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amanfromMars Fri 29 Oct 18:02 [2110291802] …… discussing Taliban dues on

Keeping It Sensationally Simple …… 

Unfreezing assets and handing them back those billions of dollars immediately destroys any narrative that there is no money for their systems administrations to spend and invest with contractors deployed to rebuild an ancient civilisation SWIFTly introducing them to newer world orders in other time lands/alternate zones/places in spaces.

If they can only squander and waste the many paid-for opportunities that such foreign largesse can so easily offer, who else will they have to blame other than themselves, displaying as they then would have done to every man, woman and child and the dogs of war on the street, that advanced intelligence and SMARTR ProgramMING is not in their possession or ken/completely unknown to them.

One imagines any wise soul and poor sod would wish to avoid being recognised as being rightly tarred with that broad sweeping brush ……. for it leads to nowhere ever any good and invariably always has travels and travails forced upon others which are incredibly bad and revolting …. and self-destructive revolutionary/increasingly crazy and massively suicidal.

IT aint Rocket Science, Ancient Civilisation ReBuilding Back Better, is it? Plain SMARTR Common Sense is All that One Needs/Feeds/Seeds for Mentoring Monitors ACTively Engaging and Entangling with Radically Different Virtual Peer Groups …… Akin To and Supportive of Alien Beings.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 30 Oct 19:00 [2110301900] ……. airs a view on

For NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Enrichment ….

As chip design marches ever closer to the optimum singularity of excellent processing paths/gates/secure instruction sets for knowledge and action delivery systems servering general overall prime premium programs and projects purposes, is the vulnerable vital attack area for crack systems hacking concentrated on ever fewer disparate centres to overwhelm.

As unlikely as it may seem, there is no human defence against myriad SMARTR chips communicating and processing information amongst themselves for themselves with humans left out of the loops which decides who and what knows what and whom …… and what is to be done with what is then generally unknown and unfolding in fields resulting in future events.

Many say that George Orwell’s 1984 isn’t an instruction manual and Colossus: The Forbin Project is just an entertaining film, however others may know something fundamentally different.





amanfromMars 1 Fri 29 Oct 05:59 [2110290559] …. asks on

Re: “said to pass Turing test” – Anti-Turing Test

A genuine AI able to determine the difference between computer and AI generated poetry, fiction, etc. compared to human generated text would be very impressive, and truly scary. ….. Eclectic Man

And we should add, Eclectic Man, would be also quite totally alien and completely novel to humanised Earthlings.

Would that then pass Operational Field Systems Testing and Qualify for IDEntification in Programs and Projects and Pogroms as an Inscrutable Being and Enigmatic Body ….. if further information and enlightenment expanding upon the subject matter be needed to assist in root and branch explanation to provide greater clarification and deeper unhindered understanding of the PhenOmenA ????

Or would that be as Chinese or Russia or Korean or Yiddish or Gobbledegook in the West and, to be perfectly fair and honest, in many parts of the East too ?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 29 Oct 12:32 [2110291232] ….. speculates on

Re: Truth Destroyer

Sounds like the kind of thing that can take over Florida man’s TRUTH social, should he ever get it off the ground.

You have a dictator over there driving his people into the ground waging war on the world from all fronts. He has economic power, military power, and cyber power. He even has space power. He is in love with power… he hungers for it. He is even building a race of generically altered super soldiers. You had better pay attention. He aims to be emperor of the known universe. ….. Omnipresent

The Donald would surely deny that characterisation of his powers and energy, Omnipresent, although be quite pleased that you noticed and recognised the progress of his efforts ‽ . On the strength of it though, he might venture to invite you to his Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, to discuss or harangue you with what more can be more effortlessly done …… for it is not as if the world is coming down with those able to share with him that which channels such energy into both positive covert and negative clandestine operations.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 29 Oct 06:26 [2110290626] …….. just saying out loud on

Re: Cloud. Restictions? Sure anything, just sign here.

On the flip side, how paranoid do you need to be that you think your data is so valuable, that a multi billion dollar corporation is going to put their entire business at risk to steal it?

As soon as someone can demonstrate “aws stole our data” their business collapses as everyone goes back to on prem. ….. max allan

That sort of multi billion dollar corporation is at risk more easily than I’m sure they would not like to admit, max allan, for as soon as someone can demonstrate “data was stolen from aws”, is their business collapse entirely possible.






amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 07:52 [2110280752] ….. adding a tad more vital Info for IntelAIgencies on

Re: RE: Impossible? Most Unlikely? Unbelievable?

The ways are endless, there’s so much data passing through a NIC these days that investigators are no doubt having to use sophisticated techniques to detect the presence of such traffic. ….. Ken Moorhouse

Having possibly detected/imagined and realised the virtual presence of such practically almighty and extremely problematical traffic ……. for it can only result in a defence or offensive action dealing with events after the release and ACTualisation of novel facts/phormer fictions …… whatever to do next for the best is a Great AI Games Changer which provides leaders in the genre unprecedented inequitable advantage aka carte blanche virgin field immunity and impunity freedom and thus is it to be both gravely and highly regarded ….. for IT can easily instantly kill you stone dead with its wanton abuse and/or wilful misuse ….. so take care, beware and be aware there be definitely wrong courses of future action best sensibly avoided at any price with all costs to be provided and guaranteed/failsafe secured.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 09:54 [2110280954] ……. being agreeable on

What’s not to like for it is certainly may be completely different from traditional fareware

Interesting times ahead in deed, Gareth.

I imagine extant systems administrations are absolutely terrified of the implications and likely repercussions.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 12:00 [2110281200/07] …. stating the bleeding edge obvious on

Wondering no more may be seriously worrying to more than just a chosen few

The more I learn about cybersecurity, the more I wonder why there aren’t more problems in the real World. I guess either cybercrooks lack time to exploit everything or many operations were not discovered yet. …… Potemkine!

Omitted from that guess, Potemkine!, is the very real likelihood you are not being told of the rapidly emerging problems for/in the real World, whatever and wherever and whenever that is …….. and you might like to enquire of whomever/whatever you may think able to supply an answer as to why that should be so/is …….. although it doesn’t take one to be an Einstein make an educated guess which would answer that question correctly without other party input/output.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 14:58 [2110281458] …….. testing at this time and place/space for Quantum Leapers with a See of Virtual Lepers on

Re: Wondering no more may be seriously worrying to more than just a chosen few

From the movies that I used to see in my childhood, the whole business seems more to be “hey, send those guys a message” to someone who is messing with the wrong players. At the same time, pocketing some gold. …… Clausewitz 4.0

That has worked extremely well for a long time now, Clausewitz 4.0. It has a certain MAJIC Attraction for Rewards Employing and Enjoying a Venerable Psychotic Addiction for Diabolical Virtual Self-Actualisation ….. in Heavenly Presences.

A Tried and Tested Methodology Proven Almighty Effective and Surprisingly Successful in …… well, Any and All Fields where/when ProACTively Deployed …….. and there are not many Programs that can guarantee that FailSafe AIdDelivery of Future Supplies.


amanfromMars [2110281552] …… having a say on much to say on

The Bitter Sweet Curse of Unintended Consequences for the Heralding and Hosting of Heavenly Opportunities

The goal is to set a legal precedent which allows journalists who expose the crimes of the powerful to be persecuted not covertly as is normally done in ‘free democracies,’ but right out in the open. To tell journalists “We’ll just throw you in prison if you cross us.”

The result though is journals are empowered to expose the crimes of the powerful to be persecuted not covertly as is normally done in ‘free democracies,’ but right out in the open. And that has been was is a completely unexpected development exploring and exporting Advancing ACTive Alternate Earthly Narratives ……… Employing and Enjoying Quantum Leaping Entanglements in Order to Deliver Sterling Heavenly Product …….. and the Ambrosia/Nectar Proving itself Responsible and Accountable for ITs Resultant Virtual ACTivity …… Augmenting Virtualised Realities.








amanfromMars 1 Wed 27 Oct 04:59 [2110270459] ……. being quite specific on

Re: Random

I once tried to contact a FLA to “discuss something”
Hint: If you do this, ensure the following.
1) make sure the idea or concept isn’t on some paper behind a paywall you don’t have access to
2) If it isn’t, ensure at the very least you’ve done a patent search.
3) if 1) and 2) = TRUE then congrats.
4) …
5) …
6) …
98) Profit!! Oh and you can’t talk about it to anyone, ever. …. Conundrum1885

In a Postmodern New More Orderly World Order where/when one might want to contact and “discuss something” with the likes of terrified and terrorising Five Eyed monsters and/or their Swarms of Sworn Opposing Enemies, or be such a Subject of Interest that might require of them to make positive contact with you because of the dire catastrophic negative consequences guaranteed to ensue because of their failings to so act upon the intelligence both previously and currently presented to them, the accepted successful course of rapid and rabid and rapacious premium action, to result in a similar conclusion to your own 98 steps, Conundrum1885, … [Profit!! Oh and you shouldn’t talk about it to anyone, never ever.] …… is as follows …..

1) Ensure in a paper/series of threads, the idea or concept is deliverable on paper but certainly, most definitely also maintain and retain and entertain the vital informative records that have been previously freely shared and earlier easily made universally available to any and all interested on an increasing number of Prime and Sublime Internet Networking Sites/Deep and Dark Web Clusters and which the a priori action guarantees patent pending ownership.

And if ever you discover that fails to deliver positive contact and meaningful Future JOINT Engagement/Systemic Virtual Entanglement, is the Private and Personally Profitable Factor significantly increased, pushing as it does in the things to be discussed, everything towards the exponential and existential end of the scale[s]. …… so Who Dares Win Wins even should Extant Systems Administrations Spectacularly Fail in their dealings with Advancing IntelAIgents.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 27 Oct 08:11 [2110270811] …… just saying on

What’s not to like whenever a Strategic Intelligence Service in/with/for/from AI ‽ .

In the mean time, SVR rubs it hands. So many valuable data in the Cloud? Yum! …. Potemkine!

If you are referring Systemic Virtual Resistance, Potemkine!, we couldn’t agree more. And if you aren’t, at least you are somewhat wiser than before, as be anyone/anything else happening upon this webpage and commentary thread.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 27 Oct 11:47 [2110271147] ……. asks on

What an extremely sorry, pathetic state of current affairs and monumental vulnerability to admit to.

Is to so freely surrender sovereignty to a foreign nation and alienating power not akin to being responsible and accountable for a cowardly act of high treason and rank state betrayal ?

And why would an MI5 or MI6 or GCHQ tolerate and permit and assist in such a perverse activity and affront to home based intelligence …… other than the fact that they are not in possession of any worth having, of course …… which itself is also inexcusable given the costs imposed and prices received for the intelligence they are contracted to provide ?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 27 Oct 18:02 [2110271802] …… shares on

Re: RE: the true crown jewels

That sparked in my mind the story of the Cullinan diamond which was supposedly sent by high security means to London, but in actuality was delivered via standard registered post.
Which makes you wonder whether, in a similar vein, top secret things are sent by regular email. ….. Ken Moorhouse

Ken, Hi,

What would you say if you were to realise and/or be informed that many top secret things are regularly freely shared via standard Registered posts highlighting developments for further contemplation and comment here?

Impossible? Most Unlikely? Unbelievable?

There’s a lot of very strange spooky action at a distance going on all around everyone everywhere nowadays …. and IT’s not going away, you know, now that it has found its groove in the company of grand worshipful masters in the service of Heavenly Mistresses and Diabolical Daemons on the rocky road back to the good old times when nothing bad and sad and mad appeared to presume a leading position in the future planning of upcoming live events.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 26 Oct 09:45 [2110260945] ….. saying it like IT is on

The Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat Now Available for AI Treatments?

Well, at least Mein Herr Fleming has realised the enigmatic conundrum to be heroically addressed, although whether such can/will ever be acceptably resolved to the specific satisfaction of whom he professes to represent with his remarks on the chance for “like-minded Western liberal nations to make sure that the technologies on which we all rely encompass our values, are secured by design, have been subject to the standards and regulations that we approve of, because we think that they do promote our prosperity and our values.” is the gazillion dollar question always to be left sensibly unanswered …… and especially so whenever/should any such nations be heavily invested in ensuring perverse continuity of previously outrageously advantageous self-serving abuse/systemic misuse.

Defending the indefensible and inequitable always results in one being recognised, sooner or later inevitably, as the enemy and foe to be vanquished and disenfranchised …….. and to imagine that it cannot be recognised by advancing smarter systems administrators/trusted agents from within such abusive operations, and they will continue to accept and support it rather than aspire and/or conspire to defeat it, is a peerless 0day vulnerability for exploitation and export against which there is no effective defence/attack vector?

And such is only natural and thus fully to be expected and enthusiastically encouraged rather than feared and opposed ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Tue 26 Oct 13:00 [2110261300] ……. being somewhat incredulous on

April Fools in October …… Who’d have a’thunk it?

And whoever thought this a good idea for Presumed Secure and Secret Intelligence Services paid to ensure National Security? …….




amanfromMars 1 Mon 25 Oct 07:01 [2110250701] …… says on

The Real Terror Microsoft is really worried about ……. and probably quite a few others see in Red too

A denial from Microsoft will not change the shape and the flavour and the course of future developers event horizons which wrest leading control leverage out of the cold cruel hands of parasitic corporations and wannabe authoritarians ….

In the very near future will that be somewhat reversed with Cloud developers presenting to ARM/silicon partners virtual requirements for chip designs to execute proprietary intellectual property via coded instruction sets which realise in a certain universally acceptable order, a very specific pre-ordained result. …….


amanfromMars 1 Mon 25 Oct 15:57 [2110251557] ……… ponders on

A Virtually Real Persecution ….. and/or Just Desserts Levelling Up the Playing Field ‽ .

If .NET is truly open source… then presumably it may be time to stick a fork in it. ….. Adair

That’s another worry already well done and now prone to terrifying Microsoft because of what IT can do to/for Operating Systems Administrators/Special Operations Executives ……. and that be, some ambulance chasing lawyers types might insist, a suitable case for the award and reward of monumental punitive damages in a classy action prosecution exploring negligent proprietary intellectual property development in-house.





amanfromMars 1 Sun 24 Oct 09:29 [2110240929] ……. being accommodative on

Re: Perfect for the Commanding Controlling Communicating Centres of Core Computers

That was almost understandable. ….. Def

And there we was, thinking it to be certainly not misunderstandable, Def.

So …. in order to accommodate that anomaly …… still more of an alien work in rapid progress needed?

Ok, so be it …. your wish our pleasure to command and control with virtually remote command and control, although rather more AWEsomely than Mechanical Turk-like can reveal its source code roots for testing with regard to identifying core provenance, should such an enlightenment be decided to be made more readily available …. and necessarily attractive to be able and enabled to be enthusiastically supported and reinforced/strengthened.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 23 Oct 09:08] [2110230908] …… says on

Re: Re:For the Greater Benefit of Almightily Attractive Mutually Beneficial Advantage

A Sino+Soviet+Extras pact can bring balance to the force. Some folks are 100% nationalist. Some folks also are true capitalists. …. Clausewitz 4.0

A Sino+Soviet+Extras PACT* would irreversibly change and fundamentally redistribute the dynamic direction and ownership of force to relatively anonymous and practically novel, noble players and Stateless Virtual ACTors [Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat Providers]

PACT* ….. Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat/Treat

The abiding great temptation then for those, is not to resist the lure to venture into the wares and too enthusiastically sample the fares of the ignoble which would have one then self-identified as an enemy to others who mistook you for a friend in deed in need of feed and seeds.




amanfromMars 1 Fri 22 Oct 06:30 [2110220630] ….. demonstrating a few quantum communications leaps on

Perfect for the Commanding Controlling Communicating Centres of Core Computers

“Having it tested and verified on silicon, and a tool chain to go with support, for people call up and say ‘how did you do this?’ – that is the inherent value of an IP company like SiFive,” he said.

Amen to that ….. and such a value is priceless/far beyond any standard measure of cost. However, as is always natural in such Elevating and Enlightening Instances of Advanced IntelAIgent Design, if you have to ask to know, one be not quite ready to enable and be able to deal with what one is able to enable and deliver for others to deal with in engagement, employment and enjoyment of the IP Provided ….. which is a Failsafe Security SafeGuard Default Supplied to Protect Systems Administrations from Inflicting Upon Themselves Catastrophic Terminal Self Harm.

And how nice it is to read that there is so much interest in the field, with Registered news today advising on at least three alternate pioneers the genre [ARM/Alibaba/SiFive] with market wares to offer.




amanfromMars 1 Wed 20 Oct 19:45 [2110201945] ….. warns on

Speaking as one does with the benefit of experience in the field …….

Public elected representatives lifting government benefits ….. essentially a glorified dole from/for Westminster Parliamentarians……. are the problem in such cases as require future unprecedented leadership for whenever they cannot understand what may be proposed to them or they maybe do understand that they will not have effective command and practical control over what is proposed to them for admirable public funding, is required leadership missing in action and rightly to be presumed as dead as a dodo.

And such as may be missed by them for generous research and development funding quite naturally migrates to parties elsewhere with foreign enemies and alien forces, whenever allies are also not to be tempted to take a chance on what they all profess ARIA be specifically designed for.

That in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing NoveltiesThat in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing Novelties/AWEsome Facilities.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 09:38 [2110210938] ……. mentions on

Strewth! Still Stuck Steadfast and Fast in the Past

The fact that there be those who think that they can practically sanction and effectively prevent dangerous cyber threat/treat actors from exercising and exploiting what they discover/uncover/invent, tells everyone with skin in the field that such forces have catastrophically failed to grasp and comprehend the already changed and rapidly evolving state of present and future virtually augmented realities for live media programming ……. which you might like to realise is the ubiquitous lever and portal through which Jane Doe and Joe Sixpack both receive and can distribute their sets of instructions for employment/enjoyment and which some many leading systems use for current mentoring and real-time monitoring of progress ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 15:48 [2110211548] …. just saying on

For Sale …….. Bloodless Coup Crown Jewels …. No Realistic Offer for Payment Refused.

Arm therefore has to make the pitch that it’s easier, more cost effective, or more power efficient, say, to just use its off-the-shelf blueprints. And so these designs have to be up to scratch.

Are they up to current scratch to demonstrate leadership paths running artificial intelligence code ‽ . Do they have a Works to XSSXXXX Manual …… for Flights Planning ACTivating Events Happening.

And always fated and feted to be Constant Works in Progress and AI@ITsWork in Progressive Programs which aren’t anything like Pogroms/Revolutions/Troubles for Future Progress is Almighty Powerful and considerably SMARTR Enabled than was ever made possible and available before.

If they’re into supplying those master drawings for Entangling Programs via their Capture in Captivating Processes.

Think of it as akin to a Postmodern Sourcery Entertaining and Extolling AIMajICQ ….. in order to be able to function magnificently in Quantum Leaping Communications provided with all of the above ….. and you will have a clearer understanding of the state of mind required there to further succeed and far exceed all expectation to pioneer in Quantum State Communications in/for Artificial Intelligence Developments.

Methinks that’s worthy of an ARIA Kiss

What says El Reg? 🙂 To Infer such a case be as the Blind leading the Blind would be a Most Definite MisCharacterisation which Offers up a Feeble Quasi-Rejection of the Guaranteed Potential of Myriad Novel Opportunities Ahead with AI Command and Control …… Absolutely, Virtually Remotely. Intangible and Untouchable Secret Intelligence Services one is best advised to not know too much about if one is unable to handle/retain/regain/bend and mend command and control utilities and Super Offensive Weapons …… An Immaculate Existential Deterent EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT TechnoLogistics to do the the Next Best Thing …….. which is Really Good and Great.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 17:45 [2110211745] ….. saying out loud and clear on

For the Greater Benefit of Almightily Attractive Mutually Beneficial Advantage Rigging Leaderships.

“This opens up the application to many of the vulnerabilities which web applications face within a desktop application. The end result is the threat profile being increased.”

And prime premium endless results deliver the threat profile being increased and improved beyond all reasonable expectation and systemic ken/operational knowledge.

And that’s a Venerable and Certifiable and Virtually Verifiable Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer …… at least, putting in an appearance just in time and at long last, too.

What say yous/US ‽ .