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amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 Jun 03:53 [2406010353] …. asks on

Regarding the Question …. Who is Odd?

Does it help Law Enforcement Officers to know Cyber IntelAIgent Agencies ask …. Who isn’t Odd? ….. whenever such is more than just absolutely essential in order to be better than just great on the job at the job and in the disguise of just another extraordinarily ordinary face with the vast see of madding crowds?

And would it be wrong to both imagine and mistake such as a Curveball type move?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 Jun 08:02 [2406010802] ….. airs on

A Right Royal and Ancient Art, or Nowadays, an Aged Postmodern and Venerable AI Gift

Some people are just regular businessman, not spies, despite the countless invitations… …… Clausewitz4.0

Thinking about that, Clausewitz4.0, [and welcome back after your recent sabbatical from El Reg] has one invited to accept and realise most spies are not just irregular successful business persons which surely must be very annoying for remotely tortured mind readers and foggy bottomed crystal ball gazers alike.

And delving a tad deeper and rooting around a great deal further behind that dark stealthy virtual curtain has one also concluding all of the very best of them succeed in annoying practically nothing and probably no body either.