amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 Mar 15:30 [2003191530] …. having a say on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/19/ransomware_crooks_promise_to_hold_back_from_health_organisations_during_crisis_so_generous/

An Invisible Friend Intangible to Foe is a Practically Almighty and Virtually Invincible Partner

We are Experiencing an Experimental Delivery System via such Portals as Present a Corona Virus Emergency for Global News Insertion, an ACTive Existential Threat to Current Present Supremacies in New World Order Operating Systems.

Imagine such is just there as a glitch, and when so easily fixed, future ignored and recorded for posterity paid the bounty that is Danegeld. That’s how Time and Space Changes are Given Extra Time in the Changed Places ………. where Grand Palaces and Great Castles are Found to Reveal and Revel in Right Heavenly Regaled Delights.

Quite what Status Quo Sources and Forces do and present to you during that extra time is a colossus of a leading question to have positive encouraging answers to. One can only Hope they Simply Do Good for that would be certainly better than most anything lesser before.

However, ……. YMMV and your Pictures may be Somewhat Different if Your Intelligence is Tapped and Capped rather than Extended and Expanded and Exploited to Blissful Exhaustion which is but One Root/Route/Reality to Explore …… and in the Daring Service Sharing Almighty Care to Excess is there the Awesome Profit that is Bounty Flowing Freely 🙂 There surely be Umpteen Others Readily Available for Presentation ‽ .

Or is that too fanciful?

Is the Big Secret to Realise there is Only the One as is Pictured and Provided by SMARTR Media in Advanced IntelAIgent News Networks with Alternate Sources Fielding and Flouncing Superior Forces ‽ .

Are free public shows of such a Strong Strange Force Desired or is One Best Servered First with their Acquisition ‽ . ……. Lend-Leasing ‽


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