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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth for a Permanent Change and a New Start
I think you can fully expect that anyone with a half a wit and with something of value to share which can be of great interest and benefit to governments, will be sharing it cleverly* with the private sector, and invariably with more than a notion to ensure that it be an export to a more appreciative government, or any number of other overseas governments if one be based in Blighty, rather than imagining that anything novel and game changing would be welcomed and bought for top dollar by the sub-prime administering home team, which is always spouting its serial bollocks to an increasingly better informed population, which recognises nothing of the rose tinted pictures which the brainwashing and BroadBandCasting media are painting.
* Cleverly, as in quite obscurely and sort of secretly in steganographic code because of all the self-defeating snooping that is creating such as HAVOK [Real-time website cloning technique allowing on-the-fly alterations] and CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems]. And if that be discovered to be not too clever, well, who and/or what is to say that it was not intelligently designed to be just smart enough to be uncovered and engaged with to try and prevent it being a smashing and leading success elsewhere in foreign fields and in alien hands/hearts and minds/Global Operating Devices.
amanfromMars [140729] …. having a say on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35508/Anthony-Wile-US-Falls-Apart-as-Stock-Market-Booms/

Your first two sentences are key: “Nation-states don’t exist. Only cultures abide.” …. DB and FEEuser.

I would also offer another alternative virtual position and possible reality and future certainty
Media spinning tales of culture with puppet leaders announcing policy initiatives is what nations are, and getting ever smarter and increasingly quickly and better informed populations will very soon all learn that to specifically target leading individuals and media puppet spokespersons rather than the considerably wider oppressed subjugated natives, ….. and as is being presently done by Israeli leadership in Gaza, and resulting in the decimation of whole families also in the process ….. is that which removes and replaces a corrupt and perverted combative command and control with another which be much more intelligently accommodating and creatively supportive, because the new realises the fate and destiny that surely awaits such epic falls into violence and suppression from states of grace.
Warmongering politicians and supporting dynasties do not have diplomatic immunity for delivering terrorism and suffering to ignorant and unsuspecting natives, although they would have you try to believe that they do and all in the national interest too. Do they take you for fools and useful tools? How wise be that, nowadays?

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