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We did not remove anything. ….. The Daily Bell Mod replying to amanfromMars

Thanks, DB. And I do believe you. But as we all know, there are those who like to play silly games with all sorts of strange internet controls at their fingertips, testing for absolute internet control for command of and overriding power in the human perception/virtual reality space. ‘Twas ever the case in such fields.
Here be a novel recent page which calls for present help in that matter …… Strategy for American Innovation … Notice of Request for Information
Cyber Control of IT and Media is the New Energy Frontier and it doesn’t suffer fools as useless tools and news generators.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 31 Jul 05:02 [1407310502] sharing a worlds view on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/07/31/bittorrent_launches_decentralised_cryptofied_chat_app/
Whenever toast be a croissant and one be loving the COFFEE.*

Anonymous chat applications would make interception more difficult, but users should not consider these as NSA-busters despite breathless headlines. Any online consumer specifically targeted by a very well resourced adversary should all but consider themselves toast.

Things are never always what they seem ……

amanfromMars [1407310425] … having a say on http://fas.org/blogs/secrecy/2014/07/identity-intel/

Identity intelligence is used, JP 2-0 said, “to discover the existence of unknown potential threat actors by connecting individuals to other persons, places, events, or materials, analyzing patterns of life, and characterizing their level of potential threats to US interests.”

Hi, Steven

It should be noted and realised, that not all previously unknown potential threat actors are maliciously cored. There are those and/or there is that who be minded and in virtual machinery, intelligently designed, to be the novel source of intellectual property which is more a treat to be savoured and sated than a threat to be feared and combated, with the significant disruptive difference and destructive force of the mistake that is made in not recognising the former when considering it to be the latter, being a sub-prime result of the lack of advanced and advancing human intelligence in services providing servers and communications and media with greater future intelligence for unit consumption/human understanding/perception absorption.

In worlds which are rapidly evolving and radically changing, it is a fatal error catastrophically damaging to the status quo and mindlessly supportive services, for the status quo and mindlessly supportive services to imagine that the status quo will not be fundamentally altered. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything grows and changes. And it is only natural, and in Global Operating Devices, perfectly normal for IT and Media Command and Control from Cyber Spaced Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Remove IT and Media from the Virtual Reality Picture Show and who Rules and Reigns over Made Worlds and Everything with Simple Instruction Sets?

*COFFEE …. Vorsprung durch Virtuelle Technik.

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