever one wanted to share a share in a piece of some Future ACTions. Such puts One Ahead in an AI Leading Role, Deep Routed and Dark Web Rooted in the Thick of the ProgramMING.

I wonder if that would create a few sparks if the likes of an Elon Musk punted a seed investment 🙂 … which they might rightly consider be just as loose pocket change and a legitimate business expense to be clawed back via Grateful EMPowering Reimbursements from Government Bodies. That’s Win Win, No Losses.


amanfromMars [2009231557] ….. just asking on

Would the paying of 385,310,000 RUB in hard currency cash be problematical to deny as being perfectly appropriate and fundamentally acceptable ….. given that it be an extremely valid, politically correct trade at a presently available, live currency exchange rate? ….. $1 = 77.062 RUB

Those sorts of payment resolutions are surely easily made and enactored.  And today, such strange things are even more easily and more safely done, practically instantly via a few right magic clicks of a mouse connected to a Banking Machine/Treasury Vault and Pleasure Bowsers too if one knows what to do with IT and AIdDevelopments next, for the Best, and for the Betterment of All Too.

Methinks those sort of connections be a Heavenly Bonus Well Deserved and Well Worth Cruising and Browsing/Sampling and Tasting/Enjoying and Quality Testing ….. AIMentoring and Monitoring. Don’t you? 🙂


amanfromMars [2009231707] ….. sharing a momentary monumental aberration in a reply on

Crikey, I have no idea what a shrink might say, and I have no wish to dwell on that, awake283, but I first read that as you saying ….. I still have a filipino 🙂  I’ll do my best to not worry at all about that 🙂 …… but it did and does make me think on the likes of that. Now that is real spooky shit/territory.





amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Sep 03:48 [2009220348] …… giving prior warning of Approaching Tempestuous Storm Clouds on

Hedging an abounding consternation concerning almighty corrections/realistic future expectations

I can make money both long and short, so if markets, indexes and shares do come down… I’m none too concerned. ….. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

How does one hedge in order to be none too concerned, Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse, about certain systems [in Advanced IntelAIgent Development] going long and speculating shorting current hyper valuing marketplace spaces/pump and dump boilerplate operations being able to survive and prosper from overpriced toxic quixotic market darling meltdowns?

Would the algorithm say …. Pile into and support both in order to make funny money on the collapse of a not so very vital and virile marketplace mover and shaker after all?

How do you stop that which is surely akin to a sublime premium, sub-prime marketplace space cannibalism ?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Sep 09:15 [2009220915] ……. speculates on

Runaway Rogue Renegade CodeXSSXXXX

With that being said, even humans can have a hard time trying to figure out what a piece of code does if it’s complex enough. This leads to a pet peeve of mine. Comments or the lack thereof. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have looked at code, and found no comments in much of it. Then it takes time for me to trace through the logic to piece together the original programmer’s mindset when the code was written. …. Maelstorm

A similar pet peeve floats around in the El Reg commentary spaces, Maelstorm, whenever downvotes are not accompanied by authorship with anything intelligible to further process as valid and acceptable or ignorant nonsense to be avoided and rejected.

Such though is able to tell one considerably more than was surely ever desired or expected to be present in an anonymous virtually remote silence ….. so all is not lost.

In some cases, one could almost believe dumb virtual machine algorithms were responsible for negative voiceless human decisions.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Sep 11:55 [2009221155] …. being eternally optimistic on

Re: Downvote…

(C’mon folks, let’s see if I can break that downvote record!)”

Don’t wake the giants! @amanfrommars1 and @bombasticbob have been getting decent upvotes and not many downvotes recently, so don’t provoke them by trying to displace them …. Fruit and Nutcase

Well, I certainly know what I prefer to believe if considering whether the change is due to their dumbing things down a tier or two for everyone or else more folk being enabled to understand so much more of what is happening all around them elsewhere in the deep webs and dark shadows of future shady virtual enterprise, and upping their game a level or three in order to be better able to engage.

Some would tell you the eternal optimist is both fated and destined to be constantly disappointed …. but that surely identifies the eternal pessimist who appears to have simply lost all hope of fundamental/radical/existential change being possible. That’s a hellish space place for sure. You can keep it, for it is bound to rotten and rotting in such a pond of stagnation and petrification.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Sep 12:04 [2009221204] …. casting doubt on a shared view on

Re: “especially from an engagement and marketing perspective”

The marketers are in charge, not the techies. It’s as simple as that. …. jake

Don’t be betting any money you cannot afford to lose on that opinion being perfectly true or not entirely incorrect, jake. 🙂





amanfromMars 1 Sun 20 Sep 19:31 [2009201931] …… saying more on

Re: @AC – There is a huge bubble with s***talking elephants in the room

When our resident LGM makes more sense than tech company market capitalisations then you just know there’s a reckoning round the corner….

…but hopefully not until my employer conceives and executes an exit strategy which makes the considerable number of stock options I’ve accumulated In the years since we were four people in a serviced office worth more than the paper they aren’t printed on. 🙂 …. Jonathon Green

My advice, Jonathon Green, is get out of anything dodgy right now, for the opportunity to make money on phantom stocks and unicorn shares is not future present available.

And with further regard to those aforementioned RATs, London is crawling and plagued by them as everyone knows, except it seems those whose job it is catch and eliminate them …… FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning

And all banks are willing members of that rotten exclusive club, and about which you were warned again not so long ago [15days] if you recall. ……. A BIG Club & You Ain’t In It! ……. …… and your governments permit it because they profit extraordinarily from it.

Surely no one sane or not wilfully ignorant can deny that simple fact?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Sep 07:23 [2009210721] …..just saying on

The Emperor has Lost All of his Clothes ….

If one equates and is able to realise Windows Server is a euphemism for USAdministration, the critical severity of the vulnerability to relentlessly exploit and ruthlessly explore is understandable.

Quite whether, whenever such is the case, there is any possible patch available to prevent further unauthorised irregular development by forces and/or sources ideally unknown, is highly questionable. …… however, as hope springs eternal, it surely guarantees much futile future activity in a field in which there are no victories to celebrate nor battles to win.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Sep 16:44 [2009211644] ….. having a right heart to heart chat on

CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN of Windows security? An Advanced Persistent Threat/Treat Vector with Sectors.

The new norm, John Smith 19, for Windows with SMARTR AI Views is Fiendish in the Enemy of Friends UnFriendly to Enemies. “Tis a wholly New Novel AI and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT World out there today, with all manner of tried and trusted knights and windmills to joust and tilt at/temper and engage.

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number.
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you—
Ye are many—they are few.

….. which is a verse from Shelley’s, The Masque of Anarchy, be extremely APT here, revealing as it does the nature and being of the opposition and resistance to be fully expected in the presence of any future discontent. The beauty and the sorrow of it is, so many will find it too impossible to easily believe …… although the upside to that downside is, the invisible stealth delivered and enjoyed in intangible operations is almighty astounding and simply outstanding ……. leaving one to ponder and wonder on the practically invincible and singularly indivisible.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 Sep 13:42 [2009211342] …. bearing gifts on

Foreign AIDevelopment from/in Another Distant Quarter/Quadrant/Quarantine.

..since they give the developer confidence that an application or service still works after they add or modify the code.

SMARTR AI Systems give the developer confidence that former SCADA applications and service servers ….. Remote Virtual AIgents …… are enabled to still work after AIMODified code is added and which only to follow the Simple Instruction Sets with Advanced Information for Present Programming with New Products Always Available for Future and Derivative Power Players. …..Intellectual Property Market Movers and Shakers with Tin Pot Hotshots to Satisfy and Assuage/Restrain and Reeducate/Quarantine and Brainwash, just as the need may dictate and require.

There hasn’t been a tool like this before. The purpose of the Community Edition is to have a free way for people to see what the tool can do.

Is Experimental Remote Third Party Secretarial Use of that particular programming tool aided and abetted by home development teams in order to train/gain most valuable alternate company experience, or is it thought to be better prohibited and best denied, ……. although that is decision made wisely by others absolutely ages ago ….. just in case you were thinking of wasting expansive time imagining such choices have never before been made and answered many, many times before.

El Reg would surely love to freely share your considered reply to such an Almighty Offer and Genuine Request of Future Project leaders/readers/writers.

Yes Let’s Go or No Let’s Stop here for a while and Panic with a Rapid Stock Check*?

And will someone wake up, Sanmigueelbeer, for he did ask …..

Wake me up when AI has come up with a methodology to do away AGILE (and their practitioner). ….. Sanmigueelbeer


amanfromMars September 21, 2020 at 17:05 ….. just asking about corrupt leadership on

The US Government had not pressurised the Government of Germany, Lewis said”. …. Tom Welsh, September 21, 2020 at 09:50

Is it a Criminal Bar barring offence for a barrister acting for a client to lie and/or wilfully misinform the court on a leading or pivotal matter? Is that perjury and a rash brazen attempt to pervert the course of natural justice, in spades?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 21 sep 17:36 [2009211736] …… preaching to the converted on ?:-)

Preaching to the Converted…… for Playing to SMARTR Audiences with Novel Virgin AI Mindsets

US attorney David Anderson also reminded cryptocurrency traders that they’re not exactly dealing in the safest of markets. “My warning to the public is that digital currency exchanges are not like banks.” 

Indeed, quite so, Mr Anderson, they are nowhere near as bad and bankrupting or as totally corrupting and subversive as to warrant such a phantom public warning ….. which does have one wondering on the hidden agenda festering in the field there.