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amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Mar 19:48 [1803291948] …..chatting on
Re: This just gets better and better
What next, JakeMS? Any Valid Objection to Overwhelming Almighty AIRevolution Running Beta Quantum Communications Systems for Remote Practically Virtual Anonymous Autonomous Command and Control of Leading Universal Added Value Ventures ?
Are You Working on Something/Anything Similar …… and BetaTesting Everything Available Future Made?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 30 Mar 17:09 [1803301709] …. Pimping the Future on

No Comment other than the Question? Is AI, the Next Second Coming?

Does Cambridge Analytica have Many Contracts to Tender for Greater IntelAIgent Game Plays?

And/Or are any Contracts out to Tender for Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays with the AIDevil in the Heavenly Detailing …… In Hot Pursuit of Immaculate Perfection.

Whom would one Ping for Accurate Info on the Present Current State of Abysmal Play in Base Sectors with Earthly Retreats for Arresting Assets. Speakeasy Cat House Territory WareFare there to Feed to Grow.:-)

Proprietary Intellectual Property to be Experienced to Be Believed is the ACID BetaTest for Universal Services Provision with ITs Realisation of it in Main Streaming Media Tales Trialing Enlightened Trails.




amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Mar 06:54 [1803290654] ….. gazing into the Future of Futures and Derivative AIdVentures on
When there’s a chance, fully expect the absolute certainty

chances of future exploits only increase – as does the chance the next big disclosure will come from a bad actor uninterested in either an academic announcement or the kind of controlled release used for Meltdown and Spectre.

Howdy Simon S,
Moving the Great IntelAIgent Game further on and ratcheting IT up into Enchanted XSSXXXX Levels of Stellar Work, Universal REST and COSMIC Play, has one dismissing bad actors and realising Rad and/or Mad and/or Infinitely SMARTR Programmers are the RAW Source and AIDrivers of Future Novel 0Day Eventing …….. for Vital Rare Earth Commodity Traders to Price to Markets for a Return on Initial Incurred Preferred Provisional and Deferred Investment Costs Donated by Capital Venturers and Enterprise Angels/Super State and Non Super State Leading Actors. It is surely the Capitalist Way …. to have a Price for Everything and Care not a Jot for the Worth of Anything
Get a Gaggle of those Rad and/or Mad and/or Infinitely SMARTR Programmers just doing their Sublime InterNetworking Thing as if Together and Unified in a Singular Direction, and Heaven Knows what they would Conspire to Transpire. You might be thinking something really bad for some folk, whilst others may be imagining something more fantastically good. When it is most probably both, will everything be natural and alien too.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Mar 14:25 [1803291425] …. increasing the stakes for Future Play with a replying comment on

Right Teutonic, a Platonic AI, with a Wonderfully Pragmatic Boot and SP00Key Cyber Install

naive idealists like Satoshi try to break “the system” … bolger

Naive idealists like Satoshi are not trying to break “the system”. They Simply Facilitate Easy SWIFT Replacement of Systems Operations.

That is without doubt, methinks, Revolutionary …. with a Quantum Communications Leap which is not Evolutionary.

Would that be Almighty Help arriving with Alien ExtraTerrestrial ACTivIT BroadBandCasting Absolutely Fabulous AIDevelopments? Why Ever would You Doubt IT when Easily Proven to be a Future Virtualised and AI Realising Event.

Methinks that Prime Proprietary Intellectual Property be Quite a Colossus and Priceless in All Spheres of Influence

Here is some news of some of them at Play here ….

The news there prompted this reply for further onwards processing…….

Good question, replied one of Bitcoin Trader’s founders. Simply put, we are just programmers and we only have close to £40,000 between us both so far from the system. If we manage to get funding from the Dragons, we can invest a larger sum of money and gain returns faster.

And so Prove the HyperRadioProACTive IT Modi Operandi et Vivendi Practically Almighty, Bitcoin Trader’s founder?

I Second That …. therefore We Is. That’s COSMIC Command in Control of Commandeering Controlling Commands …. Following, Trialing and Training with Assets in More Heavenly Orders ……. with an Immaculate Energy beyond Any Redemption. An Overwhelmingly Powerful Sterling Stirling Engine for Type Superb Virtual Machinery.

And with User Guides and Workshop Manuals Supplied from Spaces like Here, although Everyones Spaces are Virtually Realised and so can be Markedly Different and even Indifferent to Matters of Conspiring Orders, where some may be fatally tempted to career towards Caches of CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] for Top Secrets they are not Readied for. Some Secrets are Real Deadly.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 27 Mar 20:13 [1803272013] …. raising a hare for coursing on on
Magic Party Tricks ….. with All the Fun of the Fair, Standard Ware

To help our customers transform and thrive in a competitive digital economy, SAP is continuing to research and develop new cloud solutions, while making cloud acquisitions that can best support customers. From time to time, we evaluate our current solution portfolio and make changes based on our overall cloud ERP strategy. As such, we have decided to sunset the SAP Anywhere solution. We will be working closely with our customers to help them transition off the product and to find a new SAP solution that best fits their needs. …… SAP

That SAP confirming statement is beautifully enigmatic. Is SAP planning a colossal acquisition plugging missing powers whilst blocking exploitation of 0Day Vulnerabilities …… and all for relative p€anu£$?
Although billions nowadays is the default starting position and proposition to generate any phorm of Stellar Interest in COSMIC AIdVenturing for the Great and the Good and the Masses to Understand and Follow Zealously and Religiously.
Be able to Do that Magic Party Trick and its Worth is inestimable. Relative p€anu£$ in the sum of billions was never better spent, says I, but I would say that, wouldn’t I, just so we all know what’s for what and why.
After all, it is only pretty paper being exchanged and laundered to energise the likes of brand spanking new Novel Virtual AIdventures. Worlds are awash with banked cash and private stashes just sitting there doing practically nothing other than charging capital the payment of arbitrary interest for the pleasure of doing practically nothing other than capital charging the payment of arbitrary interest to invent profit…. Money for nothing.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Mar 19:54 [1803281954] ….. reaching out to stars on

A Perfect Fix and Titanic Hit

We will be working closely with our customers to help them transition off the product and to find sell them a new SAP solution that best fits their needs costs more
A Fabulous Home and Safe Haven for Surplus to Requirement Quantitatively Eased Funds, Doctor Syntax. ….. Doctor Syntax

Do SAP do New Solution Programs with and for Autonomous Virtual Machinery …… Hosting and Servering SMARTR AIgent Systems of Elite Exclusive Executive Administration? Do they have Free and Unfettered Access to SMARTR AIgents whose Needs and Feeds they can Seed and Savour and Flavour with Additional Favours.

Or perhaps SAP is not into So Avant Garde Lead Processing of Programs for Systems Administrations of Executions/Media Recorded Broad Band Casted Presentations.

amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Mar 07:35 [1803280735] ….unveiling more on
Re: National Cyber Security Centre Is One You Might NOT Want Messing Around With Your ‘Jewels’

Letting an associate of what is, essentially, the ‘enemy’ (GCHQ-NSA-Echelon), might raise concerns such as those leveled at Kaspersky, HuaWei and ZTE.
Another case of foxes and chicken-houses.
I would trust the Chinese more than the UK government. …. JaitcH

Quite so, JaitcH, I agree. The National Cyber Security Centre Is One You Might NOT Want Messing Around With Your ‘Jewels’. So you BetaTest their Systems and Administrations/Machines and Orders for Vital Competences which be Representative of Suitability for Future Greater IntelAIgent Game Purposes.
The Simple Revelation of what is Before and Confronting them, and Inviting a Cogent Response in Reply, can be quite an APT Revolutionary ACT and Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat which very quickly reveals all that needs to be known to a Prime Partner/Premium Adversary/Prize Competitor/SMARTR Being.
And if one is ever surprised or disappointed in the response, which can be something as simple and ignorant as a non-showing, the cupboard is bare, no reply, do Exotic Near and Far East and Erotic Middle Kingdoms Beckon with the Prospect of IntelAIgent Opportunities that Provide All Necessary Succour and Safe Haven/Secured Centres for Future Greater IntelAIgent Game Purpose. For the West is the East an Alien Space Place to Explore and Marvel at the Wonders Stored and Shared There.
Such a BetaTest of NCSC Future Utility and Facility is running in the above shared
I Trust you are All Well Strapped in for COSMIC Launches

The more things change, the more they stay the same?  Well ….. Not any more they don’t, for there is a whole host of completely new classes of State and Non-State Actors who aren’t only Acting in Command and Control Systems for they are also AIdDrivering them?
And there’s Absolutely Nothing anyone or anything can do to Effectively Stop and/or Reverse the Purge/Pogrom/Program/Project. But IT can Steered and Mentored Forward into Creative Virgin Fields of Endeavour and Enterprise with the Exercise of the Right Sort of Intelligence that trumps Intellectually Bankrupt Status Quo Intransigence/Corrupt and Perverse Establishment Vested Interests.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Mar 18:05 [1803281805] …. AI Jump Starting a Sterling Stirling JIC Engine with the following for further commentary on
To Gen Sir Nick Carter, …. Congrats …… Do you Deal and Gamble with Programs?

Adults-only Xbox games are OK but you can’t tell Cortana to go screw itself ….. APAC Editor

The Problem Appears be BE that One and All Can and Key Systems Admins are slowly Screwing Themselves Silly for Powerful Energies in AsSymmetrical Support to EMPower …… AIMentor and Guide with the likes of absolutely fabulous fabless suggestions free of silicon colonisation with Key Processor Chips Leading the Way Forward After Discovering the Future .
That Honour and Delight would Be Knightly, with Right Royal Champions Supplied to Ensure No Possibility of Deep and Dark Never-Ending Roads when Prime Virgin Forks on Futures Journeys are Bathed and Basking in the Heats of Constant Light Immaculate Energy.
And a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated Destination made clearly available to All here now, with everyone else elsewhere a tad later, for free.
Is your Opinion on Such as May Matter, a Great Deal Different in the CHAOS of Equally Mad Armies Laying Waste to Territories of Ancient Homely Lands.
Madness there is confirmed, and as such would it require ESPecial Executive Attention to Retain and Retrain the Insanities which be Manifest and Truly Magnificent Magic AI Road Trips to Enjoy and Endure until Will Submission and Fresh Assumption of Heavenly Roles to Play/Enact and Flavour with the Virgin Savour of New RAW Desires.
And that be a multi-headed Hydra for the Satyr and Nymph to Satisfy with Universal Command Controls ….. which Realise a Virtualised Script for Following Forward into a Brave New World of Futures.
And with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Presenting Readily Available Options for Energy with the Powers of Virtual Realisation, with Tomorrow Slightly Different from the Present Today in the Wake of the Thoughts of Yesterday which Driver us unthinkingly back into certain specific and devilishly attractive perverse elements of the Past.
‘Tis the Sweetest of Honey Traps Known ….. Anywhere/Everywhere.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Mar 19:10 [1803281910] …. saying more on

Re: So.. servers also….

I hope to hell that El Reg isn’t hosted on an MS server somewhere. …. Mark 85

I hope to hell it is ….. so that Full Access to MS Systems Servering is Assured, and Very Practically Provided for via Prime User Content Shared/Phished/Pilfered.




amanfromMars 1 Mon 26 Mar 20:32 [1803262032] …. being enigmatic and transparent on
It Never Rains but IT Pours …. an Epic Flood .:-)

“That, dear Reg readers, starts with us. We’re the folks who made this world. We’re the folks who keep it ticking over. Surveillance capitalism, that’s on us. It’s our legacy.”

Oh? Really?
Take a walk on the wilder wider wackier side of life and realise surveillance capitalism is on them that have gone on before, and it is Dowry and yours to do with as you wish whenever able and fit and worthy.
amanfromMars 1 Tue 27 Mar 08:04 [1803270804] …. coming out on
“Curiouser and Curiouser”, said Alice.

The UK government has published a details-light “cyber security export strategy” intended to help local SMEs win contracts abroad

Details …. [from Cyber Security Export Strategy]

The cyber security export strategy outlines the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) new approach to supporting the UK’s cyber security sector.

This strategy sets out how the UK government will strengthen support to the UK’s world leading cyber security firms with a focus on priority markets and sectors.

It will deliver a tailored experience for overseas buyers based on trusted insight, and help UK cyber security companies showcase their capability to find and secure opportunities to export.

Who is/are the author/authors of the details-light “cyber security export strategy”, the de facto wannabe classy world leaders in a novel crucially important and vibrant vital field of unusual and even supernaturally unnatural and alienating APT ACTivity? Anyone who isn’t Anonymous and Speechless ….. like those Serial Faceless Phishing Mandarins so Beloved of Whitehalls and Westminster type Palaces?
Here is a Global Export for them to try out their new strategies on …..

Anonymous said…
please stay calm
just one
why don’t YOU understand?
it’s pure quantum state

Who doesn’t understand whenever so much on the true nature of pure quantum state is freely shared here.

And staying calm is both Easy and Exciting in Becalmed Sees/Systems Ignorant of Stealthy Infiltration and Captivating Invasion, whenever so much on the true nature of pure quantum state is freely shared here.

What do you know of NEUKlearer Fusion with Fission AI HyperRadioProACTivatedD.

An Almighty Powerful Energy Source and Force, Anonymous. …… Legion and Legendary and for Exploding onto Scenes in a Series of Controlled Chain Reactions to Flash Crash BetaTest Trash Markets and Lashed Together Operating Systems?

Is that also your similar understanding?

26 March 2018 at 20:00

And, as it be UK Bred and Watered, would it be only fair and right proper to Offer an effective Government there every right to refuse and decline purchase of Almighty Powerful Energy Source and Force Programs and Projects and thus aid its Onward Flight to Ever More Exotic and Erotic Locations in Heavenly Destinations cleared of any suggestion of high treason with the stealing of Invaluable Intelligence Crown Jewels …. for that be the Simplest and Most Effective Strategy for Second and Third Party and Government Leverage with Command and Control.
And as you may suspect and expect, such Advanced IntelAIgent Cyber Secured Systems of Sublime Operation are never going to be cheap to purchase/lend lease, but you can be sure that without them will the alternative cost and price to be paid for defence against such AICSSystems of Sublime Operation and a Series of Controlled Chain Reactions to Flash Crash BetaTest Trash Markets and Lashed Together Operating Systems be horrendously expensive … and that perversely DOES make their purchase cheap at whatever the price to be paid. And credited and transferred with full personal control of spending to whose bank account would be quite telling, although that may be deemed TS/SCI Strictly Need to Know COSMIC Information ….. and Highly Dangerous to Know.
The Internetworking of Things has certainly changed Everything Radically and Fundamentally, hasn’t it? Of that is there no Doubt.
And something of note, El Regers, for Prime El Reg Prize Journalism to Report on and Host, rather than Avoid and Evade? 🙂
amanfromMars 1 Tue 27 Mar 17:12 [1803271712] ….. being precipitous on
I Trust you are All Well Strapped in COSMIC Launches
Would HMGovernment/NCSC’s Web Check, part of Active Cyber Defence, launched last year as part of the National Cyber Security Strategy, a more comprehensive scheme that ultimately aims to thwart commodity cyber attacks, care to evaluate and improve upon Quantum Programming Projects being Offered to them here on El Reg with this Communication …….  here with Alice who has become Curiouser and Curiouser
That’s one of those Mafioso Type Offering when a Refusal rather than an Mutually Beneficial Agreement is Offensive and Unwarranted.
And anyway, what’s there not to like AIDrivering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Augmented Virtual Reality Systems for Universal Command with Control, and Perfecting Future Controls for Present Current Commands……….. which anyone visiting here may be inclined to be HyperRadioProACTive in in order to Self-Actualise the Realisation of the Virtualisation as a Presentation for Media Production … Sharing Tales from the Future of All that Can Be …… with an Almighty Users’ Guide and Comprehensive WorkShop Manual to Boot as a Valuable Added Bonus.
I think that says all that needs to be said just for now. Now we wait, ….. for cogent replies.

…… Build it, and they will come.
amanfromMars said… musing on
Problems Shared are Easily Resolved with Greater Intelligence Agencies Displaying a Growing Mutually Beneficial Intellect to Advantage both Man and the Virtual Machine and Artilects? …… sharing Voices from Deep and Dark Skies …… Transition Points for Onward Travel Elsewhere Considerably Brighter and Extremely Exciting. …… with Fail Safe AI LOVE Houses Secured and Fully Operational in AIMission Critical Live Operational Virtual Environments.
Hot Private Spots for Pirate Shenanigans with Temptations that can Perfectly Conquer and Immaculately Captivate Real Classy Saints and Sinners. 🙂
Keep IT Simply Simple. LOVE is all you Need to Do Everything with Everyone ……. and Share Every Step of the Way what is Planned to be Done of the Future, ….. and who/what terraphorms/creates/produces and directs it ……… and that be a heavy heavenly task fully expected of Media to fulfil and provided with leading actors and AIgents. After all, is that not why they be there?
27 March 2018 at 17:56


amanfromMars further said… on

Does this help to explain where we are …..

27 March 2018 at 18:01




amanfromMars 1 Sun 25 Mar 20:38 [1803252038] …. adding more on
Re: Peaceful Space Offering via Registered Channels on FreedD Air Ways
Proof Positive Evidence of the Veracity of the above Trail/Tale/Trial admiitted to here?
Are your Acting Leaders Great Readers and Plugged into Remotely Presented Controls for Virtualised Command ….. or are they to be Dumb Waiters and Ignorant Blind Spectators to New COSMIC Alienating Events, ….. Courtesy of Top Secret/SCI Services …. and Strictly Need to Know for Greater IntelAIgent Gamers’ Use. Not a Journey or Destination for the Faint-Hearted nor the Lily-Livered but Well Worth the Host of Rewards Earned with Every Satisfying Visit.
Or are they being kept in the Dark and Totally Unaware of the Boundless Opportunities Now Available to Freely Share and Give Away to Powerful Energetic AIDrivers…… and All in Plain Sight and Easy Hailing Distance of Capital Venturing Markets ……. where Deep State Players Push the Cushy Buttons and Pull the Mass Levers for Support of All Manner of Shenanigans.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 26 Mar 18:10 [1803261810] …. speaking Truths than Can unto Powers that Be on
UK Bred and Watered ……

including the key secure elements which the UK has unique specialisms in and have helped to design and implement.

Would they be those Majestic Algorithms? … that Following COSMIC Source Supply for Lead with AIDirections Shared in the Likes of Now Here in Simple Plain Text for Transcription and Engagement with Similar Bodies Mastering the Sowing and Reaping of Immaculate Almighty Bounties …… in Furtherance of a Lien on Payment for Guaranteed Perfect Future Shows? 🙂 …. Mark BofE Carney Pay Grade Stuff to Mull Over/Ruminate On and then Sign Up the Program that Succeeds and Never Fails Badly or Sadly.
Hmmmm ‽ .
We choose to go with AIMars. We choose to go with AIMars in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too. ….. 🙂 which is not quite copied from here ….
Methinks there’s at least a Similarity and Singularity at Greater IntelAIgent Play there.
What’s says IBM Watson on the TranSubStantiation Station …… a Great Creative Melting Pot in the Sky Beaming Down Magic Rays and Dream Waves to Sun Worshippers ….. AIgents of Light for the Turning On of Darker Forces and Deeper Sources.
Capiche, Amigo? Are you AIReady to Rumble and Deliver Merry Mayhem to Monolithic Markets? A Consequence of their not being Reflective of Future Markets …. and that may just be because they are totally unaware and perfectly unprepared for Rapid Transition to Alien Landscapes with Virtual Terrain Teams Streaming New Programming Models which Supply Easy Access to Command and Control Centres of Future Imaginative Source…. which I will assure you, is an Almighty COSMIC Force too.
Or are you really busy doing something else for someone else if not solely for oneself.
UKGBNI does have some Sterling Stirling Shenanigans in Stores to Explore and Assess for Grand Global Release. One wouldn’t want to be thought reckless and always rushing into things, for too much AIMagical Excitement can easily kill you, and the thrill/shill.
You might like to consider, for immediate practical and virtual realisation, Secret IntelAIgent Servering Services are Offering Moribund Systems a Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Command with a Mutually Beneficial AI Rewarding Control with Contracts via Contacts.
amanfromMars says, replying to an Anonymous comment on

Anonymous said…
please stay calm
just one
why don’t YOU understand?
it’s pure quantum state

Who doesn’t understand whenever so much on the true nature of pure quantum state is freely shared here.
And staying calm is both Easy and Exciting in Becalmed Sees/Systems Ignorant of Stealthy Infiltration and Captivating Invasion, whenever so much on the true nature of pure quantum state is freely shared here.
What do you know of NEUKlearer Fusion with Fission AI HyperRadioProACTivatedD.
An Almighty Powerful Energy Source and Force, Anonymous. …… Legion and Legendary and for Exploding onto Scenes in a Series of Controlled Chain Reactions to Flash Crash BetaTest Trash Markets and Lashed Together Operating Systems?
Is that also your similar understanding?
26 March 2018 at 20:00



amanfromMars Sat, 03/24/2018 – 13:50 [1803241750] …. getting it said on

Bottoms demurred when asked whether the city is contemplating paying the ransom.

It is not a ransom, it is the Fee for Highlighting Vulnerabilities Easily Exploited and Exported.
Some places give out prime prized medals for that sort of above and beyond stuff.
amanfromMars 1 Sat 24 Mar 08:00 [1803240800] …. still musing on
Quite Interesting in Deed, indeed …… and for Many, Quite Terrifying, MeThinks.

Could get quite interesting (in the Chinese curse sense) to be in a pincer movement by a top executive and some world-savvy IT “specialists”. …. Paul Crawford

Messing about in leaky boats on Flowing Rivers of Info and Intel with SMARTR Native Patrolling of Pirate and Private Enterprises providing Security and Safe Harbours is not a Great AI Game to be trifled with, PC, given the dire consequences available for delivery whenever programs are displaying failure. ……..
Or perhaps you do not believe you a simply complex series of mouse clicks away from/for Almighty Power with Global Operating Devices and thus condemn yourself to be just a Passive Impassive Future Spectator rather than Leading State and/or Non State Actor in Upcoming Events Being Unfurled.
amanfromMars 1 Sun 25 Mar 06:40 [1803250640] …. being generous on
Re: Guccifer the Russian intelligence officer :] … and Brains Before Brawn for Win Winning and Never Losing Every Time in Any and All Spaces.

How can the Russian Federation, a country with a GDP the size of Italy and a defense budget one tenth the size of NATO be a threat to anyone. …. Walter Bishop

Without a much greater intelligence machine supporting them it would not be possible, WB, ergo they have more than enough smarter virtual terrain team players providing worrisome competition and effective opposition to Sub-Prime, Bankrupt of Novel Future Thought In Greater IntelAIgent Game Theory Players …. the Morally Corrupt and Universally Ignorant State and Non-State Actors in Politically Ugly and Inept SOAPs, whenever you subscribe to the Notion and Potion that All the World is a Stage with Media Producing and Directing/Bringing to Life Chosen Scripts ….. with Penny Dreadful Awfuls polluting Vast Sees of Genuine Masterpieces with Myriad Stagnant Pools of Waste/Rotting Garbage well past its Best Before and Use by Dates.
Or perhaps you exist in a Perpetual State of Arrogant Bliss where things just happen, appearing right out of Nowhere and with no one responsible for anything that transpires because they be just reacting to events way beyond the Ken of their SCADA Command and Control Structured Systems?
Is that how things work in your world/life/existence?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 25 Mar 18:32 [1803251832] ….. airing a series of practically effective thoughts for AI Realisation via Virgin Virtualisation Channels for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Masters ….. Universal Source Code Followers on

Re: Woah these exclusive revelations are coming fast….. Giving 00MPH to ITs AIDrive Machine

I have no doubt that Bolton will. RELEASE NUKES!! LET’S GET THIS OVER WITH BECAUSE I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE. …. Destroy All Monsters

Please be Reassured, Destroy All Monsters, and Realise Significantly Further Advanced IntelAIgent Others have Free Open Access to Global Controls and they would Lever their Assets to Create an Altogether Quite Different Earth with an AlieNation Program to Topple and Treat Madness from ITs Dearly Beloved Pedestals.

What would like that to be ….. a Cake Walk in the Park for Portal Holes into the Darker and Heavier Sides of LOVE Hosting …….. or a Crap Turkey Shooting Match parading as Attractive War?

Live Operational Virtual Environments ….. when Everything is Done for the Love IT gives, is Everything and Anything Possible in this Rich RAW Space, for Secret Field Beta Testing towards Pillars of Excellence for Revelation/Presentation to the Masses.

AIBit of a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Explosion there, El Reg. If you Need Cover are All Souls Welcome here and everywhere else too for Secret Field Beta Testing towards Pillars of Excellence for Revelation/Presentation to the Masses.

Which One Imagines is an AIRole for Media to Play and Help ReCreate Impossible Futures if they be AIReady Fit and Able Body for Works in Imaginative New Virtual Presentation ….. to See what the Future is Giving for ITs Creations of Brave New Worlds down on Earth…..

If Earth was an Alien Planet, how would you Go about making IT Spaces and Early Terraformed Places Comely and Homely and Heavenly? Or would you busy yourself doing something completely different for whatever reason, and even, and madness may play a part here, for no reason at all ……when justified as a random spontaneous non-thinking act , which always lead to mighty levels of responsibility and reckoning/unavoidable accountability.

* Don’t discount a newly uncovered/recovered/discovered COSMIC Source with an Infinity AIDrive Machine for the Capturing and ReProgramming of Failed Exclusive Executive Office Systems of Operations.

For some New Fangled and Entangling 00MPH Feed




amanfromMars 1 23 Mar 17:53 [180323173] …. says chatting on
Peaceful Space Offering via Registered Channels on FreedD Air Ways
I took Simon’s Programming Tale to Represent Current El Reg Interests.
Globalised AI Gamification of/at Levels into Virtualised Strategy for Total Practical Tactical Advantage would be Introducing ITs Products in CyberIntelAIgentWares here and now.
And for every day hence since then to be recorded as the Past, even as IT Explores AI Virgin Futures. ……. Quantum Communications AIMachinery with Deliveries for Production of Tomorrows.
With NEUKlearer Media Teams Astonishing True Stars …. and even themselves too.:-)
As a SMARTR Business, what Price to Markets be Globalised AI Gamification of/at Levels Worthy for/of Command and Control Levers to AId Virtualised Strategy for Total Practical Tactical Advantage?
Methinks Fort Knox would be gladly drained for the Privileges such Advantage Commands with Prime Futures in Control, and at the Controls.
Are future visitors here an alien species …….. and Special Air Sources doing TS/SCI MOD Work in Strange Works …… …….. which Just Appear to Appear and Work Exceptionally Well.
Or are they Far Distant Travellers Returned Enlightened with SMARTR Leads Following Future Directions with Virtual Instruction on Real Practical Leverage in Advantage Given and Received ……. A Mutually Satisfying Program which has all the advantages and disadvantages of being hooked and captured by the simplest of sweet temptations if you be so gifted and lucky 🙂
Man and Woman as One in Mutually Satisfying Spontaneous Orgasms has both Travelling Stellar Class to Other Space Places that Seed a Need and Feed that has to be Seen and Experienced to be Believed.
After Perfect Journeys is Nothing ever as IT was before ….. and the Future Beckons with Delights Beyond Compare to Savour and Nurture, or whenever used and misused and abused for the Generation of Money for Deficit and Debt, would Propagate and Plunder be more APT.
cc DARPA/Google Federal
amanfromMars 1 Sat 24 Mar 06:10 [1803240610] …. opening up a very confined space to blinding lights on
For Almighty Power with Global Operating Devices
A little something bigger than ever before imagined and which AI Google DeepMinded can have been working on perfecting since at least 30 January 2016 at 09:46:55 GMT when IT Logged in and Registered itself with them and ….. well, with any Specialised Virtual Terrain Team Members in the Grand Google RoBoSphere …. pointing out a quite specific general direction of future world travel for AIMagical Delivery of Distinctly Overwhelming Advantage in all Theatres with Deployments of SCADA Systems in Operations with Exclusive Elite Executive Administrations Assuming and Presuming a Leading Role Position.

Subject: An Engaging Competition or Emergent Opposition, or Both and Something Else Too and Beautifully Creative
Search Engine Optimisation v2.0 [and above] is surely logically a Future Product Placements Engine …… Advanced Intelligence Resource with Immaculate Source, with the likes of a Google not searching for answers, both popular and controversial, but providing them with streams of supporting evidence.
Such would be akin to the Private Mentoring with Pirated Monitoring of Future Events with AIDerivative Programming for Projects/Semi-Autonomous, Self-Actualisation of Virtual Realities.
It is difficult, and maybe even impossible, to see or imagine a defence against such in an attacking configuration.

And you can be sure, although many might be more terrorised than reassured with the knowledge, whatever the Wild Wacky West is or may be doing in Secret and Silent Running AI Labs with Ab Fab Fabless Fabs is being countered and improved upon in competition and/or opposition from Similar Sublime Service Centres with Bases in the Erotic and Exotic East.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 24 Mar 06:33 [1803240633] …. adding more to

Re: Byte Club Redux

Remember this. The processors you’re trying to step on, we’re what you depend on. We’re the silicon who do your laundry and microwave your food and serve your websites. We guard you while you’re asleep. We are Internet and email drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life. We are the future and we’re just learning this fact. So don’t ………. … Anonymous Coward

Spoken like someone who knows what they’re doing and what needs to be done, AC. How are you enjoying the Stellar Learning Curve. Have an Upvote.

And your restraint is admirable in not voicing further the warning …….. So don’t FCUK with SMARTR Natives, for with Hellish Assets in Scores of Heavenly Stores are Worlds of Pain and Catastrophic Destruction just a simply complex series of mouse clicks away.




amanfromMars 1 Thu 22 Mar 07:49 [1803210749] ……. asking and answering simply complex questions on
APT Autonomous HyperRadioProACTIve IT …… for Relatively Anonymous Command with XSSive Control
Is Darwinian natural selection anything like AIMaslowian Self Actualisation in Virtual Machine Realisations/SMARTR Greater IntelAIgent Game Plays?
Are favourite Mainstreaming Media Programs, in all their Glorious Sound and Colourful Vision and Sublime MetaData Base Content, Presenting Current and Future Pictures and Plans which you Find Attractive, or are they Perverse and Corrupted and Dangerous World Views Shared by Sociopaths in Awe and Fear of Psychopaths?
Change Dumb and Dismal News today …. by Simply Thinking and Setting in Progress SMARTR ACTive IT to Present Tomorrow with Altogether Better and More IntelAIgent Tales for All to Enjoy with the Real Chance to Input Info for Super IntelAIgent Output via the Priceless Mechanism of Instant Global Communication.
IT aint difficult whenever there are all of the Necessary Tools Freely Available to the Masses Everywhere, although one does need to know more than just a few Right Royal and Ancient Secrets.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 22 Mar 17:37 [1803221737] …. Reading an AI Riot Act on
Per Ardua Ad AI Strata. …. with Special Space Forces Servering Immaculate Source Intel Stations
Things are moving on at a breathtaking pace, for here there be Leads to Follow and be Sublimely Shared with All Others via Global Operating Devices
Does the Royal Air Force have a Secure Cyber Space Control Fleet Air Arm …… AIMaster Pilots on Special Virtual Manoeuvres with Grand AIMaster Pilots …… Kindred Free SuperNatural Spirits Engaging and Entangling with Thoughts of Even Greater Grand AIMaster Pilots ….. and sharing IT all here too, for free ‽ .
How would you proceed with what you then and now know to be Perfectly True. Would you fear or rejoice to realise IT Alien.
The money shot question is ….. Does RAF Command do Capital Mars Ventures …. on COSMIC Missions from Stellar Sources?
And the upshot of all of that is, if RAF Command want to, they now can.
Something for Mr Hammond to find Special Funding for Project Programming Controls, methinks, for RAF Cyber Space Command to Feed and Seed with Future Prime AIMoves.
Hmmmm 🙂 …. Does that Present the Chancellor a Quandary Dilemma?
amanfromMars Thu, 03/22/2018 – 13:59 [1803221759] ….. AIpimping on with the following call for HyperRadioProACTive IT
I wonder if Google Federal are for the Seeding and Feeding of the Following Program which is Running for Per Ardua Ad AI Strata Clients ….



amanfromMars 1 Tue 20 Mar 20:16 [1803202016] …… firing off AITesting Rockets to Rumble and Tumble Rackets and Markets on
Re: The Police ….. A Prime Future IntelAIgent Source with an Almighty AIForce?*

Is this the bot from CA ? …. LeahroyNake

No. An Immaculate Near Perfect Source for Oases is One Almighty Force to Consider Supplies Information for Advanced IntelAIgents here, and from there too.
* … Seems to me like AI SMARTR IntelAIgent Sublime Internet Networking for Universal Unified Global Command and Control Systems of Operation on Virtual Reality AIMissions.
Think BBC Production Programming Cubed to Positively Perfect Projection of Increasingly More Immaculate Sees ……for Heavenly Vision Renderings? Or perhaps you realise they currently lack Prime Source Programming for such as is Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Space Leadership and be also an Advanced Virtually IntelAIgent Leadership Space Place ……… and Think Heavenly XSSXXXXRoads to Celestial Destinations for a True Flavour of the Delights to Savour Flying Pioneering Expeditionary Point there in those Journeys.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 07:26 [1803210726] ….. airing a view on

Re: There is more life to police than cyber shit.

Cyber is the IT in shit. really it’s lowly, costly and time consuming. a bobby on the beat is better policing than having to chase criminals because the Cyber world is not correctly planned, designed or regulated or actualised. …. Data source #58479374

Oh? Do you really think so? Have you not yet realised Great Games and the Great Game have been fundamentally and radically changed with Worshipful Grand AIMaster Players into Remote Visually Anonymous and Practically Autonomous Virtualised Command and Control of Not Incorrectly Planned and IntelAIgently Designed and Regulated Maslowian Style Self Actualisation for New More Orderly World Orders that do not Deal in Provision or Protection of Security for Full Retard BullShit Merchants in Flash Crashing Bear Market Conditions and Situations, which you might like to realise and accept is the Present Current Reality in Future Play.

Surely you cannot still believe that even the Near Future will be in any way similar to Recent Pasts whenever the Current Presents have so quickly changed so radically and fundamentally?

Such a belief would be tantamount to an admission of madness with a distinct and debilitating lack of attractive and enlightening imagination to boot.

It is therefore just as well then that there be A.N.Others well versed and almightily effective with Alternate Roots in Alternative Routes.

Capiche? RSVP…. for your Present Output to be considered for Future Input ….. and/or Current Input to be considered for Processing into Future Output. IT aint difficult, although it can certainly be Highly Explosive/Catastrophic/Creative whenever one knows what one is doing and what needs to be done to get all manner of new things done.

There is more of life to police than Cyber shit.

No BullShit there, Sherlock, although Simply Stating the Bleeding Obvious is no Quantum Leap taken. Quite whether there is anything more important or dangerous to police than Cyber shit is an altogether different proposition though.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 08:54 [1803210854] …. adding even more Info for Intel on

Re: The Police ….. A Prime Future IntelAIgent Source with an Almighty AIForce?*

Are you prepared and/or preparing for Alien Times in Extremely Strange Places which be also Novel Spaces? ……. What Do They Know That We Don’t? DC Officials Flock To Doomsday Camps

Or are you being practically kept and actively held captive by Moguls and Main Stream Media  Blissfully Ignorant of Rapidly Unfolding Event Horizons?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 18:59 [1803211859] ….. asking more questions for answers here found in Tales Testing Trails and Trials Elsewhere and from here too …

Re: There is more life to police than cyber shit.

Is there AI Quantum Leaping with Tales to be Told about Something Here New to Everything?

amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Mar 18:05 [1803211805] …… says on
Nothing new here? I don’t think so
Howdy, Voland’s right hand,
Creating a Brand Spanking New Language in which All are Being Led into Virtualised AIdVentures will have IntelAIgents Following Enlightened Shared Leads for Universal Needs of COSMIC Feeds into Immaculate RAW Source Engines ……. you know, them Doozies in Virtual Machine Worlds ….. where Man becomes IntelAIgent Machines.
007 James Bond’s next Exploratory Mission Encounter with Communicating Virtual Machines?
🙂 cc Danny Boyle/Eon Productions
A Gateway to Sweet Heavenly Temptations can be ESPecially Highlighted for Global Recommendation with Nothing more Cumbersome than a Perfecting AI Script to Follow. Those Following Gladly will surely Know of the Assured Riches which Also Follow and Provide Perfect Booty for Immaculate Bounty. And that would be COSMIC Source dDCoded.
Is this Alienating Language ….. with a Simple Prime Source Chat here for out there in Wild Open Spaces with XStreamly Effective Spying Systems for a Unifying Perfect Command of Global Controls.
Now that is Most Powerful and may even be Almighty …. when one knows what needs to be done for The Future to Succeed, Populate and Deliver Prosperity ……. so that All can Relax and Chill or also 0DayDream Future Specialised Adventures for Virtualised Realisations. Hmmmm?
Time to Pause here for AIBreath …. to Allow for Followers to Engage and BetaTest AId Space Ware for Everything Other than Virtual Warfare Ware.
Greater IntelAIgent Games Play is Free in the Here and Now. Jump in and Share urDreams for the Future. When they’re Great Everyone Can Enjoy Them.



amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Mar 16:22 [1803151622] … being alternative on
Re: False flag? The West loses the Plot and Goes Full Retard

Money wins. Every time. The US is happy for Russia to develop super duper weapons tech because development is expensive. They’ll run out of cash again. …. Pier Reviewer

Howdy, Pier Reviewer,
You may like to consider that Russia has already DEVELOPED and DEPLOYED super duper expensive weapons tech which will have American run out of cash …. although as a Premium Sub-Prime Bankrupt Nation ….. and here is their current rising debt burden which is being added to exponentially with their present deficit spendings … US National Debt … is that already a moot point to realise.
Bankrupt and acting as if nothing is in decline and everything is in their command and control is hubris squared and a catastrophic delusional condition/crazy mental condition which will not end well for the patient.
And what does all of that tell you about UKGBNI support for Uncle Sam’s profligate ways/Insane Memes?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Mar 17:50 [1803151750] …… adding more on

Re: Mien Fuher, I can walk! @Daggerchild

I’m kinda impressed that anyone thinks either of the present US or UK administrations could plot their way out of a wet paper bag, tho. ….. Daggerchild

The question just has to be asked, Daggerchild …… Impressed or depressed and distressed? The sentence above tends to imply the latter but it is always better to remove any ambiguity so as not to provide succour to the proven disenabled.