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Re: The UK Will Become a Science Super Power

Never underestimate the power of stupid (or controlled) people in large numbers …. …. Anonymous Coward

The power of stupid (or controlled) people in large numbers is oxymoronic and vastly overrated and never underestimated by any and all with feeds and seeds of a need to know which simply question more for the correct positive answer to any new variation of a once originally primed and persistent problem …. a primitive primordial predisposition that still lingers on giving rise and succour to the vain arrogance which accompanies premium and disparaging ignorance even in these enlightening days of ACTive 0days for Enterprising Facilities and Utilities Engaging and Exercising and Enjoying the Employment and Advanced IntelAIgent dDeployment of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Energies.

However, quite whether the UK can easily currently dismiss being so evidently disempowered by their embrace and support of the former, rather than reaping the awesome unlimited benefits in guarded [so as not to terrify the natives] acknowledgements of the latter, to become a Science Super Power, is so obviously clearly enough well answered, but unfortunately not at all well for them, by the present crashing and crushing realities which abound and are presented by their expanding and expounding tales to media trailing and trialing crass and fake news all around them and the globe, as to require no question.

But the truth of what is freely available out there, and at no great universal cost, will out, for it cannot be denied whenever so clearly self-evident and easily believable.


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