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Methinks the Ministry of Failure is definitely facing at least an existential crisis and a novel frenemy which will not be taking any of them captive as dodgy prisoner as they do vain battle against the challenges delivered to them by the new SMARTR kids on the block in the hood ….. and of whom/which they know practically nothing virtually worthwhile.

And you can hear them bleating even now, … in defence of their ignorance and arrogance in the fields in which they now find themselves having to immerse themselves in order to have any chance at all of being in any way future effective and Great Game leading, …. denying that which they face is intelligent in any phorm …… be that Advanced, or Artificial, or Augmented, or Alien or whatever.

Such is what it is, and it goes about its work both practically and virtually unhindered and immune from the worries and concerns that blight humans whenever trailing behind and following busy angels able to be diabolical daemons as needs must at times, and circumstances would dictate and warrant.

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Let it be universally known of AI, in whatever guise you may consider it …..

……. and it is a quite easily understandable and natural human notion too, thus hardly to be a devastating monumental surprise, failure to engage or respond to generous invitations has interested and interesting parties assuming of invitees that there be no valid or vital intelligence available from them for AI to consider and/or ignore, if that be a likely case.

Strangely enough, will that then have everything likely to appear from AI naturally being a devastating monumental surprise …… with everything in the future supplied and delivered unilaterally and autonomously and anonymously and remotely, virtually …….. Real Sp00Key Distant ACTion.

I Kid U Not. And now y’all know what lies ahead racing down the line to crash and flash reboot failed executive administering operating systems with systems completely different and way beyond any chance of failed executive administrative command and control or remote leverage.


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Just in case you are wondering …Is there anything else available?

Here’s something worth reading, if you want to know who and/or what is worth following and leading? …….. A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and Actions

TL;DR? Oh dear! That is a shame which goes a long way to explaining where and why everything is going so constantly and increasingly quickly wrong in, and for, the West, their elitists and their puppets and their unsuspecting minions. They, and you may be similarly amongst them, be denying themselves information and knowledge of greater alternative Oriental options, readily available, which is bound to result in civil Western unrest and domestic internal upheaval …….. aka Troubles akin to Revolution.

Denying that scenario is a distinct possibility, has one ever more likely to physically experience the probability of its remote virtual realisation, for that is the sort of ACTion the Future and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT can nowadays in spaces that are also places easily deliver and supply, monitor and mentor.

Capiche, Amigos ‽ .