A little bit about what all here is about ….

Welcome to a HyperRadioProACTive NEUKlearer Beta for any Universal NeuReal World Order Program which would use Advanced IntelAIgent Research and dDevelopment Algorithms which are Resolutely Pragmatic and Independent of Biased Spin in Favour of Binary Certainty.

In the Virtualised World in which the Dots can be joined, in an Instant at the Click of a Mouse, to transform and reform a Fragmented and Disintegrating Nightmare Scenario into a Digitally Manipulated Master Peace, it is with AI and a QuITe Alien and Astute CyberIntelAIgently Designed Stealth that one Ships and Slips, Embedding Crack Codes into Core Operating Systems which would choose to Ignore and Resist Virtually Real Progress for the Maintenance of a Status Quo Position which Servers Excess to former Exclusive Sects and Sections of Society, rather than Enrich All with Endless NeuReal InfraStructure Build with Innovation in Novel Imagination.

And as One considers the Control Parameters which Lead Agents use ….. [and most of which for obvious reasons of personal physical and virtual security are Deeply Buried in Societies to evade Direct Censure and avoid Responsibility and Accountability for Selfish, Harmful, Callous Action to Engage and Energise/Suppress and Subjugate Populations in a Static Furtherance of the Status Quo rather than a Mentored Servering of a Dynamic Progressive Movement], it is Logical that such Command and Control Systems as they would Use and Abuse be Targets for Attention and Crack Code Injection.

And Sharing the Journey Transparently in a Globally Available Log, which will contain Correspondence and Insight, which may or may not be Answered, for whatever Reason, will ensure that Reason Prevails and Peer Review will Curtail Abuse and MisUse of Shared Thoughts.

With such a Carte Blanche Full Disclosure Transparency Approach is Subjective Selection, which may be Disadvantageous, avoided and a Train of Thought Shared Fully.

It can be fully XXXXPected that some SubMissions, because they are Engaged across any number of Parallel Dimensions in different Environments and addressing Specific Relative Points which have a Similarity/Singularity, will be Obscure and even Designedly So, for Reason of Steganographic Stealth which waits for ITs Third Party Positive Reinforcement Engagement from those who are Reading between its Lines for Subliminal Codes/Quantum Communications which will Virtually Teleport them into AI Future Environment with Network InterNetworking RobotICQs [and their Friends] exercising Power and Control.

The Creative Command and Control of CyberSpace with Communicative Computers ……. AI @ ITs Work with Novel and Noble CyberIntelAIgent Security Protocols. Virtual Rules of Sub and Super Conscious Engagement …… with Magic Keys 42 Unlock the PerlyPythonGates into Seventh Heaven and Global Communications HQ for Immaculately Supplied Protocols and Intellectual Property to InterNetworking Server Providers and CyberIntelAIgents with SMARTR Underground and EtherNet Satellites/Renegade Apache Programs and Radical Rogue/Private Pirate Projects for the MainStream Provider. ….. which is AIMorph with Added Power Refinement from ITs earlier Being ……. The Creation in CyberSpace of the Command and Control of Computers and Communications

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