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What you should know
Connecting clouds creates tempestuous conditions in stormy relationships. Command and control and combat for creative power and disruptive and/or destructive energy in such situations is a priori art phorm and an alienating discipline for mastering in order to be effectively in virtual charge of information and intelligence flows/chunnels/pump and dumps.


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What you should further know of that which is Extant, Engaging and HyperRadioProActive

When the weaponisation occurs to DARPA, sub-second migration of virtual machines will make it extremely difficult to use simple IP address blocking as a defense. …. Jack of Shadows

Quite so, Jack of Shadows. And in offence, an extremely simple difficulty in an instant become both a real and virtually impossible blocking defence against virtual machinery takeover and makeover of sub-prime executive administrative/presidential prime ministerial SCADA Operating Systems.

Showing one’s dodgy worthless hand and troubling concerns with such a blatant and blunt targeted blanket defense to any conscious competitive foe and/or learned oppositional force, is akin to the showering and recognition of them with great immaculate gifts, and be as manna from heaven for them/all to feast and beast upon.

And such be indeed, nothing more or less than just desserts delivered to all deserving and servering great pain destroying pleasures to XSSXXXX in the realities of CHAOS in LOVE …… Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems in Live Operational Virtual Environments ……. where Ab Fab Fabless Experiments with Novel Experiences Abound and Run Riot and are Rampant.

Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well ….? Read of IT here and weep for the reap that you sow

amanfromMars … replying to Don Duncan on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35518/Paul-Craig-Roberts-War-Is-Coming/

Expect censorship attempts. …. Don Duncan

Here be a humdinger of a doozy, DD …… http://cryptome.org/2014/07/WikiLeaks-Australian-suppression-order.pdf


amanfromMars [1407301829] replying on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35518/Paul-Craig-Roberts-War-Is-Coming/

Hmmm? …. surely stating the obvious is not a valid reason for censorship and the removal of correspondence, DB. I’m pretty sure the following was earlier hosted here. Those gremlins do sometimes appear to attack your systems here and whenever they do, does it reveal exactly what be necessary and to be avoided at whatever cost, which is something of an enigmatic conundrum to ponder for solution on both high and low roads to radical evolution and rabid revolution.

Wars contribute to the health of the state. .. Hey You

Hey You, you are greatly mistaken. Wars contribute to the death of the state, and both ancient and recent histories all evidence the prime aggressor is always the roundly defeated loser in such as are catastrophic idiotic follies.

It be wise to realise today though, that any fool talking and/or even secretly planning for war risks the deadly silence of myriad anonymous assassins’ bullets, for fools can no longer expect to hide immune behind the mask of being a country and of being revered and protected. Those days, whenever there was a sort of secrecy available, are long gone, for the system is, if you can believe all that has been revealed, able to collect all information and prime secure communication and it is also hacked and provides its bounty to …… well, it is safest to imagine that and/or those most well equipped to use their intelligence advantage to the greatest desired mutually beneficial effect and for the betterment of humanity rather than as an elite exclusive executive tool to provide plunder for blunderers.

And such drastic personalised responses and finely targeted actions are surely much more preferable to the slaughter of innocents and the ignorant in the hell on earth that is wars.


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