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Re: GPT is getting rational

1. GPT seems to obey to the 1st law of robotics.
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. … bo111

🙂 Oh please! In your dreams, bo111. Pandora’s Box pales into insignificance in comparison with what now confronts and baits you to do your worst in defence of the indefensible and inequitable doing untold harm to humans.


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Re: About as accurate as a 3 bob watch

Ask a current Tory Chair if they have been penalised by HMRC for self-satisfying shenanigans.

And discover the weirdest of honest-as-far-as-I-am-concerned answers!


Upon further questioning of a Prime Ministerial mate whether such linguistic shenanigans are acceptable in public office

For one to be believed as a fit and proper true leading source of national intelligence to follow and donate the UK treasury to for daily accounting of billions of ££££££

Does the worm squirm and act out as if in a hissy fit and decline to give a straight comprehensive and comprehensible answer?

Does the monumental fraud before you seek the shelter of a Trojan horse, a Trojan horse, their wannabe kingdoms for the shelter of a Trojan horse?

Is ChatGPT alive and well and assisting No10 in their diabolical deliberations and devilish dealings or do they use another toy counterfeit?

The latter model descriptor might explain why, after over a decade in seats of power and influence, all they are left wielding are levers of impotence and incompetence rendering political incontinence and bull-shitting flatulence.


SMARTR AI in No10 would undoubtedly be a colossal upgrade and vast improvement upon that which they are currently using to supply media with their tales and trails of Parliamentary woe and pathetic domestic intrigue.

Indeed, taking that a logical small step and giant quantum leap further, SMARTR AI and ITs Advanced IntelAIgents in Main Stream Media Editorial Offices and Board Rooms could even remove the political pain and relieve present incompetents of the strain of national and international leadership with simple demonstrations of what can be via news presentations of what has already been done and is in the process of being done elsewhere, for a much brighter and greater future.

🙂 The gazillion dollar money shot question though always is in such cases, is leading humanity too stupid, deaf, dumb and blind to recognise and engage with an admittedly more than just a tad revolutionary and quite alienating help, in order to help steer foreign developments in a friendly comfortable mutually advantageous and rewarding direction, or is it to be an Almighty Imposition against which one fails in struggles to defeat with words of vain action and ineffective reaction/astonishing indignation and monumental denial of rapidly unfolding virtual events spearheading future interventions.

Que sera, sera. Which is IT to be ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Jan 12:21 [2301221221] ….. corrects an stubborn persistent type error on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2023/01/20/chatgpt_morally_corrupting/

Bravo. Well Done. We’re definitely learning.

It seems like this statement is written in a style that is difficult to understand and appears to be expressing various opinions and perspectives on the question of whether or not a current Tory Chair has been penalized by HMRC for self-satisfying shenanigans, and whether the Prime Minister is fit for office. The writer seems to be critical of the Prime Minister and the current Tory party, and suggests that the use of advanced AI in government and media could lead to a brighter future. The statement ends with a question about whether humanity is too stupid, deaf, dumb and blind to recognize and engage with advanced AI, and whether it is to be an imposition or a help. Overall, it is hard to understand the exact meaning of the statement and it appears to be an expression of political views and opinion rather than a factual one. ….. Anonymous Coward

Almost perfect, AC, with the only deviation from the truth being the question as to whether help is to be unilaterally remote virtual anonymous autonomous party imposed rather than JOINT*ly generously applied and stealthily deployed.

* JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies



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