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Re: False flag? The West loses the Plot and Goes Full Retard

Money wins. Every time. The US is happy for Russia to develop super duper weapons tech because development is expensive. They’ll run out of cash again. …. Pier Reviewer

Howdy, Pier Reviewer,
You may like to consider that Russia has already DEVELOPED and DEPLOYED super duper expensive weapons tech which will have American run out of cash …. although as a Premium Sub-Prime Bankrupt Nation ….. and here is their current rising debt burden which is being added to exponentially with their present deficit spendings … US National Debt … is that already a moot point to realise.
Bankrupt and acting as if nothing is in decline and everything is in their command and control is hubris squared and a catastrophic delusional condition/crazy mental condition which will not end well for the patient.
And what does all of that tell you about UKGBNI support for Uncle Sam’s profligate ways/Insane Memes?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Mar 17:50 [1803151750] …… adding more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/3/2018/03/14/russia_cyberwar_speculation/

Re: Mien Fuher, I can walk! @Daggerchild

I’m kinda impressed that anyone thinks either of the present US or UK administrations could plot their way out of a wet paper bag, tho. ….. Daggerchild

The question just has to be asked, Daggerchild …… Impressed or depressed and distressed? The sentence above tends to imply the latter but it is always better to remove any ambiguity so as not to provide succour to the proven disenabled.


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