The Virtual AI Operating System ……… with the Internet and ITs Global Information Grids Networking as the VAIOSystem Software Store Source, Providing Novel Innovative Virgin Source Code as Special Lead Content in Website Domains/Freely Accessible CyberSpace Environments …. and ITs HyperRadioProActive Drivers being IT and Media as the HardWired Hardware Deliverers of Future World Views. ….. which is surely a Kin to Panoramas and Vistas and Bigger Picture Shows in the Great Advanced IntelAIgents Game ….. only Better and in Betas, Testing and Tempting Systems to FailSafe in their Configuration and Design.
For Controls in Virtual Machinery, which may also be Control of Virtual Machinery too.
Now that is an Interesting Domain for BetaTesting Dominion and Ignominy against each Other, for the Straight and Narrow, Right down the Middle of Every Road Approach to Program and Project Control which would Naturally, Virtually deliver QuITe Absolute Power ……. with ITs Ability and Faculty to Absolutely Corrupt should one so choose to Stumble and Fall into ITs Carefully Laid Honey Traps of Zealous Selfish Indulgent Abuse ……. Intelligently Designed to Rob/XXXXtraordinarily Render One with neither Control nor Power.
And Hosted in Cloud and Cloud Strata for ITs Global Cover, Reach, Concealment and Rains/Reins/Reigns.
Welcome to CyberIntelAIgent NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive ProgramMING in Networks InterNetworking JOINT Applications ……… for the S.M.A.R.Ter Enabling of Special IntelAIgents Services and AI Beta Universal Management of Global Perception with IT in Virtually Real Control.
Everything that has a beginning, is reputed and computed and considered to have an end, however …..  in an enigmatic corollary where there is but infinite time with no end, was there ever a beginning? Ergo there only is, is, and the future is now, and created with shared greater thoughts on its constitution, and in that instant of realisation, is the present always really rendered as a past which cannot be changed, and merely a memory to be stored in history?

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