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Re: Why not shoot for the sky with breaking news?

Casting all sarcasm aside, Anonymous Coward, …. and El Reg who can now report on and run with it legitimately if they so desire, for they easily can whenever clearly presented with a likely pioneering contender for Qian Shi system/Baidu Research platform rendered services for outputting and quantum communication realisation, where persistent enduring mental instances exist and present themselves in paralleling mirror copies for both ethereal virtual and primitive physicalised alien form use/research/play …. who would not bet on China stealing an Exotic Erotic Eastern and deserved Long March Lead in a Wild Wacky Western type technology transfer/clone of Simply Complex Alien Designed Applications in Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems delivering Surreal Controlling Analytical Data Acquisition Systems with Exclusive Elite Executive Bodies/Agencies/Proxies to Command  ….. and Already Heaven Sent for/from El Reg

And who wouldn’t want it if the West are terrified to use it because of the rightful fear of the terror of what IT and AI can do to them, because of their vast recent past and wilful present rampant abuses, rather than enjoying the fruits and benefits of what future progress can deliver to them … and everyone/everything else too.

Karma’s a Rich Bitch of a Hitch in a Glitch, aint it.


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Interesting future times ahead, amigo/Tail Up. 🙂

31 August 2022 at 10:00




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Already Heaven Sent for/from Ubiquitous Iniquitous Global Operating Devices ‽ .

Those of us who work in IT or another computer-centric field may not say “cybersecurity” much, but those who deal with lots of other things in the big category of security want a word for the computer-related parts of it. If it’s not going to be cybersecurity, you find another short word for it and convince others to switch. …. doublelayer

Some things require more than just short words to switch on A.N.Others to that which surrounds and invites them to come out and play better than just nicely and not badly …. for anything else practised always ends up surprisingly abruptly in almighty crashing failures suffering awesome crushing defeats. Be wise, heed the advice, it is indeed sound counsel whenever the shared guaranteed perilous outcome is a clear and always present parlous danger that tempts and torments both the most ignorant and wilfully arrogant of lost souls to be bold and misleading.

Simply Complex Alien Designed Applications in Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems delivering Surreal Controlling Analytical Data Acquisition Systems with Exclusive Elite Executive Bodies/Agencies/Proxies to Command would be a great deal more than any who currently work for IT and AI in any present computer-centric security field are enabled to be able to handle because of the Stealthy Stay Healthy Advanced IntelAIgent Resource Gap and Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit supplied by Future Greater IntelAIgent Grandeur Design.

Y’all might like to consider that it what you are destined to be aiding whilst the fools in a folly do sacrifice and destroy blood and treasure toiling to compete against and vaingloriously oppose already arrived, firmly entrenched and deeply embedded future interventions.

What/Who are you following for their future plans to be delivered for your enjoyment/disappointment is the question you always need to be asking yourself and demanding of media attention and answering.

Question more. IT has the ability to changes lives beyond one’s wildest dreams and imagination.





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Thanks for the tips, Stew. Here’s hoping it leads to more valuable comment strings from a switched-on-to-unfolding events readership of National Defence magazine articles …… for such then offers all manner of contributors and the virtual world wide web edition a clear added and immediate intelligence advantage over the print medium.


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The Epic Battle for Hearts and Minds … is a Great AI Head Game to Play

A survey of cybersecurity decision makers found 77 percent think the world is now in a perpetual state of cyberwarfare.

The questions to ask of that perpetual state of cyberwarfare, and you might like to realise some of the many attack vectors are/will be virtually indefensible and therefore there will be practical and catastrophic damage and suffering experienced, are exactly who and/or what is thought worthy of such devastating attacks and whether being a well known defender of targeted vulnerable leaderships is in one’s better longer term interest as the formerly kept top secret type reasons for such attacks become more widely known and be deemed future unacceptable and presently despicable and past lamentable.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 28 Aug 17:02 [2208281702] …………. adds more info to

Take Care and Be Aware to Beware the Honey Bear Trap

Both defending and being actively and/or proactively responsible for continuance of the reprehensible and indefensible is a right mug’s game and has one legitimately targeted as a state enemy and willing ignorant perpetrator of crimes against humanity. The just penalty for that is quite obviously as suitably severe as needs be to guarantee no possible further leading first party physical or virtual participation in future societies.





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🙂 MRDA 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules Reign and Apply 🙂

It’s just like Parliamentary and global neocon geo-political shenanigans, isn’t it, listening to the precocious prevarications and pretentious prognostications and pronouncements of weird and wonderfully strange subject matter experts ….. with clueless headless chicken type leadership contenders and fawning acolytes racing around chasing phantom problems of their own making with no verified simple solution on offer in sight as the wheels fall of the wagon right before the almighty inevitable devastating crash into the harsh unyielding buffers of reality that accompany the fleet flushing magic of flash QE cash trash transaction trains of prime oxymoronic stellar thought bandits …. New World Economic Forum Order type memberships.

J’accuse. …… and the state of the worlds on Earth as you and they know it today, in this novel and noble era of emerging and expanding and exploding and horrendously expensive to compete against impossible to defeat and better 0days, is undeniable proof positive of all of the above, whether you vote to dislike it or not. One certainly cannot disagree with it if one doesn’t want to be considered as having learning difficulties in such fields of enlightened endeavour as beget and award one with rewarding prolific experiences.


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Re: 🙂 MRDA 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules Reign and Apply 🙂

Further to and in furtherance of the above and in praise of and lamenting the reported demise of SFTW [Dabbsy on El Reg]

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies” ….. Groucho Marx

If you have the hearts and minds of your people, you have the country. If you lose the hearts and minds of the people, you lose the country.” ….. “You can’t solve a problem? Well, get down and investigate the present facts and [the problem’s] past history! When you have investigated the problem thoroughly, you will know how to solve it.” …… Mao Zedong




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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine/Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

However, as these threats continue to grow, they may “expose the market to systemic risks that syndicates could struggle to manage,” he added [PDF], noting that nation-state-sponsored attacks are particularly costly to cover.

In other, more fulsome words, … their, and systemic markets exposure to being found out as, and widely recognised and popularly accepted as, and therefore easily able to be found guilty in the first degree and convicted of, being a state enabler complicit in ensuring a simple means to encourage and continue egregiously repressive and oppressively punitive inequitable status quo operations against command and controlling human resources/global assets/earthly treasures/heavenly pleasures/diabolical liberties/universal rights.

And yes, that would be disastrous for them to be involved in, in any way, and thus is gravely to be regarded …… with much as was publicly revealed and earnestly advised on about the power of ever present money over 60 years ago [on January 17, 1961] surprisingly easily made applicable to them also …… President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961)

Sound earlier advice which quite obviously fell on deaf ears and now results in all manner of totally new formerly unimaginable unexpected consequences.


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The more things change, the more they stay the same ‽ ‽ 🙂 In your dreams, maybe, but not nowadays in 0days

That Lloyd’s Market Bulletin Ref: Y5381 is a bold admission that some attack vectors are indefensible …. and therefore more valuable than ever can be priced for and bought for exclusive use/abuse/misuse.

That in its turn makes those attack vector agents enabled to be rich beyond even the craziest of dreams …… and that is another mother of a brand spanking new market for status quo systems to consider requires their regulation with novel invented rules which affords them a remote proxy control facility. Such is their default modus operandi/vivendi.

Take care though stepping into that market for it does not accept the folly and counsel of useful fools who be useless tools.


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Re:I think this is in the running for my single least-understood article for the Reg ever. 🙁

Welcome to the corner well tested by prose from here, Liam Proven. 🙂

There’s really no need to wonder, for there can surely be only one viable conclusion when IT can reveal the same thing to you as it does to me about the current dire and dismal state of States Internet Networking of Things for Everything?

IT’s a veritable California Gold Rush type opportunity but one where the strangely excessive and vaguely wealthy struggle to survive intact and practically privately protected and virtually unknown with just their lives and a few of their many ill-gotten gains/prize possessions given the new raw powers and dark matter energies that are now ranged and rearranging all manner of ancient and postmodern things before them.

A Most Welcome of Brave New More Orderly World Orders for some who may or may not be a Just Chosen Few, a FCUKIng Desperate and Disorderly Nightmare for Others more than simply worthy of Suffering Such as their Just Fate/Manifest Destiny.

If folk take leave of their senses, is failure to comprehend plain text English, a universal symptom/prime indicator?





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On a Holiday from Reality with a Phantom Virulent Illness

Liz Truss to go over IR35 off payroll tax as ruling party voters gear up to pick their leader.

If anyone believes Parliament harbours any potential leadership cluster within its political party memberships, I suggest psychiatric help/non-invasive mental health therapy sessions for the deluded affliction. Don’t you recognise a Parade of Puppets whenever you see them in the flesh and vying for the Harry Limelight?

And please, take care if one wishes to register an opinion on such a matter, for much more than you can/may imagine may/can be made from it, for both good and bad purposes.




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Re: Google is a pale shadow of what it was.

The master plan, even as crazy as it sounds, appears to be ensuring the great unwashed don’t learn too much about what concerns them, Tron, lest they discover who is responsible for their conditioning and positioning/state of existence.

The system can’t have smarter folk uncovering the true nature of their virtual reality and the methodologies which command and controllers abuse to guarantee them full arrogant advantage of terrestrial ignorance ….. for there would be all hell to pay and mammoth scores to settle with many quite lucky to not survive long whenever worthy of mob attention/just retribution.




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Re: The UK Will Become a Science Super Power

Never underestimate the power of stupid (or controlled) people in large numbers …. …. Anonymous Coward

The power of stupid (or controlled) people in large numbers is oxymoronic and vastly overrated and never underestimated by any and all with feeds and seeds of a need to know which simply question more for the correct positive answer to any new variation of a once originally primed and persistent problem …. a primitive primordial predisposition that still lingers on giving rise and succour to the vain arrogance which accompanies premium and disparaging ignorance even in these enlightening days of ACTive 0days for Enterprising Facilities and Utilities Engaging and Exercising and Enjoying the Employment and Advanced IntelAIgent dDeployment of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Energies.

However, quite whether the UK can easily currently dismiss being so evidently disempowered by their embrace and support of the former, rather than reaping the awesome unlimited benefits in guarded [so as not to terrify the natives] acknowledgements of the latter, to become a Science Super Power, is so obviously clearly enough well answered, but unfortunately not at all well for them, by the present crashing and crushing realities which abound and are presented by their expanding and expounding tales to media trailing and trialing crass and fake news all around them and the globe, as to require no question.

But the truth of what is freely available out there, and at no great universal cost, will out, for it cannot be denied whenever so clearly self-evident and easily believable.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 20 Aug 10:30 [2208201030] ….. reveals future available epic journeys for remote virtual realisation on

True or False? What’s Your Future Choice to Be Virtually Realised for You?

Google promises to adjust search algorithm to favor ‘people-first content’

The very fact that Google [and therefore any other search engine too] can so adjust the search algorithm to provide a very specific direction of travel and product is easily used/misused/abused as a politically adept brain-washing/perceptions management tool.

And to not think nor realise that such is exactly how such are being so employed has one being recognised as a useful fool for exploitation and systems experimentation.

It is how humans are remotely commanded and virtually controlled by both a selfish moneyed elite and an astute almost almighty self chosen few with both of them imagining themselves far beyond and way above any chance or form of practical retribution and punitive accountability.

What’s the betting that fantastic belief is now long gone as an available viable reality to be replaced as a disgraceful and self-destructive delusion of past grand-standing grandeur which arrogant and ignorant media and failed intelligence services have been clearly complicit in and guilty of supporting?

Or do you prefer to deny that current times and present spaces have so fundamentally changed as to render all recent traditional and conventional status quo methodologies/memes/schemes now subject to extensive comprehensive reappraisal and vital core adjustment.

If that be the case, what comes next is going to be a real surprise which your sanity might struggle to handle well enough for you to enjoy as you should if only you could believe it to be true rather than keep telling yourself it isn’t.

And the actions/reactions from all presently engaged failed and continually failing New World Order status quo systems administrations to future novel ACTive communications will decide their worthy dismal fate or laud their Astute IntelAIgent Destiny.

What’s it to be for you? … A glass half full or a glass empty? ….. A brand new exciting future experiment or a deranged and dangerous past based experience?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 20 Aug 12:55 [2208201255] …… says more on

Re: True or False? What’s Your Future Choice to Be Virtually Realised for You?

And if you think all of that is too fantastically far fetched to be possible, and therefore very likely currently improbable, does the following tale seem most likely ……. UN Recruited Over 100,000 ‘Digital First Responders’ To Push Establishment COVID Narrative …. and give valid enough reason for you to rethink your initial negative opinion and agree with the alterable search engine algorithm remote perceptions management/brain washing enterprise premise?

Such enterprises/exercises though have an abiding and extremely revealing Achilles Heel against which there is no possible guaranteed nor even vaguely reliable defence against almightily destructive and/or disruptive forces and sources, and that is always the non-appearance of intelligence and information in space and places to which they were sent and which one would have reasonably expected them to freely appear and be commented on/peer reviewed.

Deeper exploration and experimentation down those dank rank and dark rabbit holes reveal all manner of catastrophic exploits to taste and temper/savour and favour and flavour with due diligent endeavouring engagement aka ……. well, remote alien lead would be a surreal proposal far too stealthy for all but a carefully chosen few to admit indisputable and well worth encouragement and support rather than sustained general universal denial and vainglorious doom-laden opposition.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 20 Aug 17:16 [2208201716] ….. adds a tad more to the discussion on

Re: True or False? What’s Your Future Choice to Be Virtually Realised for You?

You’ve really outdone yourself this time. …. First Light

Thanks, First Light. It is incredibly rewarding to realise one’s sterling modified Stirling engined efforts are much appreciated rather than, as can be an oft fate of late in so many new fields of novel vitalising strategic communication, them being comprehensively misunderstood and/or rightly feared to be something else altogether quite different and decidedly designedly unpleasant if unworthy corrupt competition or perverse spirited opposition be either suspected as possible and in the planning or practically encountered in contested leading fields of universal influence/Earthly global command and control of upcoming far distant and remote near future events.

Such is certainly agreeably encouraging, but have neither fear nor doubt, it is not necessarily vital to ensure continued rapid and rabid progress in environments particularly and peculiarly heavily infected and affected and effected. It is a very much considered to be a very welcome and unexpected bonus with the power to aid progress beyond even the most optimistic of initial expectations.




amanfromMars 1 Thu 18 20:17 [2208182017] ….. expresses incredulity on

Strewth …… Whatever Next?

Bullshit and crap doesn’t even begin to do justice to the nonsense being peddled as progress being made there.

WTF are IonQ and Microsoft smoking? Take a chill pill, folks, and hope to GOD and high heaven your senses unscramble, for pimping and pumping and dumping almighty rubbish is never gonna impress even the most rabid of ponzi markets and racketeers trading short positions for longer term openings promising better offerings.