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amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Mar 09:28 [2403010928] ……. asks on

Computers say Yes,….. Resistance is Futile and Puerile and Self-Destructive

The models will field questions and freedom of information requests from MPs, according to the Financial Times.

Is that to say the models [securely-hosted instances of ChatGPT and other open-source LLM models, whatever they may be imagined and eventually exercised to be] will provide MPs with the answers to questions and freedom of information requests fielded to MPs to simply repeat/parrot to the public?

Yes, well, now there’s a definite novelty and quite radical fundamental change ….. and not just because of the fact that such questions and freedom of information requests will actually be answered rather than clearly so obviously being avoided as is the usual pathetic self-defeating default deployed by its human counterparts whenever asked for transparency and further clarification on dark and sensitive matters of great private and public interest/importance/consequence.

Bravo! Vive la révolution. One Small Step for AIMachines, One Giant Quantum Communications Leap for ManKind. 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules 🙂