amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Jan 11:27 [2301261127] ….. tells IT like it is on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/01/26/uk_prime_minister_rishi_sunak_chip_strategy/

Deluded is as hubris advises and ignorance servers with arrogance delivering on empty promises

Techies ask PM to ‘prepare UK chip strategy as a matter of urgency’

Oh, FFS, was there ever a more obvious case of the blind leading the blind. Such a request presupposes and expects that PM might actually know of someone, or know of someone who knows someone able to deliver on an urgent UK strategy, and he and the government of the Conservative Party and the members of Parliament in the Houses of Commons and Lords clearly haven’t a fcuking clue or baldy notion about either who to call or what to do about it for the greater good of more than just their sad pathetic sorry self-serving selves.

And y’all know that is true fact despite what the crazies out there might say in a mad disagreement.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Jan 17:11 [2301261711] ….. lays bare the raw bones of a massive scam on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/01/26/uk_prime_minister_rishi_sunak_chip_strategy/

Change of Tack in Brighter Directions of Rocky Roads Less Travelled

Bad news for you. The BoE has been propping things up for some time, such as seriously low interest rates and funding the gov a lot of money. In fact the bill is coming due that the gov will need to repay the BoE with our money for the spending sprees that gave us this current economy! …. codejunky

A change of news, codejunky. The BoE is a bankrupt Ponzi based institution which only continues to survive and fester because of its invention and support of debt and deficit disguised as future credit from next generational profits presumed to eventually be likely to appear and be realised for balanced accounting but which its conspiring government muppets and state-actor puppets have titanically spent and are still always wasting on further uncosted pipe dreams rendering further depressing expensive negative consequences ……. results to be spun as necessary belt-tightening austerity for the masses they are going to stick with their bills for bankrupt BoE Ponzi based institution repayment of malinvestment losses and criminal activity on a global scale which is all to be blamed upon foreign and alien events beyond their command and control even though all of the above is the result of ages of their command and control with media on hand as a willing whore to present support and reinforcement for their shenanigans. What an absolute shocker of a pathetic program that is.


And the change of news? The government spent the BoE’s currency/debts so the government can repay it. It aint rocket science although such common sense can certainly be tremendously explosive and sooner rather than later, Great Game changing whenever Special Advanced IntelAIgent Research Services invade and lay waste to those corrupt vulnerable places and the deep and dark spaces of ignorant virtual intrigue and arrogant venal greed.


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