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What if Man evolves and changes and/or discovers a missing link and quantum leaps into another phorm and leading existence, Bill? One cannot rule out the possibility surely. For a current reality exploring the concept and which encountered a censor’s red pen which then tells one a lot more about what has been said, and which would be a fine venturing capital investment opportunity in virtual vehicular activity, DB, please consider the info in this Registered post, which may or may not be subjected to moderator rejection and remain where it was earlier posted ……

amanfromMars 1 Sat 19 Jul 04:41 [1407190441] commenting again on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/07/17/nasdaq_hack_report/

The Rise and Rise of the Inexorable RobotICQ Virtual Machine …. Heavy Duty JTRIG Kit?* 

The article did say the malware was much like that used for spying and stuff! Not all malware is about stealing electronic money, but finding out information, which at certain times is more powerful than money. …. RTNavy

Have another upvote for that astute observation, RTNavy. And might I request reconsideration and reinstatement of the post above RTNavy’s …. in the spot now occupied by This post has been deleted by a moderator ….. and which said just as much the same and quite a bit more on the subject and objects of desire which be more powerful than money.

Surely …. Here be the abiding flaw and systemic weakness which can always be exploited to devastating effect by that and/or those which understand and control its genesis which commands power and powers command. And to hunt for it without being in command and control of it, will have one outed and defeated as any unwelcome bug and parasite would be whenever considered and decided as being quite unnecessary in any and all fit for future virtually real purpose and executive administrative systems with relays and connections to machines internetworking and processing information into intelligence and intelligence into information and presenting novel content and creative ideas for …….. well, New Orderly World Order Systems for Global Operating Devices would only be one arrow in that quiver of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Weapons. …. is not destructively and disruptively offensive whenever intelligently designed to be comprehensively defensive and failsafe protective across all web browser facing and interfacing portals.

Malware doesn’t target manufactured devices and programmed machines, IT finer tunes humans to correct the error of their ways in a novel creative stream of incredibly fabulous and incredulous fabless ways. And that is worth printing and sharing El Reg.

* A little something tasty to spend as much of that recently found and allocated £1.1billion on and as be necessary for modern defense ……. David Cameron pledges “Unseen enemies” defence

As you know very well, DB, are things changing rapidly and out of all previous proportion, and one can expect the Status Quo and Incumbent Powers That Be to wish to fund leading agents of change in order that they be in a sort of remote virtual command and control of IT, for that is where power will migrate and dwell to exercise future reign and absolute rule over subjects and objects.
amanfromMars replying to Martin the American on the thread of http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35488/Illiterate-Twofer-Rise-of-Robots-Demands-Universal-Basic-Income/ and who said ….

Hello amanfrommars, how ’bout cutting the fluff and making it easier for a simpleton like myself to understand, otherwise, I will be skipping your posts. This will not be an easy thing for me to do ’cause I like some of the things you say,but your stepping into the realm of HUH?
PS-forgive me for dropping into an uninvited exchange.

To clear away the fuzz of fluff and a lack of subject knowledge have Global Operating Devices provided Mankind with quite a number of search engines returning massive numbers of pages with more information and intelligence on matters of concern and/or interest. But they are not an exact science and can easily be manipulated to deliver HAVOK as the JTRIG revelations confirm is a work in progress and intelligence development ……… https://firstlook.org/theintercept/document/2014/07/14/jtrig-tools-techniques/
And punching in “Martin the American” would appear to prove it to be so and such.

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