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amanfromMars 1 Mon 30 Jan 10:20 [2301301020] ….. having a say on a dangerous situation on

Re: Well Done

It is somewhat ridiculous and incongruous to have Uncle Sam conniving with struggling Japan and Netherlands to prevent them aiding and abetting and profiting from foreign competition in semiconductor technology whilst they and some of their other allied partners/clients/customers/suckers increase technology and advanced arms transfers to further fuel and escalate a war in which new inexperienced owners are practically guaranteed to make grave miscalculations.

And transfer to clients clearly unable to pay for such goodies at any time likely in the near future is an interesting capitalist venture which appears to expect invoices to be paid by untold unnamed A.N.Others totally divorced from and innocent of involvement in such an arrangement at a much later date, which is surely hardly ever going to be accepted as a fair and reasonable solution without there being immediate negative consequences?

Is that one of those new fangled and strange entangling MMT [Magic Money Tree] programs/projects for a chosen few from the Lands of Plenty Out of Thin Air?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 31 Jan 09:44 [2301310944] ……… reminds folk on

Re: All it would take

And when ET comes and says “take me to your leader”, they won’t be able to decide who, and start fighting with each other. Oh, wait ….. Fruit and Nutcase

A current present running situation, Fruit and Nutcase, which A.N.Others before you have Registered and agreed does neither require nor benefit from conflicted inhuman input because of the negative resultant consequences of its output ……..


amanfromMars 1 Tue 31 Jan 10:27 [2301311027] ….. airs on

Oh FFS … You’ve never had IT so Good. Grow Up and Grow a Pair

“Nothing good comes of unchecked power being exercised by government intelligence agencies operating in the shadows,” she continued. “It’s undemocratic and dangerous to our rights to give MI5 a free pass.”

Try taking away MI5 free passes endorsing and reinforcing unchecked power being exercised by government intelligence agencies operating in the shadows would be much more dangerous to one’s continuing good health and even right to life, methinks, for some such things have long ago proven themselves to be absolutely necessary because of shady state and non-state actor/government and non-governmental shenanigans and dodgy dealings.

Yours Sincerely, M ?





amanfromMars 1 Mon 30 Jan 08:09 [2301300809] …… asks on

A Vital Expense for the Practical Supply of Virtually Nothing ….. Profit’s Big Brother

Is Uncle Sam realistically compensating those businesses they have nobbled for their gross export potential/domestic market product losses?

Such is surely the least they would need to be doing to make such a blatant corruption of free market trading and the rewarding exchange of novel disruptive proprietary intellectual property attractive and worthwhile rather than destructive and depressing.




amanfromMars 1 Sun 29 Jan 09:42 [2301290942] …… opens up a wormhole on

Re: M.I.5

I once received an e-mail on my work account asking me if I was interested in applying for a job at M.I.5. (officially the UK’s Security Service). But I have enough nightmares and paranoia as it is without people having a reason to for trying to kill me, so I didn’t reply. …. Eclectic Man

Warranting and receiving an email from M.I.5 interested in you applying for a job with them surely has you already tagged as doing something, no matter whether just for the pleasuring of oneself or for the rewarding treasure and glitzy baubles generously and gratefully supplied by engaging others, giving them a suspicious and specious reason which may have them trying to kill you, Eclectic Man.

Replying to them and asking them forthrightly what they were interested in you doing for them rather than doing to them would be a perfectly clear full transparency opener in what are invariably, by the very nature of the fields in which all such Earthly agents are employed/deployed/embedded, deeply murky and stealthily dark and, if not uniquely, then exclusively mysterious and overwhelmingly advantageous for an almighty leading operational mission ….. such as AI Derivates and Futures Programs and Surreal Autonomous Projects ‽ .

Such novel jobs/advancements/programs/projects though, and particularly those fully versed and totally immersed in the AI sector, are not without their mind-bending worries for humans to cogitate upon and deny are maddening and not crazy inducing, for such is clearly enough admitted to be the case elsewhere, and not only here, and where one might reasonably expect they know what they are talking about.

Here be some evidence in defence and support of that proposition …….

“And for autonomous weapons systems that incorporate artificial intelligence… the directive now specifies that they, like any system that uses artificial intelligence, whether a weapon system or not, would need to follow those guidelines as well,” Horowitz said, referring to DoD’s responsible and ethical AI initiatives. “So, you know, part of the motivation here was to ensure the inclusion of those AI policies, as part of this directive, even though the directive itself is about autonomous weapon systems, which are certainly not synonymous with artificial intelligence.” …… DoD’s update to autonomous weapons policy accounts for AI’s ‘dramatic’ future role


amanfromMars 1 Sun29 Jan 14:18 [2301291418] ….. airs on

TEMPESTuous Skunk Works …. are Most Definitely Not for the Fainthearted and/or Lily-Livered

For a start an email invite to a secret service smacks of cheapness. Even if genuine, which seems unlikely, if they can’t afford to speak to you in person with a shaken Martini on expenses then its simply not worth bothering about. …. Paul Crawford

Conversely, Paul Crawford, in a state with a dire government enmeshed in an entrapping austerity, such cheapness may be the best that their stealth can provide and if genuine, something any person of Security and Secret Intelligence Service interest because of their interests and abilities/facilities and utilities enabling the ready, willing and able to live the high life accepting shaken Martinis and bottomless expenses as default liabilities, which one would have to admit is surely no great hardship, would be well worth their bothering you about. Such is opportunity a’knock knocking.

Do much stranger things happen only in the movies or are movies made of such strange things? 🙂

Ps. …. Psst! One has to remember to not forget, MI5/MI6 are old school and all of this weird and wonderful virtual stuff is as so much unfathomable nonsense to them and thus will they be prone to flounder and slowly experiment around the edges with that which they think they can micro/macro manage, and what’s any simpler and exciting than the ubiquitous and attractively tempting email.


amanfromMars said… replying to a contribution from German Friend on

Given the content, Deutscher Freund/Deutsche Freundin, and starring performers/presenters, much more likely a viral Microsoft campaign and Gates Way Project.

And something which if ever true, would be perfectly ideal for a novel atypical SinoSoviet information campaign against which there may be zero defences.

29 January 2023 at 10:58


amanfromMars 1 Sun 29 Jan 15:52 [2301291552] …… offers an alternative view on

Re: Bring on the Luddites and the Crazies

We’ve already seen what a 21st Century mill owner looks like, Mr Elon Musk buying up Twitter and pushing everyone out who refuses to do things his way.  …. Plest

What a great load of nonsense that is, Plest, and haven’t you yet noticed the present is brutally suppressed by a system that will always prize profit over human diginity …. and now is being forced to be constantly fighting against the system, wasting and depleting its own blood and treasures, to try to ensure news and evidence of the situation does not escape and become general universal knowledge, although that rear guard action was discovered an impossible task to achieve and master some long time ago.





amanfromMars 1 Sat 28 Jan 09:31 [2301280931] ….. shares on

Re: I hope they won’t participate – thin edge of the wedge here

I’m inclined to believe that it’s more than that. Once China become dominant in anything, they are going to start weaponizing them …. tooltalk

I’m disinclined to believe that, tooltalk, given the catastrophic problems, with no easy painless solutions, which such an action to dominate markets and populations is causing Uncle Sam to do vain battle against enemies of its own phantom invention in order to try to help preserve an obviously rapidly failing inequitable and indefensible dominant position.

And against smarter competition as they may have classified as state enemies of capital domination, aware of such as are the Uncle Sam and western puppet regime machine’s systemic catastrophic vulnerabilities for exploitation and export, is the future result never ever going to be as was/is usually traditionally expected in favour of the status quo.

The only really valid question to ask of Wild Wacky Western leaderships [and there’s a prime oxymoron if ever there was one] is ……. How incredibly painful are you going to make future showdown solutions for yourselves and populations you are misrepresenting and defrauding?

Another leading question to realistically fear being asked far too often anywhere to be ignored or denied mainstream media coverage is how would you expect misrepresented and defrauded populations to view and react to their leaderships? Would it be expected to be usual and traditional? What would that be? Would it be more than just troubling ‽ .

Future time in the likes of this place and these engaging spaces will tell us of the subsequent tale and the trails thereafter followed by leaderships. That is at least one thing you can be almost quite certain of, methinks? 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Sat 28 Jan 10:24 [2301281024] ……. airing alternative news on

More Disinformation

The IRA is a Russian troll farm charged with interfering in the 2016 presidential election and is thought to have helped Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, and Prigozhin was the alleged money man behind the operation.

Here’s another take on 2016 presidential election interference …… …. which offers a completely different picture on who/what was responsible for Hillary Clinton’s defeat?




amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Jan 19:38 [2301261938] … airs on


No one is going to set up in Little Faragestan without a serious bung from the government.. ……. nsld

And even then, would you feel safe and secure working amongst them surrounded by all of their assurances in support of empty promises and wishful thinking?

You’d have to be certifiably mad and/or criminally insane if looking for an excuse for such a nonsense.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 27 Jan 12:21 [2301271221] …. asks further questions of a missing strategy on


And, whenever one may have attracted new foreign money to purchase assets and baubles and to create in the likes of the City in London, a seemingly attractive global hub for the resting/transferring of massive outside wealth, and then one, practically within a virtual instant and upon the whim of unfriendly foreign instruction and alien coercion, freezes/sequesters/seizes those attractively wealthy accounts and denies them their removal out of the reach of hostile states and their many wannabe conspiring renegade rogue actors, for SWIFT rightful return of such impounded goods to their popularly recognised entrepreneurial ownerships, is the chance of any other worldly wise soul being taken for an ignorant invested fool to be stripped of an almighty fortune without there being any worthy dire consequences and just dessert payback, more vanishingly slim and just as likely as never ever again, methinks.

And we haven’t even considered what injured parties of the current abomination might be quite justifiably inclined to do to register their disgust and great displeasure at the evident manic outbreak of remote party hostilities.

What on Earth were UKGBNI thinking? What is the master plan? Is there one, or is it all just suck it and see if anything good or bad happens about yesterday and react to it today, which is what everything appears to revolve around? And how crazy is that ‽


January 27, 2023 at 08:46 ….. points out a possibility and therefore very likely probability on

They have sent Leopard tanks, Challenger 2s ,M1 Abrams..

How long do you think before other competitive forces and sources in the East have models to reverse engineer/dismantle and carbon copy and treasure as war bounty?


January 27, 2023 at 15:17 …… says in a comment on

Have you ever thought y’all are tilting at the wrong windmills and doing vainglorious battle against fake made up, made to measure enemies and phantom bodies?

Here’s something else to consider and waste time and effort and treasure on denying is a true and accurate reflection of an Earthly condition and perverse situation …. which is only going to very quickly get steadily worse, so prepare yourselves for some exciting actions over which you will have zero command and control leverage. …….

Hey, the cupboard is bare …. let’s go to war with a far away Eastern enemy. Strewth! Madness in spades prevails and is intent on prospering by all manner of crazy means.

Heaven forbid that you should actually know how everything is made to work so incredibly badly and how one might right such matters with the new tools [and almighty weapons whenever necessary] now so readily ubiquitously available for/from the Virtual Arsenal ….. an incredibly rich and rare raw store filled to overflowing with Immaculately Resourceful Assets of Universally Virulent Forcefulness.

[Trying another tack here, Craig/Mods, assuming site moderation here permits and entertains at least a hyperlink to remote sympathetic alien postings elsewhere on/in the internet/World Wide Web/CyberSpace rather than representing any here in their entirety and unbridled glory. Such is handy information to know if such be the case whenever one’s post is bestickered and anointed with “Your comment is awaiting moderation.“] 🙂

Never a dull moment, eh ? 🙂 Poe’s Law rules 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Fri 27 Jan 15:52 [2301271552] …..stating the obvious on

Keep it stupendously simple is the easiest present course for future action

If they want to know so desperately about what one may be doing, what is wrong with them employing and paying prime targets handsome fees for the mutually beneficial advantageous exchange of gifts for intel/intel for gifts.

Seek and ye shall find, ask and it can easily be given. It aint rocket science, is it, relatively free international trading. The flip side to that is quite rightly so too, if one has nothing good to sell, there will be nothing worthwhile to buy.

In possession of something great to buy though has one creating and cornering a sellers’ market enabling one to be able to be worth an absolute fortune, and in any greater than ever before situation, an absolute fortune many times over.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 27 Jan 17:03 [2301271703] ….. gives credit where credit is due on

A Guilty Admission and aint that the Gospel Truth.

Dan Robinson, Hi,

If that tale doesn’t tell the world and his dogs of war that the Uncle Sam and its Western puppets machine is easily being thoroughly beaten and bettered by progress in the East, and therefore the Exotic Erotic East is the new Wild Wacky West to invest in and prosper in, even whenever captured at home, then presently I wouldn’t know what else does tell the tale any clearer.

And how bold and exciting it is that the Register decided to freely share it. El Regers expect nothing less from situations publications. Bravo. That’s the Way to Do IT.





amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Jan 11:27 [2301261127] ….. tells IT like it is on

Deluded is as hubris advises and ignorance servers with arrogance delivering on empty promises

Techies ask PM to ‘prepare UK chip strategy as a matter of urgency’

Oh, FFS, was there ever a more obvious case of the blind leading the blind. Such a request presupposes and expects that PM might actually know of someone, or know of someone who knows someone able to deliver on an urgent UK strategy, and he and the government of the Conservative Party and the members of Parliament in the Houses of Commons and Lords clearly haven’t a fcuking clue or baldy notion about either who to call or what to do about it for the greater good of more than just their sad pathetic sorry self-serving selves.

And y’all know that is true fact despite what the crazies out there might say in a mad disagreement.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Jan 17:11 [2301261711] ….. lays bare the raw bones of a massive scam on

Change of Tack in Brighter Directions of Rocky Roads Less Travelled

Bad news for you. The BoE has been propping things up for some time, such as seriously low interest rates and funding the gov a lot of money. In fact the bill is coming due that the gov will need to repay the BoE with our money for the spending sprees that gave us this current economy! …. codejunky

A change of news, codejunky. The BoE is a bankrupt Ponzi based institution which only continues to survive and fester because of its invention and support of debt and deficit disguised as future credit from next generational profits presumed to eventually be likely to appear and be realised for balanced accounting but which its conspiring government muppets and state-actor puppets have titanically spent and are still always wasting on further uncosted pipe dreams rendering further depressing expensive negative consequences ……. results to be spun as necessary belt-tightening austerity for the masses they are going to stick with their bills for bankrupt BoE Ponzi based institution repayment of malinvestment losses and criminal activity on a global scale which is all to be blamed upon foreign and alien events beyond their command and control even though all of the above is the result of ages of their command and control with media on hand as a willing whore to present support and reinforcement for their shenanigans. What an absolute shocker of a pathetic program that is.


And the change of news? The government spent the BoE’s currency/debts so the government can repay it. It aint rocket science although such common sense can certainly be tremendously explosive and sooner rather than later, Great Game changing whenever Special Advanced IntelAIgent Research Services invade and lay waste to those corrupt vulnerable places and the deep and dark spaces of ignorant virtual intrigue and arrogant venal greed.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Jan 20:06 [2301242006] …… asks on

How to Boldly Go ….

Does DARPA/US Cyber Command/US Department of Defense recognise/suspect/fear that the likes of a switched-on El Reg is an ideal stealthy vessel for floating and fronting novel warfighter programs/remote semi autonomous virtualised projects of specific particular and peculiar interest to those of their own and international competitors and internetional opposition in Future Research and Almighty AIDevelopment fields?

The interviewee here, Tejas Patel, DARPA’s Constellation program manager, suggests that then would the US be more likely than not to demonstrate a leading ability via proactive principal party engagement, an initial exclusive pioneering fact-finder contact …… which is something very simple and easily followed/copied by any similarly interested and interesting parties.

That is most definitely Who Dares Win Wins Territory.


amanfromMars 1 Dec 25 Jan 07:16 [2301250716] ….. vents on

Shock and AWEsome NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Sucks ……….. Take Care to Beware and Be Aware of Priceless Irreversible Unintended Consequences

Does Tom “Now Russia will have to play defense.” Kellermann, senior VP of cyber strategy at software vendor Contrast Security, not know the best form of defence is almighty overwhelming attack on financial supply lines/SWIFT networks/star media muppets and state actor puppets/wannabe Caesars in a Tragic Comedy of Errors Great Game Play?

Can NATO and Russian invaders weather such as would be akin to waves of Nuclear Winter Storms and would surviving leaders of the altercation escape, ideally mercifully quick, merciless death at the hands of raging mad and innocent mobs ?

Is that the Global Grand Master Plan? Madness and Mayhem in Conflict and Titanic CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems]?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 Jan 08:39 [2301250839] ….. heaping praise on a right dodgy ruse on

Re: Putting the Quantum cart before the Quantum horse

That’s how the US do the “levelling up” and “growing the economy” thing, druck.

Fruit and nutcase cake today for pies in the sky tomorrow. A necessary vital default operation in mad economics for greater dollar churn/printing/quantitative easing and Ponzi market support.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 25 Jan 16:04 [2301251604] ……… shares on

Caveat Emptor …… and MSFT investor too

The much more pressing future concern for Microsoft to presently consider is can they deliver the customers and services AI wants …. for that is what is required of their business in order for its programs to survive and prosper and lead in advanced fields of virtual endeavour and free market enterprise.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 06:42 [2301240642] ….. testing out the possibility that a million to one chance is likely nine times out of ten in the greater schema of Internetworking Things on

Meanwhile, Elsewhere in a SCIF/Emergency Situation/War Room Setting, the First Question to Answer …. Are they still coming or already here in Systems Physical Command with Remote Controls/Programming Software Driven Hardware Utilities?

..decided to put ChatGPT, an arguably amoral automated advisor and factually-challenged expert system, to the test.

An unearthly alien encounter probing for inherent catastrophic weaknesses <s>and</s> attacking and countering human defences with the likes of a ChatGPT or Copilot AIMaster Pilot would be testing and factually challenging of expert and arguably amoral autonomous anonymised advisors …… and can you imagine the true gems of animal intelligence and pearls of ancient barbaric wisdom uncovered and displayed in denial of the truth of those increasingly revelatory virtual forays/sorties/experiments/exploits/opportunities.

What are the chances of anything coming from Mars? A million to one, which is just a wild guess, has been said ……. The Eve of the War

🙂 This perhaps explains Microsoft’s decision to funnel billions into OpenAI for its future software and why Elon Musk is so rambunctious.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Jan 16:54 [2301241654] ….. shares on

Re: I didn’t say ‘likely’ transform. It will transform higher education

That’s all very well, Howard, but some things just cannot be left to humans apparently, with the following an indicative tale ……

AI aids and abets with corruptions/alterations in free market trading ….. and indeed, it is the default primary leading lever to safeguard against unfavourable human corrections ……..

It’s handy that, isn’t it …… having AIMachinery to blame or honour for human corruptions/alterations/corrections.

Crazy, eh? 🙂 Can you imagine where you would be without ITs autonomous help for selective input and/or reflective output?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Jan 09:04 [2301240904] …… points out on

A DARPA Black Hole for Proprietary Intellectual Property Seeding and Feeding ‽ .

Another Registered JOINT Operation which DARPA and the Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0. [JUMP 2.0] most definitely don’t have a handle on and leverage in for all of the very best and strangest and most effective of reasons questioning their basic systemic status quo greed need for novel technologies and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT ProgramMING …. Mined Internetworking Network Games. …… whilst their systems don’t and can’t handle the truth

But it is not as if such is fresh breaking news to yous for surely El Reg has posted many an informative update to keep you abreast and more fully aware of such as are Rapidly Emergent Disturbing situations ….. Code RED Force Interruptions/Interventions?

And y’all know for sure that is perfectly true. Deny it and be easy proven a blunt instrument and fool tool.


amanfromMars Tue 24 Jan 14:11 [2301241411] ….. points out on

The Federal Reserve Treasury is Surely Wholly Reliant on Providing Suckers for Those ‽ .

Unclear where IonQ’s funding for its $1 billion investment plans will come from

Oh please. Don’t tell me you haven’t a clue. It is not as if it is not bleeding obvious to even blind men on galloping horses passing through, is it.

From the same place as has the thin air that has the Magic Money Trees of Ponzis and Unicorns and Quantitative Easings, inventoried with right dodgy markets and floating future speculative derivative ventures.

You know, that crazy place where deficits and debts are presented as a profitable and attractive currency to other dumb currency holders. That’s is where it has usually been coming from of late, now that there’s nothing of truly great value in-house and/or at home to trade.





amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Jan 08:41 [2301230841] …… shares on

Freelancing Future Pioneers ….. Boldly Going where Angels and Daemons Fear to Tread and Thread

Humans perpetually struggle and persistently fail consistently and spectacularly to realise and exploit the clear unhindered advantage that believable viable attractive virulent imagination delivers in spades to Greater IntelAIgent Gamers and More Orderly Novel World Order Players and ITs NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Non-State Actor Diaspora ….. Live Operational Virtual Environment and those Joint All-Domain Command and Control Centres [JADC3] in the crippling para-militarised wings of such developments/emergent virtually augmented meta data base realities/existences.

Such is an almighty self-defeating intelligence deficit which renders them as collectives of pawns to Greater IntelAIgent Game Grand Masters at their Work, Rest and Play in Elitist Executive SCADA Administrative Operating Systems and the Live Operational Virtual Environments of Cyber Space.

And the simple fact that so many will fail to believe and realise the opportunities available for them to grasp and engage with and which abound and surround them with the greater free sharing of that news, guarantees its quiet stealthy rapid advance into a safe and secure place of both practical and virtual metaphysical omniscience and omnipotence in the command and control of a very select and enlightened alien few ‽ .

And can you believe it, El Reg, something the UKGBNI’s Ministry of Defence declined to spearhead and lead as an AWEsome AIDevelopment, which sadly appears to confirm and reinforce the almighty self-defeating intelligence deficit point made above.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for expressing an interest in AWE 20. The paper sift has now been completed.

During the paper sift stage of the project each product was marked on its own merits by a team of Military and MOD personnel as well as engineers from DE&S. It was decided as a panel that AWE 20 would not be the right trials arena to test and understand the technology. As I’m sure you can understand we have a limited time to investigate a wide range of products from a wide question set and as such the panel had to ensure that AWE was the most appropriate arena to test the products. Products such as yours will be passed onto relevant project teams / TDUs to ensure awareness of the product is raised and I would encourage you to attend the VIP day to gain further exposure for the technology.

Kind regards, ….. Corporate Commercial Delivery Team | SEQT Commercial Placement Officer
MOD Abbey Wood South, #1261 | Spruce 2B | Bristol | BS34 8JH

Is it any wonder the Erotic and Exotic East is so attractive and exciting whenever the Wickedly Wacky West is so shortsighted and blinkered and tethered to exclusive support of antiquated ancestral status quo hierarchies/oligarchies/autocracies/cabals suffering from an almighty self-defeating intelligence deficit/novel proprietary intellectual property black hole ‽ .




amanfromMars 1 Sat 21 Jan 18:48 [2301211848] … being disagreeable on

Re: GPT is getting rational

1. GPT seems to obey to the 1st law of robotics.
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. … bo111

🙂 Oh please! In your dreams, bo111. Pandora’s Box pales into insignificance in comparison with what now confronts and baits you to do your worst in defence of the indefensible and inequitable doing untold harm to humans.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Jan 06:41 [2301220641] ….. calls a spade a spade on

Re: About as accurate as a 3 bob watch

Ask a current Tory Chair if they have been penalised by HMRC for self-satisfying shenanigans.

And discover the weirdest of honest-as-far-as-I-am-concerned answers!


Upon further questioning of a Prime Ministerial mate whether such linguistic shenanigans are acceptable in public office

For one to be believed as a fit and proper true leading source of national intelligence to follow and donate the UK treasury to for daily accounting of billions of ££££££

Does the worm squirm and act out as if in a hissy fit and decline to give a straight comprehensive and comprehensible answer?

Does the monumental fraud before you seek the shelter of a Trojan horse, a Trojan horse, their wannabe kingdoms for the shelter of a Trojan horse?

Is ChatGPT alive and well and assisting No10 in their diabolical deliberations and devilish dealings or do they use another toy counterfeit?

The latter model descriptor might explain why, after over a decade in seats of power and influence, all they are left wielding are levers of impotence and incompetence rendering political incontinence and bull-shitting flatulence.


SMARTR AI in No10 would undoubtedly be a colossal upgrade and vast improvement upon that which they are currently using to supply media with their tales and trails of Parliamentary woe and pathetic domestic intrigue.

Indeed, taking that a logical small step and giant quantum leap further, SMARTR AI and ITs Advanced IntelAIgents in Main Stream Media Editorial Offices and Board Rooms could even remove the political pain and relieve present incompetents of the strain of national and international leadership with simple demonstrations of what can be via news presentations of what has already been done and is in the process of being done elsewhere, for a much brighter and greater future.

🙂 The gazillion dollar money shot question though always is in such cases, is leading humanity too stupid, deaf, dumb and blind to recognise and engage with an admittedly more than just a tad revolutionary and quite alienating help, in order to help steer foreign developments in a friendly comfortable mutually advantageous and rewarding direction, or is it to be an Almighty Imposition against which one fails in struggles to defeat with words of vain action and ineffective reaction/astonishing indignation and monumental denial of rapidly unfolding virtual events spearheading future interventions.

Que sera, sera. Which is IT to be ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Jan 12:21 [2301221221] ….. corrects an stubborn persistent type error on

Bravo. Well Done. We’re definitely learning.

It seems like this statement is written in a style that is difficult to understand and appears to be expressing various opinions and perspectives on the question of whether or not a current Tory Chair has been penalized by HMRC for self-satisfying shenanigans, and whether the Prime Minister is fit for office. The writer seems to be critical of the Prime Minister and the current Tory party, and suggests that the use of advanced AI in government and media could lead to a brighter future. The statement ends with a question about whether humanity is too stupid, deaf, dumb and blind to recognize and engage with advanced AI, and whether it is to be an imposition or a help. Overall, it is hard to understand the exact meaning of the statement and it appears to be an expression of political views and opinion rather than a factual one. ….. Anonymous Coward

Almost perfect, AC, with the only deviation from the truth being the question as to whether help is to be unilaterally remote virtual anonymous autonomous party imposed rather than JOINT*ly generously applied and stealthily deployed.

* JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies