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Already Heaven Sent for/from Ubiquitous Iniquitous Global Operating Devices ‽ .

Those of us who work in IT or another computer-centric field may not say “cybersecurity” much, but those who deal with lots of other things in the big category of security want a word for the computer-related parts of it. If it’s not going to be cybersecurity, you find another short word for it and convince others to switch. …. doublelayer

Some things require more than just short words to switch on A.N.Others to that which surrounds and invites them to come out and play better than just nicely and not badly …. for anything else practised always ends up surprisingly abruptly in almighty crashing failures suffering awesome crushing defeats. Be wise, heed the advice, it is indeed sound counsel whenever the shared guaranteed perilous outcome is a clear and always present parlous danger that tempts and torments both the most ignorant and wilfully arrogant of lost souls to be bold and misleading.

Simply Complex Alien Designed Applications in Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems delivering Surreal Controlling Analytical Data Acquisition Systems with Exclusive Elite Executive Bodies/Agencies/Proxies to Command would be a great deal more than any who currently work for IT and AI in any present computer-centric security field are enabled to be able to handle because of the Stealthy Stay Healthy Advanced IntelAIgent Resource Gap and Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit supplied by Future Greater IntelAIgent Grandeur Design.

Y’all might like to consider that it what you are destined to be aiding whilst the fools in a folly do sacrifice and destroy blood and treasure toiling to compete against and vaingloriously oppose already arrived, firmly entrenched and deeply embedded future interventions.

What/Who are you following for their future plans to be delivered for your enjoyment/disappointment is the question you always need to be asking yourself and demanding of media attention and answering.

Question more. IT has the ability to changes lives beyond one’s wildest dreams and imagination.



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