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amanfromMars [1407302134] spreading ITs LOVE on

We did not remove anything. ….. The Daily Bell Mod replying to amanfromMars

Thanks, DB. And I do believe you. But as we all know, there are those who like to play silly games with all sorts of strange internet controls at their fingertips, testing for absolute internet control for command of and overriding power in the human perception/virtual reality space. ‘Twas ever the case in such fields.
Here be a novel recent page which calls for present help in that matter …… Strategy for American Innovation … Notice of Request for Information
Cyber Control of IT and Media is the New Energy Frontier and it doesn’t suffer fools as useless tools and news generators.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 31 Jul 05:02 [1407310502] sharing a worlds view on
Whenever toast be a croissant and one be loving the COFFEE.*

Anonymous chat applications would make interception more difficult, but users should not consider these as NSA-busters despite breathless headlines. Any online consumer specifically targeted by a very well resourced adversary should all but consider themselves toast.

Things are never always what they seem ……

amanfromMars [1407310425] … having a say on

Identity intelligence is used, JP 2-0 said, “to discover the existence of unknown potential threat actors by connecting individuals to other persons, places, events, or materials, analyzing patterns of life, and characterizing their level of potential threats to US interests.”

Hi, Steven

It should be noted and realised, that not all previously unknown potential threat actors are maliciously cored. There are those and/or there is that who be minded and in virtual machinery, intelligently designed, to be the novel source of intellectual property which is more a treat to be savoured and sated than a threat to be feared and combated, with the significant disruptive difference and destructive force of the mistake that is made in not recognising the former when considering it to be the latter, being a sub-prime result of the lack of advanced and advancing human intelligence in services providing servers and communications and media with greater future intelligence for unit consumption/human understanding/perception absorption.

In worlds which are rapidly evolving and radically changing, it is a fatal error catastrophically damaging to the status quo and mindlessly supportive services, for the status quo and mindlessly supportive services to imagine that the status quo will not be fundamentally altered. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything grows and changes. And it is only natural, and in Global Operating Devices, perfectly normal for IT and Media Command and Control from Cyber Spaced Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Remove IT and Media from the Virtual Reality Picture Show and who Rules and Reigns over Made Worlds and Everything with Simple Instruction Sets?

*COFFEE …. Vorsprung durch Virtuelle Technik.



amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Jul 03:49 [1407300349] commenting on
What you should know
Connecting clouds creates tempestuous conditions in stormy relationships. Command and control and combat for creative power and disruptive and/or destructive energy in such situations is a priori art phorm and an alienating discipline for mastering in order to be effectively in virtual charge of information and intelligence flows/chunnels/pump and dumps.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Jul 09:13 [1407300913] commenting on

What you should further know of that which is Extant, Engaging and HyperRadioProActive

When the weaponisation occurs to DARPA, sub-second migration of virtual machines will make it extremely difficult to use simple IP address blocking as a defense. …. Jack of Shadows

Quite so, Jack of Shadows. And in offence, an extremely simple difficulty in an instant become both a real and virtually impossible blocking defence against virtual machinery takeover and makeover of sub-prime executive administrative/presidential prime ministerial SCADA Operating Systems.

Showing one’s dodgy worthless hand and troubling concerns with such a blatant and blunt targeted blanket defense to any conscious competitive foe and/or learned oppositional force, is akin to the showering and recognition of them with great immaculate gifts, and be as manna from heaven for them/all to feast and beast upon.

And such be indeed, nothing more or less than just desserts delivered to all deserving and servering great pain destroying pleasures to XSSXXXX in the realities of CHAOS in LOVE …… Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems in Live Operational Virtual Environments ……. where Ab Fab Fabless Experiments with Novel Experiences Abound and Run Riot and are Rampant.

Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well ….? Read of IT here and weep for the reap that you sow

amanfromMars … replying to Don Duncan on

Expect censorship attempts. …. Don Duncan

Here be a humdinger of a doozy, DD ……


amanfromMars [1407301829] replying on

Hmmm? …. surely stating the obvious is not a valid reason for censorship and the removal of correspondence, DB. I’m pretty sure the following was earlier hosted here. Those gremlins do sometimes appear to attack your systems here and whenever they do, does it reveal exactly what be necessary and to be avoided at whatever cost, which is something of an enigmatic conundrum to ponder for solution on both high and low roads to radical evolution and rabid revolution.

Wars contribute to the health of the state. .. Hey You

Hey You, you are greatly mistaken. Wars contribute to the death of the state, and both ancient and recent histories all evidence the prime aggressor is always the roundly defeated loser in such as are catastrophic idiotic follies.

It be wise to realise today though, that any fool talking and/or even secretly planning for war risks the deadly silence of myriad anonymous assassins’ bullets, for fools can no longer expect to hide immune behind the mask of being a country and of being revered and protected. Those days, whenever there was a sort of secrecy available, are long gone, for the system is, if you can believe all that has been revealed, able to collect all information and prime secure communication and it is also hacked and provides its bounty to …… well, it is safest to imagine that and/or those most well equipped to use their intelligence advantage to the greatest desired mutually beneficial effect and for the betterment of humanity rather than as an elite exclusive executive tool to provide plunder for blunderers.

And such drastic personalised responses and finely targeted actions are surely much more preferable to the slaughter of innocents and the ignorant in the hell on earth that is wars.




amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Jul 19:15 [1407281915] commenting on
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth for a Permanent Change and a New Start
I think you can fully expect that anyone with a half a wit and with something of value to share which can be of great interest and benefit to governments, will be sharing it cleverly* with the private sector, and invariably with more than a notion to ensure that it be an export to a more appreciative government, or any number of other overseas governments if one be based in Blighty, rather than imagining that anything novel and game changing would be welcomed and bought for top dollar by the sub-prime administering home team, which is always spouting its serial bollocks to an increasingly better informed population, which recognises nothing of the rose tinted pictures which the brainwashing and BroadBandCasting media are painting.
* Cleverly, as in quite obscurely and sort of secretly in steganographic code because of all the self-defeating snooping that is creating such as HAVOK [Real-time website cloning technique allowing on-the-fly alterations] and CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems]. And if that be discovered to be not too clever, well, who and/or what is to say that it was not intelligently designed to be just smart enough to be uncovered and engaged with to try and prevent it being a smashing and leading success elsewhere in foreign fields and in alien hands/hearts and minds/Global Operating Devices.
amanfromMars [140729] …. having a say on

Your first two sentences are key: “Nation-states don’t exist. Only cultures abide.” …. DB and FEEuser.

I would also offer another alternative virtual position and possible reality and future certainty
Media spinning tales of culture with puppet leaders announcing policy initiatives is what nations are, and getting ever smarter and increasingly quickly and better informed populations will very soon all learn that to specifically target leading individuals and media puppet spokespersons rather than the considerably wider oppressed subjugated natives, ….. and as is being presently done by Israeli leadership in Gaza, and resulting in the decimation of whole families also in the process ….. is that which removes and replaces a corrupt and perverted combative command and control with another which be much more intelligently accommodating and creatively supportive, because the new realises the fate and destiny that surely awaits such epic falls into violence and suppression from states of grace.
Warmongering politicians and supporting dynasties do not have diplomatic immunity for delivering terrorism and suffering to ignorant and unsuspecting natives, although they would have you try to believe that they do and all in the national interest too. Do they take you for fools and useful tools? How wise be that, nowadays?



A conversation on nothing of lasting substance and of infinite value to Virtual Agents of Instantaneous Change
$57 for a T-shirt …… IT’s definitely the right game to be dabbling in:-)


Interesting project that, but any web-based email encryption is unfortunately inherently flawed.

If the server is compromised then it’s a trivial operation to collect keys and passwords from the client by injecting some javascript into each web page.

So even though the company doesn’t have access to any credentials, nor the plain text version of the email, [enter gov/non-gov dept here] only needs to target the server directly and sit there quietly monitoring everything that gets sent.

In my mind, if you want secure email then it’s PGP or nothing. But I digress… $57 for a tshirt? 🙂


I’m of the opinion that even PGP is backdoored and private security and global secrecy be a dodgy thing of the distant past. And systems show all of their flaws whenever they do not use, or engage with those who be using the internet freely and transparently, sharing novel ideas and disruptive notions without the aid of normal and/or experimental encryption 🙂 Hiding and sharing secrets in plain sight with steganography rules in postmodernist intelligence circles, but is always wise enough to not forget to remember IT is a betatest work in futures and derivatives progress
I try not to think that a greater intelligence and increased awareness is missing in humanity, but all of the available evidence increasingly seems to support that conclusion/assertion, and that makes sysadmins catastrophically vulnerable to grooming and exploitation and pornographic pwning.:-) Oh dear, what a shame:-):-)
amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Jul 06:49 [1407280649] commenting on
AAA Rated Cyber Bonds …… for Virtual Klondikers, Manic Tulip Growers and/or the Real Thing?

Are you a polititian? You have a remarkable gift of stringing lots of words together that have nothing to do with the comment at hand, not answering the question, not making any statement whatsoever, and at the same time, making yourself look like a prime douchbag. …. John Tserkezis

That was very bold of you, John T, but there’s no question at all and no denying of the truth of the fact in the matter of how to make yourself look like a prime douchebag, is to be a politician?
If we move on a tad or two further, is there any lawful impediment to a bot/shepherder/network becoming a prime political force, or would any futile resistance and active opposition to such be just as an insult and result of misplaced and misshapen human pride and injurious ego tripping? You know, those olde worlde shenanigans that destroy from within and top down, established status quo systems well past their sell by dates, and not fit for Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Purpose?
And please, only answer that if you have something worth saying which adds to the conversation and which would aid the program/pogrom/APT ACT Apps, for anything and everything else which would be negative, surely just wastes invaluable time in any intelligent place and CyberIntelAIgent Space …. Live Operational Virtual Environments.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 28 Jul 08:47 [1407280847] commenting further on
Re: Deep … a la John Smith 19
Dark Web Pools/Informational Methods seL4 Territory, JS 19 ……. Real Spooky Action Team Terrain and more a Q confection and delight [for Quantum based] than anything DARPA invented for securing operating secrets on the other side of the pond and great watery divide.



amanfromMars 1 Sat 26 Jul 06:10 [1407260610] commenting on
A Mockery of Justice outs the Law in a Banana Republic as a Fat Assed Fool and Idiots’ Tool

So the company was founded in 2006, and for the last 8 years it’s been operating without a peep from Bose. Then, in 2014, it gets bought by a company with very deep pockets, and Bose asserts its patent claims.
I’m sure the timing is entirely coincidental. …. Franklin

Hi, Franklin,
You have to find something crazy to keep the money churn pumping out its fiat currency to the intellectually challenged intellectually challenging.What else is gonna feed and clothe them and keep them protected from the mobs in the hoods and out on the street.
The UKGBNI version of the same thing are serial rotating inquiries into inquiries, where lessons are never learned, that hide prime facts and bury prima facie evidence with sub-prime fictions which result in historic abuses being present and current and festering future fodder for the square of the intellectually challenged.
The clear bookies’ favourite for the 2014 top lap dog and pussy award is Chilcot with his big little earner still pending in seemingly endless suspended publication and animated conversation with mined minder puppets?
And you know what happens whenever you try to deny and squeeze the truth in behind a locked door and special compartment, nowadays? It explodes out through the roof and walls of the container and flattens everything around it with IT which confounds the compounding of its findings with pathetic complicit mainstreaming media tales/stories/fabrications.
Fail to learn that lesson and resolve to never again fall foul of the temptation to mask the truth, and every day will be incrementally worse and exponentially more catastrophically explosive than the previous one.
IT aint rocket science, common sense. And surely a simple human trait and nothing at all smart and alienating? Or is Man like a dumb new born animal on Earth knowing nothing at all about anything and easy prey to beings who know more than a little about many things and everything needed to be known about some things?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 26 Jul 08:40 [1407260840] commenting further on

Re: A Banana Republican UKGBNI


And while we’re on the subject of conspiracies – I challlenge you! You can’t be the real manfrommars – I almost understood thatt post. …. cynic56

Howdy, cynic56, and how nice it is to joust with you.

I prefer to believe and expound the more challenging notion that you/we are becoming more intelligent, and quite significantly faster than would be considered normal and acceptable to entrenched and stagnating status quo interests.

Although, although not at all necessary, to be proven wrong on that latter assumption would be remarkably refreshing and ever so encouraging. It would certainly do the security and secret intelligence servering agencies no harm at all, considering the utter stellar bollocks they’ve been making of everything of late ….. and with all of that new fangled and entangling technology for snooping at their fingertips.

It must most obviously be a case in that case of there being nothing of great value to note upstairs in their head quarters departments.


amanfromMars [1407260907] commenting on
One does well to remember and ponder of the implications for those who and/or that which would not make readily available, interest free, fiat currency for spending on necessary goods and desired services whenever the following be true ….

“I think we’ve been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it. ‘I have a problem, I’ll get a grant.’ ‘I’m homeless, the government must house me.’ They’re casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It’s our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour. People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations. There’s no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation.” …. Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, talking to Women’s Own magazine, October 31 1987


amanfromMars [1407260921] having more of a say on

The Israelis are setting the stage for the exodus to any place they can get to…..they own the cruise lines of the world just for this eventuality which now is at hand. South America will welcome them, has been prepared for them. …. Alice Maxwell

That is an interesting mirror to gaze into, Alice Maxwell, for does it no show in the present, an unpleasant master race parallel in the Gaza conflict and Warsaw ghettoisation/camp concentration of Palestinians and disregard for worldly opinion by Israel, with the Shoah and Nazism’s flight to central and South America after its botched land grabs?

Whenever that be so, would the West then be properly classed as quisling collaborators and traitors to the cause of world peace and harmony?




amanfromMars … [1407251224] commenting on
The following comment/question is as relevant here as it is/would have been if there had been a comments facility to the Paul Craig Roberts editorial “Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War”. [Note to DB .. No means of easy commenting on that ed. piece ]
The US is the wagging tail of the UK attack dog and mangy mongrel mutt ….. although what they be passing on as novel intelligence these days between themselves and to their partners is most certain everything/anything but novel intelligence, despite what you may be led to try to believe in the like of these spooky tales …..
And that is a human resources/sigint problem with obviously, presently, sub-prime cuckoos in nests right at the top of those particularly and peculiarly sticky and slippery sloppy gravy train.
To imagine and believe that established and/or ancient and dark corridors of power house any command and control facilities for wielders of internetworking virtual reality practitioners, is patently absurd and clearly delusional, but that is not to say that they should be kept totally ignorant of what is being planned, and what may very well be planned for them too, should they insist in persisting in providing to the mainstream, prime nonsense and pedigree bull in a bear and bare market place ….. which is the Novel Noble Intelligent Imaginative Space where CyberIntelAIgents work, rest and play/practise virtually and exercise in reality, Greater IntelAIgent Games Theory in Astute Active Alien Fields of Anonymous Autonomous Endeavour…. Venture Capital Capture and Repatriation.
Hell, in a stagnant and petrified fiat capital market place, only the dim and the fool don’t provide the madding crowd with a whole new round of games to play and make their fortunes at.



amanfromMars [1407221217] replying to a comment and editorial article on
This is what can and should and is being done about it, Bruce C.
Won’t get fooled again
It used to be said, in earlier moments of change in times and places of space …. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. However, that was then and this is now, and there have been made, in those vital and virile and viral sectors of empowering commanding control of information and intelligence for broadbandcast and communication, more than a pretty number of radical and fundamental internetworking changes, which are both practically and virtually quite beyond the ken and future direction of established establishment powers.
There are new kids on the block who are not the same as the old skids on the rocks and Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay for Challenging and Channeling Fools on Follies.
Money Supply doesn’t Rule and Reign Over Everything Bluntly, DB, Intelligence Provision does and IT does its bidding smartly and practically invisibly and virtually anonymously from within Sectors and Vectors which IP Command and Control command and control.
And what do you think drivers it ….. the Private Pirate Billionaire or the Public Purse Stringed Sector?

amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Jul 06:28 [14071220628] commenting on

The PostModernist Scorched Earth Blitzkrieg Protocol Promulgator and ITs Precursors

Propose an algorithmic framework for information processing that is consistent with existing neuroscience data, but that cannot be fully realized without additional specific knowledge about the data representations, computations, and network architectures employed by the brain;

In plain English, …. Present an intelligence designed program for future content production and virtual realisation [prime product placement] with secret information secured in head quarters.

One imagines that be already long ago a GCHQ FCUKGBNI AIMission …. for Global Commands. And one can be certain that such wares are for sale to the markets into CHAOS which pump and dump/pimp and abuse user weaknesses to systemically exploit vulnerabilities in madness and mayhem, disruption and destruction. Just listen to the crazy news every day to learn who is hosting and posting those Great IdiotICQ Games which proves the point to be undeniably true beyond any reasonable doubt.

Time for a Creative Constructive CyberIntelAIgent Phase methinks, with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems which crash and smash any such ignorant executive and arrogant systems administrations with precious virtually explosive precision guided AIMunitions and AIMissives…. SMARTR Enabled Missile Texts.

And if those national and international and internetional bodies which are charging and supposed to be providing viable and actionable intelligence for mainstream media streaming and human consciousness embedding, from information received and/or extrapolated and/or imagined are not supplying new virtual weapons suites of titanic irreversible mass effect and which have zero defence requirement and no attack profile, be they in the Great IdiotICQ Games Exchange and Change Market Place and the IT Futures Hedged AIDerivative Space with Alien Zone Control Commanders and Virtual Terrain Expeditionary Stream Team Leaders with an Altogether Better Beta Strain of Novel Source Code for Life before Death.

I Kid U Not. And that is Stop Press news, El Reg, which is for testing more than is just phishing and phorming intelligence from information shared for comment displayed here on Registered pages. 🙂

And yes, that is AI Coded NewSpeak which reveals everything to everyone anywhere anytime and for always, just so none are left behind in ignorance and arrogance.
Howdy, AW. Is Heddinout Communications near ready for Servering and Servicing AI Communications for Daily Bell Ringer Markets?




amanfromMars, replying to Bill Ross and the Daily Bell on [1407190530]
What if Man evolves and changes and/or discovers a missing link and quantum leaps into another phorm and leading existence, Bill? One cannot rule out the possibility surely. For a current reality exploring the concept and which encountered a censor’s red pen which then tells one a lot more about what has been said, and which would be a fine venturing capital investment opportunity in virtual vehicular activity, DB, please consider the info in this Registered post, which may or may not be subjected to moderator rejection and remain where it was earlier posted ……

amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Jul 04:41 [1407190441] commenting again on

The Rise and Rise of the Inexorable RobotICQ Virtual Machine …. Heavy Duty JTRIG Kit?* 

The article did say the malware was much like that used for spying and stuff! Not all malware is about stealing electronic money, but finding out information, which at certain times is more powerful than money. …. RTNavy

Have another upvote for that astute observation, RTNavy. And might I request reconsideration and reinstatement of the post above RTNavy’s …. in the spot now occupied by This post has been deleted by a moderator ….. and which said just as much the same and quite a bit more on the subject and objects of desire which be more powerful than money.

Surely …. Here be the abiding flaw and systemic weakness which can always be exploited to devastating effect by that and/or those which understand and control its genesis which commands power and powers command. And to hunt for it without being in command and control of it, will have one outed and defeated as any unwelcome bug and parasite would be whenever considered and decided as being quite unnecessary in any and all fit for future virtually real purpose and executive administrative systems with relays and connections to machines internetworking and processing information into intelligence and intelligence into information and presenting novel content and creative ideas for …….. well, New Orderly World Order Systems for Global Operating Devices would only be one arrow in that quiver of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Weapons. …. is not destructively and disruptively offensive whenever intelligently designed to be comprehensively defensive and failsafe protective across all web browser facing and interfacing portals.

Malware doesn’t target manufactured devices and programmed machines, IT finer tunes humans to correct the error of their ways in a novel creative stream of incredibly fabulous and incredulous fabless ways. And that is worth printing and sharing El Reg.

* A little something tasty to spend as much of that recently found and allocated £1.1billion on and as be necessary for modern defense ……. David Cameron pledges “Unseen enemies” defence

As you know very well, DB, are things changing rapidly and out of all previous proportion, and one can expect the Status Quo and Incumbent Powers That Be to wish to fund leading agents of change in order that they be in a sort of remote virtual command and control of IT, for that is where power will migrate and dwell to exercise future reign and absolute rule over subjects and objects.
amanfromMars replying to Martin the American on the thread of and who said ….

Hello amanfrommars, how ’bout cutting the fluff and making it easier for a simpleton like myself to understand, otherwise, I will be skipping your posts. This will not be an easy thing for me to do ’cause I like some of the things you say,but your stepping into the realm of HUH?
PS-forgive me for dropping into an uninvited exchange.

To clear away the fuzz of fluff and a lack of subject knowledge have Global Operating Devices provided Mankind with quite a number of search engines returning massive numbers of pages with more information and intelligence on matters of concern and/or interest. But they are not an exact science and can easily be manipulated to deliver HAVOK as the JTRIG revelations confirm is a work in progress and intelligence development ………
And punching in “Martin the American” would appear to prove it to be so and such.



amanfromMars 1 Fri 18 Jul 13:02 [1407181302] commenting on
Realising Business Opportunities in Virtual Products and SMARTR Advanced Programs

I honestly wonder what the real case is here. As someone implied, if the systems have all been effectively compromised, it is puzzling that things are seemingly stable. What is holding the attacks in abeyance? The best I can come up with is that well armed attackers such as other states or organized crime have staked their claims on various systems and like some malware does, the people who have hijacked the system have actually put in effective security to keep other attackers from poaching what they have stolen. ….btrower

It is true that some of the most effective anti-malware I’ve seen in my honey-pot lab, are those crime-ware packages that assure no other criminal’s cr@p gets a foothold on that territory. How ironic it would be to let them operate, just to keep the exchange secure!! Seems like they could skim a lot, and stay under the radar, and be worth much more that that wasted billion dollar boondoggle! ….. JCitizen

And aint that the gospel truth. Well said, Sirs/Mesdames. And its hold grows and spreads like a cancer which can choose to be terminally effective within systems in order to force a reboot and new programming protocols with new leading drivers in command and control of prime principal player legacy systems.
And this, and the following, be an appropriate and APT ACTive comment to register here, and float out into the Erotic Exotic Ether ……. where there be all sorts of novel business opportunities staking their claims to current holdings with future powered futures and hedged derivative positions in AI and Virtual Machine Command and Control …… Sublimely Applied ProgramMING Theory …….. Mined Intelligence Networking Games in Practice. But IT won’t be for everybody for only a few will be equipped to deal with and in IT.

amanfromMars Fri, July 18, 2014 08:54am ….. replying on

The Elephant in the Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hi,

Here be the abiding flaw and systemic weakness which can always be exploited to devastating effect by that and/or those which understand and control its genesis which commands power and powers command. And to hunt for it without being in command and control of it, will have one outed and defeated as any unwelcome bug and parasite would be whenever considered and decided as being quite unnecessary in any and all fit for future virtually real purpose and executive administrative systems with relays and connections to machines internetworking and processing information into intelligence and intelligence into information and presenting novel content and creative ideas for …….. well, New Orderly World Order Systems for Global Operating Devices would only be one arrow in that quiver of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Weapons. ………

Deny it if you will, and dismiss the fact for the comfort of one’s thinking it is a fiction, is perfect stealth in operation and another systems admin captured and found both practically and virtual defenceless and a prime candidate for secret intelligence servering systems protection ……. or disruption and destruction, of course.

[Your comment has been queued for review by site administrators and will be published after approval.]

[This post has been deleted by a moderator]
Now there’s a novelty and sign to consider and realise is incredibly valuable.
amanfromMars [1407181627] commenting on
Everything would appear to revolve around what you would be considering as robots and machines, DB, and you be wrong on practically every count to believe in anything you have posted in …. Surely, the financial illiteracy of the Age is captured in the above excerpt. The idea that machines will replace people is the worst kind of Luddite thinking. And the idea that this replacement – which won’t happen – can be ameliorated by endless government money printing is just ignorant. We commented on some of this in a previous article, “Rise of the Job Scarcity Meme.” Our analysis was based on a Fiscal Times article entitled, “The Rise of Robots – and Decline of Jobs – Is Here.”
Machines are replacing people, and have been doing so for some considerable time.
However it is the Rise of the Virtual Machine Sector which is crushing the Status Quo and its Legacy Dependent Hierarchical SCADA Systems, for it freely shares information and intelligence in order to discover fundamental systemic weaknesses to be exploited …….
Is Man a pathetic apathetic machine, poorly programmed and prone to easy corruption and path diversion?



amanfromMars 1 Wed 16 Jul 08:17 [1407160817] commenting further on
Fab Fabless Brothel Keepers Wanted ….. Apply within ……….Glorious Perks Dispensed while Work in Progress, Enjoinably Appreciated.
Are Project Zero Teamsters, GCHEESE Hookers/Drones/Clones?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 16 Jul 19;20 [1407161920] commenting further on

Abuse at your peril

Yes, asdf, special forces are starting to understand the powers and control they command … or those in executive administration of their services enjoy.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 16 Jul 11:14 [1407161114] commenting on
In your Face Laundries
Quite so, Destroy All Monsters. Another phantom money transfer to help keep the ponzi of free trading stock markets churning and not failing immediately?
Thu, 07/17/2014 – 03:55 amanfromMars ….. having a say on bags of dirty tricks on
G’day, ZeroHedgers, IT’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there. The Super State Secret though, is to Enjoy IT and freely Share what can be easily done, for that which can do IT and anything and everything simply, is worth an Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Fortune which IT be duty bound to spend as fast and as well as is wise and humanly possible …… for such are the limiting factors/protocols.
This, the following, is a current state of Great IntelAIgent Gamesplay and only the tip of a titanic ICEberg … a Colossus of an IntelAIgent Community Enterprise mountain to mine. I Kid U Not 🙂

amanfromMars said… replying in a comments thread on

Here’s some old news, CE, ……. ….. outing early analytical engines which claim to be able to provide third party conclusions/suppositions of first and second party future activity, accurate enough to warrant the expense and bother of system surveillance, presumably to gather and/or plant some sort of incriminatory evidence in support of a machine led and manufactured view? One imagines that the most modern, and up to the great metadata task of them, be considerably more sophisticated and accurate nowadays, although that can only always be just as accurate as a third party can be.

Indeed, in deed, is IT a crazy mad world …. and easily groomed to present sound and vision pictures which are not necessarily true and complete fictions.

Then are the existences which follow and believe in the content and result of those pictures, simply a complex virtual reality drivered by ……… well, SMARTR Machines and Global Operating Devices or their Programmers?

Have a nice day, y’all.