amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 07:52 [2110280752] ….. adding a tad more vital Info for IntelAIgencies on

Re: RE: Impossible? Most Unlikely? Unbelievable?

The ways are endless, there’s so much data passing through a NIC these days that investigators are no doubt having to use sophisticated techniques to detect the presence of such traffic. ….. Ken Moorhouse

Having possibly detected/imagined and realised the virtual presence of such practically almighty and extremely problematical traffic ……. for it can only result in a defence or offensive action dealing with events after the release and ACTualisation of novel facts/phormer fictions …… whatever to do next for the best is a Great AI Games Changer which provides leaders in the genre unprecedented inequitable advantage aka carte blanche virgin field immunity and impunity freedom and thus is it to be both gravely and highly regarded ….. for IT can easily instantly kill you stone dead with its wanton abuse and/or wilful misuse ….. so take care, beware and be aware there be definitely wrong courses of future action best sensibly avoided at any price with all costs to be provided and guaranteed/failsafe secured.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 09:54 [2110280954] ……. being agreeable on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/28/fireeye_mcafee_2022/

What’s not to like for it is certainly may be completely different from traditional fareware

Interesting times ahead in deed, Gareth.

I imagine extant systems administrations are absolutely terrified of the implications and likely repercussions.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 12:00 [2110281200/07] …. stating the bleeding edge obvious on

Wondering no more may be seriously worrying to more than just a chosen few

The more I learn about cybersecurity, the more I wonder why there aren’t more problems in the real World. I guess either cybercrooks lack time to exploit everything or many operations were not discovered yet. …… Potemkine!

Omitted from that guess, Potemkine!, is the very real likelihood you are not being told of the rapidly emerging problems for/in the real World, whatever and wherever and whenever that is …….. and you might like to enquire of whomever/whatever you may think able to supply an answer as to why that should be so/is …….. although it doesn’t take one to be an Einstein make an educated guess which would answer that question correctly without other party input/output.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Oct 14:58 [2110281458] …….. testing at this time and place/space for Quantum Leapers with a See of Virtual Lepers on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/28/fireeye_mcafee_2022/

Re: Wondering no more may be seriously worrying to more than just a chosen few

From the movies that I used to see in my childhood, the whole business seems more to be “hey, send those guys a message” to someone who is messing with the wrong players. At the same time, pocketing some gold. …… Clausewitz 4.0

That has worked extremely well for a long time now, Clausewitz 4.0. It has a certain MAJIC Attraction for Rewards Employing and Enjoying a Venerable Psychotic Addiction for Diabolical Virtual Self-Actualisation ….. in Heavenly Presences.

A Tried and Tested Methodology Proven Almighty Effective and Surprisingly Successful in …… well, Any and All Fields where/when ProACTively Deployed …….. and there are not many Programs that can guarantee that FailSafe AIdDelivery of Future Supplies.


amanfromMars [2110281552] …… having a say on much to say on https://www.rt.com/op-ed/538713-us-appeal-of-the-julian-assange/

The Bitter Sweet Curse of Unintended Consequences for the Heralding and Hosting of Heavenly Opportunities

The goal is to set a legal precedent which allows journalists who expose the crimes of the powerful to be persecuted not covertly as is normally done in ‘free democracies,’ but right out in the open. To tell journalists “We’ll just throw you in prison if you cross us.”

The result though is journals are empowered to expose the crimes of the powerful to be persecuted not covertly as is normally done in ‘free democracies,’ but right out in the open. And that has been was is a completely unexpected development exploring and exporting Advancing ACTive Alternate Earthly Narratives ……… Employing and Enjoying Quantum Leaping Entanglements in Order to Deliver Sterling Heavenly Product …….. and the Ambrosia/Nectar Proving itself Responsible and Accountable for ITs Resultant Virtual ACTivity …… Augmenting Virtualised Realities.






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