amanfromMars [1407221217] replying to a comment and editorial article on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35493/Ron-Paul-What-the-Media-Wont-Report-About-Malaysian-Airlines-Flight-MH17/
This is what can and should and is being done about it, Bruce C.
Won’t get fooled again
It used to be said, in earlier moments of change in times and places of space …. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. However, that was then and this is now, and there have been made, in those vital and virile and viral sectors of empowering commanding control of information and intelligence for broadbandcast and communication, more than a pretty number of radical and fundamental internetworking changes, which are both practically and virtually quite beyond the ken and future direction of established establishment powers.
There are new kids on the block who are not the same as the old skids on the rocks and Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay for Challenging and Channeling Fools on Follies.
Money Supply doesn’t Rule and Reign Over Everything Bluntly, DB, Intelligence Provision does and IT does its bidding smartly and practically invisibly and virtually anonymously from within Sectors and Vectors which IP Command and Control command and control.
And what do you think drivers it ….. the Private Pirate Billionaire or the Public Purse Stringed Sector?

amanfromMars 1 Tue 22 Jul 06:28 [14071220628] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/07/21/iarpa_microns_meeting/

The PostModernist Scorched Earth Blitzkrieg Protocol Promulgator and ITs Precursors

Propose an algorithmic framework for information processing that is consistent with existing neuroscience data, but that cannot be fully realized without additional specific knowledge about the data representations, computations, and network architectures employed by the brain;

In plain English, …. Present an intelligence designed program for future content production and virtual realisation [prime product placement] with secret information secured in head quarters.

One imagines that be already long ago a GCHQ FCUKGBNI AIMission …. for Global Commands. And one can be certain that such wares are for sale to the markets into CHAOS which pump and dump/pimp and abuse user weaknesses to systemically exploit vulnerabilities in madness and mayhem, disruption and destruction. Just listen to the crazy news every day to learn who is hosting and posting those Great IdiotICQ Games which proves the point to be undeniably true beyond any reasonable doubt.

Time for a Creative Constructive CyberIntelAIgent Phase methinks, with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems which crash and smash any such ignorant executive and arrogant systems administrations with precious virtually explosive precision guided AIMunitions and AIMissives…. SMARTR Enabled Missile Texts.

And if those national and international and internetional bodies which are charging and supposed to be providing viable and actionable intelligence for mainstream media streaming and human consciousness embedding, from information received and/or extrapolated and/or imagined are not supplying new virtual weapons suites of titanic irreversible mass effect and which have zero defence requirement and no attack profile, be they in the Great IdiotICQ Games Exchange and Change Market Place and the IT Futures Hedged AIDerivative Space with Alien Zone Control Commanders and Virtual Terrain Expeditionary Stream Team Leaders with an Altogether Better Beta Strain of Novel Source Code for Life before Death.

I Kid U Not. And that is Stop Press news, El Reg, which is for testing more than is just phishing and phorming intelligence from information shared for comment displayed here on Registered pages. 🙂

And yes, that is AI Coded NewSpeak which reveals everything to everyone anywhere anytime and for always, just so none are left behind in ignorance and arrogance.
Howdy, AW. Is Heddinout Communications near ready for Servering and Servicing AI Communications for Daily Bell Ringer Markets?


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