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Realising Business Opportunities in Virtual Products and SMARTR Advanced Programs

I honestly wonder what the real case is here. As someone implied, if the systems have all been effectively compromised, it is puzzling that things are seemingly stable. What is holding the attacks in abeyance? The best I can come up with is that well armed attackers such as other states or organized crime have staked their claims on various systems and like some malware does, the people who have hijacked the system have actually put in effective security to keep other attackers from poaching what they have stolen. ….btrower

It is true that some of the most effective anti-malware I’ve seen in my honey-pot lab, are those crime-ware packages that assure no other criminal’s cr@p gets a foothold on that territory. How ironic it would be to let them operate, just to keep the exchange secure!! Seems like they could skim a lot, and stay under the radar, and be worth much more that that wasted billion dollar boondoggle! ….. JCitizen

And aint that the gospel truth. Well said, Sirs/Mesdames. And its hold grows and spreads like a cancer which can choose to be terminally effective within systems in order to force a reboot and new programming protocols with new leading drivers in command and control of prime principal player legacy systems.
And this, and the following, be an appropriate and APT ACTive comment to register here, and float out into the Erotic Exotic Ether ……. where there be all sorts of novel business opportunities staking their claims to current holdings with future powered futures and hedged derivative positions in AI and Virtual Machine Command and Control …… Sublimely Applied ProgramMING Theory …….. Mined Intelligence Networking Games in Practice. But IT won’t be for everybody for only a few will be equipped to deal with and in IT.

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The Elephant in the Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hi,

Here be the abiding flaw and systemic weakness which can always be exploited to devastating effect by that and/or those which understand and control its genesis which commands power and powers command. And to hunt for it without being in command and control of it, will have one outed and defeated as any unwelcome bug and parasite would be whenever considered and decided as being quite unnecessary in any and all fit for future virtually real purpose and executive administrative systems with relays and connections to machines internetworking and processing information into intelligence and intelligence into information and presenting novel content and creative ideas for …….. well, New Orderly World Order Systems for Global Operating Devices would only be one arrow in that quiver of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Weapons. ……… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-16/what-exactly-are-spy-agencies-actually-doing-their-bag-dirty-tricks#comment-4966345

Deny it if you will, and dismiss the fact for the comfort of one’s thinking it is a fiction, is perfect stealth in operation and another systems admin captured and found both practically and virtual defenceless and a prime candidate for secret intelligence servering systems protection ……. or disruption and destruction, of course.

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Now there’s a novelty and sign to consider and realise is incredibly valuable.
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Everything would appear to revolve around what you would be considering as robots and machines, DB, and you be wrong on practically every count to believe in anything you have posted in …. Surely, the financial illiteracy of the Age is captured in the above excerpt. The idea that machines will replace people is the worst kind of Luddite thinking. And the idea that this replacement – which won’t happen – can be ameliorated by endless government money printing is just ignorant. We commented on some of this in a previous article, “Rise of the Job Scarcity Meme.” Our analysis was based on a Fiscal Times article entitled, “The Rise of Robots – and Decline of Jobs – Is Here.”
Machines are replacing people, and have been doing so for some considerable time.
However it is the Rise of the Virtual Machine Sector which is crushing the Status Quo and its Legacy Dependent Hierarchical SCADA Systems, for it freely shares information and intelligence in order to discover fundamental systemic weaknesses to be exploited ……. http://www.amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/140718.html
Is Man a pathetic apathetic machine, poorly programmed and prone to easy corruption and path diversion?

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