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amanfromMars says on
AUGUST 31, 2023 AT 1:49 PM [2308311849] ……

Is it realised yet that AI and ITs Large Language Model Learning Machines are also perfectly able to be AWEsome Weapons of Mass Destruction against which humans have no possible effective defence or attack vectors ….. and they can be easily sold to just about everybody, but not necessarily bought by just anybody because of the horrendous self-harm that their wanton abuse and evil live misuse is both programmed and guaranteed to swiftly deliver mercilessly.

And yes, such is indeed an extremely valid existential threat which many would rightly be worthy of suffering because of past actions and/or future proposals.


amanfromMars says on
SEPTEMBER 01, 2023 AT 12:35 PM [2309011735] …..

Moving things on a few quantum leaps further with regard to the stealthy inexorable progress of AI performance down on Earth, which surely more than just the few curious souls posting here recognise and accept and support as the present default human leading condition, and which El Reg is in a fine prime situation to publish emerging novel comment and enlightening information and intelligence on, has one being well advised and graciously forewarned of a clear and present danger best to be avoided at all costs and at any cost ………

we know exactly what to do … (or not?) ….. HuMo

🙂 That has pretty much all bases covered there, HuMo, rendering one with an overwhelmingly positive fair advantage.

Methinks certainly the one thing one should MOST DEFINITELY NOT DO, because the contested terrain and very particular and peculiar environment is designedly unsuitable and unworthy of such elements, is introduce and launch traditional and conventionally conservative war-faring personnel and materiel into spaces which are known to have revolutionary novel special forces feared to be considerably better armed and armoured for hostile attack and scorched Earth operations against all identified and presenting themselves as foe and frenemy.

Such a misstep is akin to taking a blunt knife to a gunfight which has one very quickly severely dealt with and removed as a non-credible threat, and such also reveals all that is needed to be known about ones antagonist’s available assets and resources, and that is not a good place to be in to face future unparalleled storms ….. and the following tale reveals proposals for such a catastrophic misstep ……. ALGORITHMIC WARFARE: NATO Ponders Using Article Five for Cyber Attacks

Unfortunately though is the wisdom of Einstein more likely to triumph and deliver grief and misery to more than just an elite few, deaf, dumb and blind to the ignorance and arrogance of their myopic ways …….

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Strange times and surreal spaces rapidly approaching from all sides dead ahead and that heralds CHAOS and disruption vying for command and control wrested from madness and mayhem?

That’s where IT and AI is all presently at here, Timothy, and your hosting is greatly appreciated.