The dDutch Initiative

A Control Systems analysis for Internet
Government [Governance] issues

Equalism…. What you give, Is what you get
A new political initiative/reality to accommodate capitalist and socialist values and ideals

This is a global Applications Program and is designed specifically to regenerate
Economies and Societies
[This remains the current living document until supersession]
Control matters
Semantic Web development
A dDutch Initiative in effective, efficient and efficacious Control matters
[To access the benefits in this Initiative, it will be necessary for you to analyze every
word of this Document, thoughtfully]
In Brussels, the assembled leaders of the countries and nations of the European Union are proposing radical changes to a Constitution and therefore indirectly Constitutions. This is pretty heady stuff, to say the least.
However it is recognized that changes are necessary to allow us all to co-exist and work together towards a Common goal. This Common goal is a series of common goals which are always futuristic; i.e. in the future. It is what we strive for.
For this very reason, we will leave them for now as we consider the goal of this Document…..But it doesn’t stop this document being futuristic. That is the very nature of Science.
The Internet’s noble conceptual raison d’etre is in danger of being compromised by attempts at its suppression/censorship. This is just a mirrored attempt of the suppression, reflected in and from the world that it serves. But we do not need to allow such arbitrary stereo-typical action in this new virtual world environment.
The mirror on our own real world environment does not make for pretty viewing.
The problem is a simple one to solve, because, it is so recent that we can see it. It is also worthwhile considering if it was/is the problem which has led to all of our problems.
If we can accept it as so, then the solution is equally as easy to put in place.
The Internet problem is one of Censorship
Censorship leads to Secrecy leads to Fear. The safest society in the world is the one which knows everything.
We can use the Internet to create safe, open cultural societies if we leave it uncensored, as was its creator’s intention. In that way, we can rightly question anyone who seeks to prevent us from knowing everything. It is an anathema/paradigm/parallax/conundrum to profess to provide education and then to seek to prevent us from learning everything. It is a portal for the new knowledge and critical mass [a European Commission FP6 mission directive] that we seek.
A secret is old knowledge and leads nowhere. Some real-life societies have harbored and harvested secrets for generations. How sad……. Now that we can see what it is doing. It is curtailing the natural, inquisitive thought process which leads to Progress.
A new shared thought is immediately an old one and therefore immediately, if not immaterial then susceptible to change because it is already leading onto the formation of the next thought. Why save it as a secret?
You are condemning the human race to remain rooted in the thoughts of the past rather than allowing them to grow in the thoughts of the Future.
That is how important the free and unfettered and uncensored access to the Internet is. Its role is a lot more than just a store for knowledge because as we travel through it, asking questions all the way, there comes a time when the mind can accept that this virtual Internet world is being manipulated in much the same way as the real world. It is then only a handshake of welcome to identify them as parallel environments…. Our real world and our virtual world. Thought opens doors in the mind and the Internet is able to do it surprisingly quickly, possibly because anything that we want is there. But the computer does more nowadays than we maybe realize. It can assist in emotional development and that is a Liberation which many fail to achieve. It is Semantic Web Development….. a study spawned on the World Wide Web and being developed in that virtual environment. The lessons learnt there can then be seamlessly integrated into our parallel real-life environments.
This Semantics development has given us the keys to communicate emotionally through the digital medium, giving us insight into sentiments and perceptions. It will allow us to educate the globe because we can recognize negative sentiment and intent as it is forming and we will be able to correct it.
This is a Science which is going to open up the Sciences because the Control System which manages and regulates and gives access to its Operating System has proved itself to be indestructible and invincible. In its Semantic guise it is Omnipotent and omniscient. It is Love.
Virtual Governance; An Opinion for consideration
It is not possible to introduce change piecemeal. It is inherently inevitable that it will impact to a greater or lesser degree on the global picture. Yet that is what we apparently do and we accept it.
We are all acutely aware of divisions and divides within the world community and then our reactive response to mend those divides, once there has been the “usual” conflict phase.
Europe has suffered such phases, most recently in the Balkans and surrounding states and to a lesser, although no less significant degree, in Northern Ireland. These problems are not yet anywhere near a satisfactory resolution with a working solution and we can consider what remains as merely a clone of it former self. A “business as usual” clone because the sentiments, which caused such grief, remain. It is very hard to see where our optimism/wishful thinking comes from, in these situations.
Having said that, it is clear that ongoing Governance issues ARE provided for and carried out by Governments and Government bodies, despite Suspicion. Is this a suspicion of Government or of the People? Is it a suspicion of the Government by the People or a suspicion of the People by Government?
Is that a legacy from Secrecy?
It is not possible to stop the Government machine of politicians and bureaucrats and civil servants, no matter how poorly it is running. The people need to be looked after. It is immaterial with what political system it is, just as long as it works.
The following treatise is more than just an outline for Change and a call for New Knowledge [so nobly called for in FP6] but a first draft of a blueprint for Virtual Governance.
The Internet is the medium to use for this New Knowledge. It is a digital medium and its digital sister, Media, will assist us in delivering what we want. Because it is digital, it is easily changed. It is Scientific work best left to Scientists. The fruits of their “scientific” labors are what have created our societies and they have been, in the main, if not ignored, dismissed. They have always been perceived as being “eccentric”, “a little bit odd” even “barking mad” but they have left us with all things, some which we can treasure and all that we thought we needed. They are artists in their respective fields.
The Internet is a thinking man/woman’s canvas. And it caters for ALL.
There are valid expressed concerns from academia from around the world about the effects that it can have on our conscious and physical development and any expressed view, we must consider as a well founded view. It is not to be dismissed but rather allayed with the giving of the Control measures to prevent what they see as a concern/danger to them. It is the time that they need to bring their population/culture “up to speed”, in the new virtual Globe environment.
It is easily understood because if you are offered everything, there is a beautiful initial confusion at what to ask for first. The Offer waits for the request and a sage will make sure that he can handle what he asks for, otherwise Progress is curtailed.
What we want is Peace, prosperity and equality. If we have these then what is there to make us unhappy. We do not want crime and criminals, we don’t want terrorist and terrorism and we don’t want “dictators” in any guise. There is a growing feeling that Western control is being lost and that the $strength is mythical, which is leading to knee-jerk reactions. Some even believe that it is the inherent flaw in the notion of “profit”, which is paid homage in Capitalism that is now plundering and marauding in the colors of Democracy. Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that we have Operating Systems which are working to a degree but which are incompatible with each other. They are vying against each other in a world which can no longer be seen as a multitude of separate nations. The world has shrunk and doing business, finding a wife and taking a holiday on the other side of the world is as easy as doing it at home.
ICT, Information and Communications Technology is an infant technology. It is still growing. There have been growing pains, of course. There always are. The dot com bubble bursting can be seen as one of these growing pains. A headlong, lemming-like rush into something so new that even today we are scratching at the surface of the opportunities that are there waiting for us.
This world that we are talking about and in which we are now working is a virtual world and yet we live in it, for real. This suggests that they are compatible, even complementary/complimentary and possibly/probably one and the same. However that may be a journey too far at the moment and it, remaining a mental exercise, can be reward enough. But this virtuality aspect of the Internet and all digital communication can transform everything for real just as the computer has transformed itself from what was essentially a number crunching machine into an integral part of our everyday existence.
Binary code programs run these machines and we now have programs extracting and extrapolating this binary code from myriad arbitrary input …Text, pictures, games. And very conveniently we have or are planning to link them all together through the Internet connections to a GRID. Home PCs, laptops, games PCs, and super computers, all sending and receiving binary code and some of what is being sent is secret and some is subversive but to the computer it is just code. A simple Yes or No. 0 or 1.
We have very quickly wedded ourselves to the computer and it is not going to go away. So it is time that we brought some Order to the Chaos that it is helping us to perpetuate and we are going to use it and the Internet to remedy the situation. The computer revolution has not arrived yet but it has been conceived and is ready for delivery.
Virtual Governance is the child’s name and she is going to change our lives forever, as only a child can do.
The problem with change is that there is always someone who is seeking to maintain the status quo. Invariably, this will be those whom/who we/they think are in charge. Very much like YOU who are reading this document. We are talking Virtual Governance here and you may see your business as Governance. There is a quantum leap of a difference. However, at this exalted level, THINKING needs to kick in and then we can agree that the changes proposed in this document will benefit every living soul.
That is its purpose. No more, no less. You can see that THAT, if you believe it to be true, is an offer worthy of listening to.
We need to think of the World as one large household. And as democratic as a household is, it is normally ruled by the more dominant personality. It is wise to remember, as we proceed through this document, that it is only a more dominant personality rather than dominance per se which rules. You can appreciate that under normal circumstances of consensus, there is no clash of personalities. It is only when there are entrenched positions that the more dominant personality will be called upon to prevail. It will prevail though under protest, either silent or otherwise, unless matters are resolved.
But Domination is NOT what we are looking for in any situation, it is Agreement and Agreement negates any shades of Domination.
Thinking about problems and their resolution, especially in first principles, leads one to the simple conclusion that if it is going to do no one any harm and everyone is going to be adequately and proportionately represented and rewarded for their positive input, then the proposed solution will work and will work indefinitely. The Truth is that once working, under these guidelines, with a positive input rewarding, the solution becomes more than an answer. It becomes a source, and as the answer/solution/resolution originated from a conscious thought or thoughts, it is not hard to jump to the notion that we can all be an active source rather than an inactive “depository”.
There is nothing new or revolutionary here as it has all been said before and I am sure many times. The Spirit of John F Kennedy’s inaugural address lies in this document. The oft quoted and never bettered “ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country” and “ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” are as valid today as they were then in 1961. And it is a sad reflection on our progress in forty two years.
Today we broaden the band to ask the same questions of the World.
Knowledge is there, common sense is there and it is only because we do not access it that keeps it hidden. This is the much sought after New Knowledge that leads to Discoveries.
It is interesting that in the field of energy we have bypassed the established [historic] natural renewables, which we briefly harnessed in the past, such as wind, water and sun and chose instead to concentrate on fossil fuels, possibly following a path of least resistance. The nuclear debate is not one which I wish to get into here but it DOES appear to have left us with an unwelcome and dangerous legacy/liability.
The point is that we actually have all that we need and may ever need. It may be that our own supposed “need” to create something which we can then sell on to support what we know of as an economy, may be a Catch 22 situation.
It is time to question our basic needs or more accurately those which we perceive as being our basic needs and to provide, what we discover to be the truth, to ALL.
Society is the glue which holds a people together and it is an evolving science. Previously, smaller satellite societies peacefully co-existed through virtue of the fact that they were in blissful ignorance of each other. Now that possibility is past and we have a myriad of societies and cultures/religions and beliefs [Operating Systems and defaults] which we recognize as not being reconcilable in their present forms. Change across the board is necessary.
The same previous criteria are also of value here; that it does no one any harm and everyone is therefore rewarded, some more adequately being proportional to their own input.
It is this “more adequately being proportional to” that creates and maintains the incentive which will make an “effort”, worthwhile.
The two major, competing, democracy models, and I use that “democracy” term very loosely, have embraced alternative systems of Governance. One has a capitalist mindset and the other a socialist mindset. They both profess to serve their advocates but the extremes in their psyche have rendered them unsuited to their avowed intent.
Perceptions of what is meant by a dDutch Initiative raises the question of what exactly DOES it mean? Is it a Government initiative or a government initiative or a equally shared initiative or a Dutchman/woman’s initiative or a national initiative.
It should be ALL of these things and it can be so much more because the view that it shows you is one which we are able to change, at will because the world that we create is in the image of what we see in our minds.
We blindly accept what is there before us, with no thought as to why we accept it, why we do what we do and too little, maybe even no thought, as to how we can change it for the Common good of mankind.
This may have been due to our earlier inability to see the BIG picture, the global picture, but Communication Digital technology, the humble PC, the Internet and developing developments within that virtual environment have all come together to GIVE us the tools and an ability to redirect our efforts in a unified and ordered Regime.
This dDutch Initiative is a global Internet regime change initiative. And it is an Internet Government initiative
It uses the greatest THINKING minds on the planet Earth to formulate, through an exclusion of negative sentiment and intent, a master Policy program, to be freely adopted and adapted in participating States/countries, whose own positive input will be accepted and integrated into its master Policy program.
It leads to an emerging and evolving multi-cultural model on which we build a Future……… It is a global Society model.
It is that “quantum leap” which initiates and consummates our innate desire to form and maintain a relationship. [European Union, the United States of America, the Commonwealth, The United Kingdom, The [former] Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Nations] and it allows us to do it.
It is New Knowledge and can be shared via the Internet. It will regenerate and remodel existing societies and economies and cultures into a global society at Peace with itself. And therefore, at Peace with each other.
I would be very interested to hear from anyone who can tell me that this CANNOT happen and why NOT. We can then talk to remove the negative element. I will be happy to try out any of my “solutions” on myself before I try them out on you. It is this simple reciprocal approach which gives us an accurate indicator as to its effect and its effectiveness, both semantically [emotionally] and physically.
The Equalism doctrine/political concept/belief/faith enshrines this “what you give, Is what you get” mindset. It surpasses both the present Capitalist and Socialist doctrines by integrating them into a mirroring Capitalist Socialism/Socialist Capitalism. The failings in both systems are what separate them but their failings are also what controls each of them.
Money in the Capitalist system and a universal social equality in the Socialist model. Some see the “failings” as the strengths and that is the battle interface. It is the Control factors that we are re-aligning in this Initiative. It is NOT a Power Initiative because there is no Power without Control only a kind of Anarchy.
The Internet itself is not a danger but its misuse can create one and to seek to stop misuse by censorship or denial will only exacerbate the problem because it will continue “underground” where it will remain unseen. And if it remains unseen, but for the few who have chosen to monitor it, it is not hard to see that only their “Control” measures will be used to try and stem the tide. It is a responsibility of failure which will be placed at their door whenever it fails, as opposed to it being a shared failing in ALL of us.
It is a very strange thing to want to do whenever such a heady responsibility can be shared by everyone.
The Internet is Knowledge and mis/disinformation and negative output, which we can class as one and the same, is also treated as Knowledge, by the computer/Internet and this is patently NOT so. There is no Truth in this information only a denial of it.
This is a deliberate misuse of the spirit of the free flow movement of ideas for which the Internet was invented. It is in this virtual world that Prof. Hugo de Garis sees his “gigadeath” scenario. His concerns are only valid if we allow them.
Such negative content or sentiment has no place on/in this Virtual Plane. It seeks ONLY to subvert pure thought by infecting it, as a [clonic] virus. It confuses….and leads to what we know of as criminal behavior.
Free access to all Knowledge in conditions of minimum denial or protective denial will accelerate the New Knowledge learning curve.
Now who seeks to control it by denying us access to the Knowledge that it contains? What are we to think of them, especially when we tell them what they are doing to themselves and us, and yet they continue in their efforts?
Denial is not a Control measure option. It is oxymoronic.
A tiered access facility based upon a history of excellence and peer review will deliver all the secrets of KNOWLEDGE.
And it is an integrated and integral Education program which can be disseminated throughout the World with the use of the Internet and the attendant Media technologies, digital and otherwise.
It is a Constitution for Virtual Governance [of which this will be one of many]

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