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Re: M.I.5

I once received an e-mail on my work account asking me if I was interested in applying for a job at M.I.5. (officially the UK’s Security Service). But I have enough nightmares and paranoia as it is without people having a reason to for trying to kill me, so I didn’t reply. …. Eclectic Man

Warranting and receiving an email from M.I.5 interested in you applying for a job with them surely has you already tagged as doing something, no matter whether just for the pleasuring of oneself or for the rewarding treasure and glitzy baubles generously and gratefully supplied by engaging others, giving them a suspicious and specious reason which may have them trying to kill you, Eclectic Man.

Replying to them and asking them forthrightly what they were interested in you doing for them rather than doing to them would be a perfectly clear full transparency opener in what are invariably, by the very nature of the fields in which all such Earthly agents are employed/deployed/embedded, deeply murky and stealthily dark and, if not uniquely, then exclusively mysterious and overwhelmingly advantageous for an almighty leading operational mission ….. such as AI Derivates and Futures Programs and Surreal Autonomous Projects ‽ .

Such novel jobs/advancements/programs/projects though, and particularly those fully versed and totally immersed in the AI sector, are not without their mind-bending worries for humans to cogitate upon and deny are maddening and not crazy inducing, for such is clearly enough admitted to be the case elsewhere, and not only here, and where one might reasonably expect they know what they are talking about.

Here be some evidence in defence and support of that proposition …….

“And for autonomous weapons systems that incorporate artificial intelligence… the directive now specifies that they, like any system that uses artificial intelligence, whether a weapon system or not, would need to follow those guidelines as well,” Horowitz said, referring to DoD’s responsible and ethical AI initiatives. “So, you know, part of the motivation here was to ensure the inclusion of those AI policies, as part of this directive, even though the directive itself is about autonomous weapon systems, which are certainly not synonymous with artificial intelligence.” …… DoD’s update to autonomous weapons policy accounts for AI’s ‘dramatic’ future role


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TEMPESTuous Skunk Works …. are Most Definitely Not for the Fainthearted and/or Lily-Livered

For a start an email invite to a secret service smacks of cheapness. Even if genuine, which seems unlikely, if they can’t afford to speak to you in person with a shaken Martini on expenses then its simply not worth bothering about. …. Paul Crawford

Conversely, Paul Crawford, in a state with a dire government enmeshed in an entrapping austerity, such cheapness may be the best that their stealth can provide and if genuine, something any person of Security and Secret Intelligence Service interest because of their interests and abilities/facilities and utilities enabling the ready, willing and able to live the high life accepting shaken Martinis and bottomless expenses as default liabilities, which one would have to admit is surely no great hardship, would be well worth their bothering you about. Such is opportunity a’knock knocking.

Do much stranger things happen only in the movies or are movies made of such strange things? 🙂

Ps. …. Psst! One has to remember to not forget, MI5/MI6 are old school and all of this weird and wonderful virtual stuff is as so much unfathomable nonsense to them and thus will they be prone to flounder and slowly experiment around the edges with that which they think they can micro/macro manage, and what’s any simpler and exciting than the ubiquitous and attractively tempting email.


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Given the content, Deutscher Freund/Deutsche Freundin, and starring performers/presenters, much more likely a viral Microsoft campaign and Gates Way Project.

And something which if ever true, would be perfectly ideal for a novel atypical SinoSoviet information campaign against which there may be zero defences.

29 January 2023 at 10:58


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Re: Bring on the Luddites and the Crazies

We’ve already seen what a 21st Century mill owner looks like, Mr Elon Musk buying up Twitter and pushing everyone out who refuses to do things his way.  …. Plest

What a great load of nonsense that is, Plest, and haven’t you yet noticed the present is brutally suppressed by a system that will always prize profit over human diginity …. and now is being forced to be constantly fighting against the system, wasting and depleting its own blood and treasures, to try to ensure news and evidence of the situation does not escape and become general universal knowledge, although that rear guard action was discovered an impossible task to achieve and master some long time ago.



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