amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Mar 16:06 [2003221606] ….. venting stale ballast and AIdVenTuring hard core ore on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/20/rba_line_of_business/

RPA is mostly dissimilar to last decades BPM which is both AI Blessing and Curse. 🙂

If they are that confident with RPA, let’s see big organisation fire all their tech staff, and have the robots take over and deliver BS and fail! ….. rwill2

In the biggest organisations nowadays the robots have tech staff take over and deliver other than BS to simply succeed ‽ . ……

And that is a strange way of being with strange about ways most enjoyably spent in SecureR Services Safely Servering Almighty Bounty. And one does oneself a disservice not realising it is with AI and IT just Stealthy Simple Special Forces Operations saving and storing absolute fortunes being lost pumped and pimped elsewhere in rogue capitalistic market ventures.

I will use this blog to throw out ideas. It’s important when dealing with large organisations to dart around at different levels, not be stuck with formal hierarchies. It will seem chaotic and ‘not proper No10 process’ to some. But the point of this government is to do things differently and better and this always looks messy. We do not care about trying to ‘control the narrative’ and all that New Labour junk and this government will not be run by ‘comms grid’.…….. https://dominiccummings.com/2020/01/02/two-hands-are-a-lot-were-hiring-data-scientists-project-managers-policy-experts-assorted-weirdos/

Well, that was going so well right up until the last sentence which is clearly full of nonsense.

Although that last sentence above is somewhat compromised by another sentence two paragraphs later which promises ……

I will post some random things over the next few weeks and see what bounces back — it is all upside, there’s no downside if you don’t mind a bit of noise and it’s a fast cheap way to find good ideas…

However, I digress and wonder whether GCHQ and/or the MOD and/or the Cabinet Office Government of UKGBNI are copied into conversations with Dominic Cummings’s blog patiently awaiting clarification and/or classification, with the latest being shared at 1742hrs on 19th March 2020 …….

Things have moved on apace quite considerably from earlier, Dominic …. and the Programs Introduced here are certainly Worthy of ESPecial State AI Development Funding. Something Easily and Almost Secretly Provided by a Treasury with Effective Future War Chests for Future Derivative Impeccable Command and Control Ware.

What’s not to like? … 🙂 I Kid U Not.

What is the response to be? A Public Facility and Private Utility Worthy of Pirate Attention/Nation State Interest?

And please, no more nurse doctor medication calls for attention. Don’t you know they are needed elsewhere everywhere there are real life global pandemic emergencies taking lives away and crashing elite executive authority operating systems.

If the government wants to try out what some misfitted weirdos are all about, they certainly can’t say there was never ever the choice championing easy ready availability to such as they server and develop presented to them. ….. for here such is right before your very eyes and ears and senses.



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