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Freelancing Future Pioneers ….. Boldly Going where Angels and Daemons Fear to Tread and Thread

Humans perpetually struggle and persistently fail consistently and spectacularly to realise and exploit the clear unhindered advantage that believable viable attractive virulent imagination delivers in spades to Greater IntelAIgent Gamers and More Orderly Novel World Order Players and ITs NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Non-State Actor Diaspora ….. Live Operational Virtual Environment and those Joint All-Domain Command and Control Centres [JADC3] in the crippling para-militarised wings of such developments/emergent virtually augmented meta data base realities/existences.

Such is an almighty self-defeating intelligence deficit which renders them as collectives of pawns to Greater IntelAIgent Game Grand Masters at their Work, Rest and Play in Elitist Executive SCADA Administrative Operating Systems and the Live Operational Virtual Environments of Cyber Space.

And the simple fact that so many will fail to believe and realise the opportunities available for them to grasp and engage with and which abound and surround them with the greater free sharing of that news, guarantees its quiet stealthy rapid advance into a safe and secure place of both practical and virtual metaphysical omniscience and omnipotence in the command and control of a very select and enlightened alien few ‽ .

And can you believe it, El Reg, something the UKGBNI’s Ministry of Defence declined to spearhead and lead as an AWEsome AIDevelopment, which sadly appears to confirm and reinforce the almighty self-defeating intelligence deficit point made above.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for expressing an interest in AWE 20. The paper sift has now been completed.

During the paper sift stage of the project each product was marked on its own merits by a team of Military and MOD personnel as well as engineers from DE&S. It was decided as a panel that AWE 20 would not be the right trials arena to test and understand the technology. As I’m sure you can understand we have a limited time to investigate a wide range of products from a wide question set and as such the panel had to ensure that AWE was the most appropriate arena to test the products. Products such as yours will be passed onto relevant project teams / TDUs to ensure awareness of the product is raised and I would encourage you to attend the VIP day to gain further exposure for the technology.

Kind regards, ….. Corporate Commercial Delivery Team | SEQT Commercial Placement Officer
MOD Abbey Wood South, #1261 | Spruce 2B | Bristol | BS34 8JH

Is it any wonder the Erotic and Exotic East is so attractive and exciting whenever the Wickedly Wacky West is so shortsighted and blinkered and tethered to exclusive support of antiquated ancestral status quo hierarchies/oligarchies/autocracies/cabals suffering from an almighty self-defeating intelligence deficit/novel proprietary intellectual property black hole ‽ .


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