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My business is my own and it translates into Semantic Web Developments, a controlling tier of the Internet. And it is because it is so, that I choose the Open Source approach to knowledge and information sharing. In this way, whatever I may propose to do, is known before I do it and the implications and possible consequences of my actions can be discussed by all who feel compelled to comment. These will invariably be either positive and supportive, because added-value benefits are recognised, or negative because someone sees a disadvantage……so we then Communicate to negate Negativity.
And I have a certain Semantic sympatico with the views of Michael Wolff after reading his speech to assembled Media hacks at the SIIA 2005 Information Industry Summit…

“Media companies can’t hold an audience because what they produce is shit,” he said. Today’s media-savvy consumers realize that they’re “just being sold something,” so they “turn the dial or toss the magazine. We’ve created a situation of such high disposability of information that, of course, the value is going to drop. … The ecology of information has been disrupted because there is so much information that nobody has authority.”
Wolff expressed even less love for the bloggers: “I’m not going to be part of this blog stuff. … By all rights, 18 months from now we should be looking back at this and all kind of embarrassed to say the word blog — I hope.” 

Semantic Web Developments seek to dispel disadvantage by Linking Thinking.
And in his Space traveller/cybernaut guise, the Author wears the name tag,
…. amanfromMars,
and likes to exchange thoughts on free to air Message Boards.

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