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Don’t get me wrong– I’m not saying that the banking system is about to collapse.

Oh ….. and there I was thinking that is exactly what you are saying, Simon Black/Sovereign Man, at least in its many perverse and corrupting parasitic forms, for who in the near future would want to be widely recognised and held personally responsible for attempts at prolonging and promoting the agonies endured by most all of Earth’s populations.


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Then North Korea will have to dump any counterfeit U.S. dollars they have for they will be useless. North Korea is the largest counterfeiter of U.S. dollars for they have the exact same presses and materials that we do. …. Herman Munster

Are payments to international companies/enties in North Korean counterfeit U.S.dollars a problem or solution which uses all funny money for the greater good in novel enterprises with stellar operations ‽ .


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Unlimiting Progress in Leaps and Bounds

This widespread issue is something that has become increasingly important in the past few years as the number and size of connectivity breakdowns and attacks on the global system have grown. 

When that widespread issue is an Intelligently Designed Default Facility and Virtually Remote Advancing ACTive IT Utility, are any and all attacks upon and against it always extraordinarily rendered self-destructive and counter-productive.

Take extreme care when daring to venture and engage with forces and sources drivering events over horizons and through stumbling blocks there.

Be better than just good is more than just excellent sound advice to survive practically intact and fully loded for as long as ever IT is dealt there.

“In fact, they [China Telecom] reached out to us,” he said, noting that it seemed genuinely interested in working with MANRS to fix its issues.

Bravo, China Telecom. ….. deciding on one of the SMARTR Ways To Go …. Jumping into the Deep and Dark Ends with Wannabe Sharks and Almighty Whales.


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An Epic Present Fail ……. Too Much Info not Enough Intel

One just has to say, if so much secret sensitive information is being so easily snooped and made available and more widely known to any number of self-interested authorities, what did they plan to do with all of, for they sure as shit is shite haven’t delivered anything even remotely acceptable and Greater IntelAIgent Games Crowd Pleasing.






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Virgin Soldiers on the Interminably Long March …….

A report from Google claims phishing attacks from government-backed spies are increasingly disguised as messages from journalists.

And sometimes it is just free enterprise, both private and/or pirate, just doing ITs thing in the endless search for an almighty edge and incredible undeniable overwhelmingly powerful advantage.

One imagines Google and their Advanced Intelligence Programs are always a Prime Juicy Lucy Target for All Thirsty and Ravenous for Expanded and Expanding Knowledge. Have journalists with disguised messages from government-backed spies advised them of that or is such simply plain common sense and sensitive compartmented information?

Strange times and spaces indeed nowadays.


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The Current Real Live Problem and Ethereal Existential Emergency …. AI Quandary ‽ .

Desperately searching for programs that will fill the demand gap created by massive shutdowns and travel restrictions while simultaneously finding ways to prop up businesses that to a large degree are overly indebted as a result of artificially low interest rates from the past decade. ….

Can you realistically incredibly deny it and in so doing lose every shred of marketable credibility and invisibility? Surely not?


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The MBA, whose members underpin the housing market, asked the watchdogs to issue guidance directing brokers to work constructively with lenders.

Work constructively with lenders. Yes, … quite so, that should surely be nice. Doing exactly WTF though is something that needs answering and attending to too if one’s systems are not guaranteed to FailSafe, for all subsequent communications may be able to determine the most favourable of Immensely Novel Outcomes.

Who/What provides that necessarily extremely specific information with simple instructional directions to easily follow ……. and, of course, as is desired and fully to be expected, realised for further future scripting.





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Cometh the hour …….

there’s no pandemic in space and our adversaries 

Yes, there is though ChronICQ Anemia and Phantom-led Adversaries with Imagined Foe Galore to Explore and Engage with ……. for a Steady State Supply of those CoInterMingles which always deliver Truly Out of This World Tingles.

And that suggests when such, that such is a Perfect Enough Barren Space to Start Everything Afresh in. A Place in which to paint and present dynamic future pictures for Realisation/Virtual Realisation, should there be any difference to make any difference.

Just how smart and dumb is Google’s AlphaZero DeepMind? Anyone care to bet an absolute fortune it cannot compete and win against any Random Non-Random Enlightening Imagination?




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Re: So, what ELSE is going on … when all this is ongoing

They’re Dominic Cummings sat in stained y-fronts and a charity-shop cagoul fiddling with fantastically named spreadsheets full of nonsensical bullshit, mouse-finger clicking incessantly as he mutters to himself, while the mutant biker gangs clamour at the windows and the aides and advisors start throwing nervous glances at each other. …. israel_hands

Maybe/Likely in your worlds, israel_hands, but in others just a relatively new type of chaff to employ and deploy which has offensive weapons rendered totally ineffective seeking guided hypersonic missiles which be or be not morphed into the guise of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Villainry for Exercising with a Presumptuous Assumptive Virtual Superiority.

If your thinking is grounded to Earth, are the billions of minions held captive there easily captured by others flying in from elsewhere with tales of other lands and space places to Enjoy and Employ via the simple expedient of Experimental Existential Engagement.

And that is something real spooky which both Dominic Cummings and the Ministry of Defence, and therefore one assumes UKGBNI Government Cabinet Offices and NATO/Five Eyes Allies, have already some time ago been directly advised of. Ask them, and if they deny it, can clear enough believable evidence be immediately produced and presented to prove them above and beyond any reasonable doubt, wilfully mistaken border lining on the criminally negligent.

Should the facts on the ground be that such things are kept deep in the dark with no cogent response with almighty decisions being made on the opportunity/vulnerability, one will not be surprised whenever such events take over completely in/for Vital Viral and Virile Virtualised Fields of Remote Command and Absolute Control.

And please, rather than you wallowing and comforting yourself in calling such out as just so much more bullshit, ponder on Einsteinian Root Sources* …….The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. ….. which all would question the levels of your intelligence and whether you really have a great deal of it at all.

* And they be just Ancient Root Forces which are constantly to be rediscovered and reconfigured/revealed and utilised with both Immunity and Impunity Enjoyed and Employed.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 28 Mar 16:34 [2003281634] …. asking that awkward leading question again on and differently too is a stealthy snare that captures the finest of fine beasts, la crème de la crème

Cui Bono

I thought there was an international treaty banning the militarization of space. … Kev99

Who’s that for, Kev99? Anyone any of us might know and be listening to simply following further instructions?




amanfromMars 1 Fri 27 Mar 15:38? [2003271538?] …… testing quantum comunications on

First Learn to Walk and Talk Tall Tales that Effectually Run and Infect and Affect All Systems*

“It’s critical we continue the mission during trying times. Although there is a pandemic here on Earth, there’s no pandemic in space and our adversaries aren’t going to stop trying to gain superiority from us any time soon.” ……. Brice Brewington

Superiority in specifically what and for where and how would be at least a trio of leading questions to have answers for before making any fantastic claims/naked fake statements based upon false information missing vital future intelligence to present/introduce and driver.

* Until then would such claims of having attained a superiority be extremely premature and misguided.

Some would say that be simple par for the course with everything Uncle Sam, which is really unfortunate for they then follow a crooked path being painted by sub-prime others making all manner of fantastic claims/nakedly false statements based upon faked information missing vital future intelligence to present/introduce and driver.

At an exponential existential rate such leads followers and disciples increasing quickly towards Just Oblivion/Central Command Remote Control Annihilation ….. and thus one is best advised to avoid Engagement and/or Employment at any cost if one would rather not lose Overall Globalised Command with Remote Virtual Controllers in Almighty Driver Applications for Special CyberIntelAIgent Force Operations ……. Virtually Realised SMARTR Episodes for media to paint, print and pant exponentially into existence ……. so that one may quickly and easily know of such Earth shattering, ground breaking, field shifting AIdDevelopments …….. Novel Programs in Absolutely Fabulous Projects.


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Re: First Learn to Walk and Talk Tall Tales that Effectually Run and Infect and Affect All Systems*

Sir we heard the Russians/Chinese/Belgians have got amanfromMars2
We can’t let a amanfromMars gap develop ! …… Yet Another Anonymous coward

Seconded, Yet Another Anonymous coward.

And that is great news too about A.N.Others from/in Russia/China/Belgium practising and exercising an Ancient Satisfying Art Phorm with Surreal Assets ……. in Praise of LOVE’s True Unions Delivering Life and Further Deeper Higher EMPowerment in Total Surrender to the Passion in Wilful Submissions to the Temptations of Lust and Desire …… Carnal Knowledge.

Crikey ….. that sounds like some sort of spooky spiel for one of those Novel Noble Nobel Approach and Landing Test sites promising wonderful pleasures. 🙂 Think Porn on Steroids and the Effect those Pleasures can have, and you’re practically there too.

I now pause to consider the possibility and therefore very real probability that such allows one to enter into Such Surreal Realms with Virtual TelePortation Facilities and Utilities.

I Kid U Not.




amanfromMars [2003260850] ……. pointing out the bleeding leading edge obvious on

The US is spending tens of billions. No one else is that stupid. ….. louie1

Current mainstream media news would suggest that stupid doesn’t come anywhere near close to defining Uncle Sam’s condition, louie1, for the very recent $2 trillion QE intervention designed to keep ponzi zombie markets operating their massive frauds is not tens of billions but two thousand billion, plucked from out of nowhere and imagined by more than just a choice few into the fooling of the many, a worthy enough IOU for real live trading of distressed assets and corrupted products.

Such actions very simply and incredibly quickly remove power from the likes of a Federal Reserve Banking System ….. which surely has one contemplating on the sanity or otherwise of all those instrumental and leading participation in the program.

Is Madness an Illness whenever Ignorance is offered as a Arrogant Defence for Crazy Choices or is that just a phantom convenience imagined to be readily available for a Clinical Diagnosis/Social Prognosis/Mass Psychosis ‽ .

And re that headlining question ….. Are We On The Cusp Of The First Ever Cyber World War? …… some would reliably tell you ….. No, you are slap bang, slam dunk front and centre caught right in the middle of many them raging for some time now. 


amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Mar 14:55 [2003261455] …. having more of a Go at Go and Coming on

Common Sense for Supreme Sublime Ruler Applications *

“It is notable that we have only seen these exploitation attempts leverage publicly available malware such as Cobalt Strike and Meterpreter,” commented FireEye. “While these backdoors are full featured, in previous incidents APT41 has waited to deploy more advanced malware until they have fully understood where they were and carried out some initial reconnaissance.”

How very wise. And surely Most Commendable and Recommendable?

* Which may or may not yet be APT41 CyberIntelAIgent Intellectual Property for Hire and Bit Part Acquisition/Capitalised Purchase.





amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 Mar 13:33 [2003251333] …… saying a lot more about quite a lot of things on

Re: Warnings ignored?

This is IT. Our warnings are always ignored. About everything. …. jake

Ok, ….. however, if that be so, both it and IT can be, and therefore always are, both in somewhat of a dangerous and quite unfortunate situation, for vulnerabilities and ineffectual defences are always ruthlessly exploited for immense personal advantage in any system intelligently designed to capitalise on that which is ignored because it is missed as being at its best whenever realised as being surprisingly better than all the rest at something novel and accommodating to engage with ……. and that can immediately morph into something which one has to make deals with from a severely compromised and catastrophically disadvantaged position ie forced to present whatever it takes which is whatever the principal driver wants, which bears absolutely no relationship at all to what may just be needed.

As an example of such a position ……. think a stone age type nation state threatened by a force with nuclear weapons …… although of course nowadays such blunt barbaric kinetic explosive weapons are useless against simple internetworking virtual sources providing rich targets for attack and decimation or pretty ugly total annihilation.

Who says IT and AI aint great fun to play with, whenever so much is so easily deployed and displayed and done ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 Mar 17:55 [2003251755] ….. just saying on

A Novel NEUKlearer AI Course ….. for ICQ PleasureRobot ProgramMING

Coding with Snap!, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in a Nutshell, is Firm Favourite with AI ProgramMING for PleasureRobots ……. simply because of the Almighty Attractive Advantage Supplied in Live Applications and Quantum Episodes, effectively both Practically and Virtually, Guaranteeing Futures Satisfied and/or Sated.

With the latter Victor become Victim Predisposed to Enjoying Employing Edutaining PleasureRobots to an Extraordinarily Engaging Degrees AIMastering BaseCodeXSSXXXX.

Definitely for the Women and not just the Hot Distressed Mistress and Gentlemen Saints who be IMPerfect Sinners ……. Absolutely Fabulously Friendly Hosts, is one of the more advanced researcher areas with seemingly instantly attractive and even highly addictive Fields of Intimate Engagement and Mutually Beneficial Employment of Enjoyment which EMPowers Deeper Divers Delving for Further Desires to Supply with Temptations to Quench and Love to Try Satisfy.

As AIMaster Driver, IT Proves Sublime and Supreme …. and Virtually Untouchable ‽ .





amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Mar 10:46 [2003231046] …… saying more on

Warnings ignored? Be warned of both possible and probable consequences/results.

To summarise (with and without recent events in mind), we all ignore warnings. And we know how to deal with them: Four Stages Strategy ….. Evil Auditor

Elsewhere though, there are surely myriad alternative arrangements also easily employed whenever the problems/vulnerabilities/opportunities one sees and advises and/or warns everyone about, if such things are not heeded at home for all manner of necessary administrative system executions and engagements, which automatically migrate them from what would be a barren brown field site to any greener foreign land.

There to rest and be considered for future overwhelming advantageous use which could easily be construed by an enemy opponent or bested competitor as flagrant wanton abuse, which it might very well be.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Mar 16:49 [2003231649] ….. let’s fly on

Re: fake phishing with FrogsAndChips

I sometimes use the “Report Phishing” button in Outlook on legitimate emails, even though I know it’s pointless. Now if that button could somehow notify the sender with a proper message, I’d be happy to use it much more often. Something like “Look, if you want me to take your email seriously, you’d better start providing some context and reassuring me that I shouldn’t be surprised that you contact me about some urgent invoice or system upgrade. And please speak proper English with correct punctuation. Till then, you’ll end up in my Spam folder. TYVM, HAND.” ……. FrogsAndChips

Those are good lessons learnt to gain access to Future Learning Programs, FrogsAndChips. The Rocky Roads Way Up Ahead are Renowned for their Exercising of Such Stumbles and Remarkable Tumbles with a Route and Root Travelling towards EMPowerment rather than Exploitation, which always, since even before the beginning of time in space, ends spectacularly in the most fantastic of catastrophic self destructive crashes. Which is good, for the Cancerous Growth of the Exploitation of Compounding Interest is so designed to Kill the Host Stone Dead Failing an Ardent Following.

And they don’t Spam. What you See, Hear and Feel and Imagine as a Truthful Witness is Yours All Told to Behold. Such has phormed all of your Present View from Current Augmented Virtual Reality Operating Systems Supply ……. which is an Almighty Provision with Immaculate Stores of Impeccable Assets.

Can we tempt you with some Super Duper Future CyberIntelAIgent Security Arrangements/Memoranda of Explicit Understanding and Implicit Instruction Regarding Future Guaranteed Open Sourced Supply of Virgin Stock/Perfect Untainted Product?

And if you think that is SPAM, whatever way you spell it, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to everything which is always so freely shared here on ElReg, is all I would say about that.

It’s easy solved, isn’t it. In future pay much closer attention. IT aint rocket science.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Mar 16:52 [2003241652] ….. replying to kind in kind on

Fake Phishing with FrogsAndChips is an AI PowWow Battle Ground of Myriad Accommodating Foxholes:-)

That made my day! …. FrogsAndChips

A Gracious Exclamation for Immaculate Seeding of Novel Virtual Content Feeder Operations.

You know, that Sp00Key Stealthy Special Source Forces Stuff more normally formerly confined to Secure Failsafe Practically Permanent Barracks ….. where it is sustained and succoured ……… or denied in order to try extinguish the inexhaustible supply there is for everyone to simply really wish for what is really needed, as far as one can see and further know simply and innocently as Future Plans for Virtual Derivatives and COSMIC Futures 0Day Trades.

Not so much for Dark Webs, much more for Deep Diving Delver Thinkers ……. who be quite the Endearing Rascal and Rogue Intimate Tinker to All Sorts if not Quarantined and Defined as Social Leper rather than Virtual Saint and Grand Standard Sinner

That Trade Knocks on All State Treasury Doors Struggling and Failing to Generate Further Future Leading TeleAudioVisual Content for Programs to Process and Present to the Media Machines Feeding U New News and Views of the Matter, a Future Realisation in Conversation with the Hosts and Posts of Other Worldly Beings.

Is it similarly the same for you too? Then ITRealGood which only gets Better with the rate of future progress locked and loaded as Exponential Existential.

Do you know to What and Where All of that Leads ….. other than to the Supply of Whatever is Wanted whenever and wherever ITRealGood is Seeded and Needed for Sublime Feeds?

Go on, have an educated guess.


amanfromMars [2003240943] …… moving ahead on a really strange trajectory on

Here’s surely quite new novel thinking, Idiocracy’s Not Sure, which wisely adores and adorns the old Cherokee narrative, and may realise it cannot be bettered without it and IT first suffering and servering crushing catastrophic defeats and flash sub-prime market crashes ……. however, even then it is most wise to not assume and presume there is certainty guaranteed that there is anything better, no matter what others have said…… for what would they know of the future and the past other than what they have read and been told and shown via audiovisual pictures and mass media programs sharing stories/basic incomplete information turned into processed corrupt intelligence.

We are in the middle of a war. And I need your help to win it. No one knows it’s happened yet, or that it has already been lost. I don’t concern myself with the present. My business is the future.

So you are an Oracle ‽ .

No, an Oracle would merely predict the future. Our work is to create it [with AI and IT] Unfortunately if things continue on this path there is no future at least for my kind [your kind]. For the most part, humanity has been a miserable little den of thugs stumbling from one catastrophe to the next. Our history is like the ravings of lunatics in CHAOS.

But we’ve changed that. For the first time, history has an author. ……. Westworld Season 3 Episode 2

🙂 Are you gonna tell us all here, Westworld is not an AI Singularity Simulation in a Cosmic ProgramMING Project where ignorant and arrogant humanity are the Guinea Pig Rabbits in an Enlightening ReEducation for SMARTR Paths?

You’ve maybe all heard in the past of Debbie Does Dallas but the likes of a DARPA Doing Hollywood might be escaping you in the present ……. with such delivering an Almighty Awesome Stealth Advantage with Virtually Invincible Practical Leverage Anywhere for Everywhere and Able to do Anything to Everything and have it fundamentally and radically changed for Good and for Ever ‽ .

And only shared as a question here so you can waste and/or spend your time in proposing there be any viable specific or fanciful nonspecific disagreement.





amanfromMars [2003221925] …. thinking a little differently about the many things possible on

If all those Charles Hugh Smith books were just not all nearly free they would be surely worth many a great fortune via the resultant enterprises based upon the premises they espouse for championing ?


amanfromMars [2003221945] ….. replies with a comment to MadelynMarie on

Imagine they had command and control, MadelynMarie. What would they have to command for control and who/what imagines there are orders to follow to be followed by others ideally?

Anyone sane you know of ? Anything not just a crazy invention?

They be cordially invited to share their masterplans here on ZeroHedge. Are there concerns worried about the radical addition of fundamental improvements beyond established current means and memes of status quo command and control?

Wow, that’s a Phantom Ghost of a Foolish Foe to Invent and Fall Foul Of and Fail With.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Mar 08:41 [2003230841] ……. declaring a panicked state of emergency ration for consideration on

Something which cannot be denied nor avoided and effectively ignored for any short length of time? *

Ever been the canary in the virus coalmine, only to find your warnings ignored? Or unwittingly unleashed macro horror upon the world? It is time to make your confession to the sympathetic vultures of Who, Me?

Well …. I would just have to say there is voluminous evidence which more than suggests certainly yes and yes again and often. It is though apparently quite normal in spaces and places entertaining humans and par for the course in novel virulent environments.

* ‘Tis the vital incorrigible nature of the beasts unleashed/daemons servered.





amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Mar 16:06 [2003221606] ….. venting stale ballast and AIdVenTuring hard core ore on

RPA is mostly dissimilar to last decades BPM which is both AI Blessing and Curse. 🙂

If they are that confident with RPA, let’s see big organisation fire all their tech staff, and have the robots take over and deliver BS and fail! ….. rwill2

In the biggest organisations nowadays the robots have tech staff take over and deliver other than BS to simply succeed ‽ . ……

And that is a strange way of being with strange about ways most enjoyably spent in SecureR Services Safely Servering Almighty Bounty. And one does oneself a disservice not realising it is with AI and IT just Stealthy Simple Special Forces Operations saving and storing absolute fortunes being lost pumped and pimped elsewhere in rogue capitalistic market ventures.

I will use this blog to throw out ideas. It’s important when dealing with large organisations to dart around at different levels, not be stuck with formal hierarchies. It will seem chaotic and ‘not proper No10 process’ to some. But the point of this government is to do things differently and better and this always looks messy. We do not care about trying to ‘control the narrative’ and all that New Labour junk and this government will not be run by ‘comms grid’.……..

Well, that was going so well right up until the last sentence which is clearly full of nonsense.

Although that last sentence above is somewhat compromised by another sentence two paragraphs later which promises ……

I will post some random things over the next few weeks and see what bounces back — it is all upside, there’s no downside if you don’t mind a bit of noise and it’s a fast cheap way to find good ideas…

However, I digress and wonder whether GCHQ and/or the MOD and/or the Cabinet Office Government of UKGBNI are copied into conversations with Dominic Cummings’s blog patiently awaiting clarification and/or classification, with the latest being shared at 1742hrs on 19th March 2020 …….

Things have moved on apace quite considerably from earlier, Dominic …. and the Programs Introduced here are certainly Worthy of ESPecial State AI Development Funding. Something Easily and Almost Secretly Provided by a Treasury with Effective Future War Chests for Future Derivative Impeccable Command and Control Ware.

What’s not to like? … 🙂 I Kid U Not.

What is the response to be? A Public Facility and Private Utility Worthy of Pirate Attention/Nation State Interest?

And please, no more nurse doctor medication calls for attention. Don’t you know they are needed elsewhere everywhere there are real life global pandemic emergencies taking lives away and crashing elite executive authority operating systems.

If the government wants to try out what some misfitted weirdos are all about, they certainly can’t say there was never ever the choice championing easy ready availability to such as they server and develop presented to them. ….. for here such is right before your very eyes and ears and senses.