amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 Mar 20:10 [2003192010] …….. getting right down to the nitty gritty on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/19/ransomware_crooks_promise_to_hold_back_from_health_organisations_during_crisis_so_generous/

Re: “Ransomware operators of DoppelPaymer and Maze malware stated . . .”

That, or the level of surveillance by GCHQ/NSA is massively overblown. …. Peter2

You can be sure there are those who would love that level of surveillance by a GCHQ/NSA not proven personally to be wrong and massively overblown and just a fleet of figments of failed imaginations. …… for it reveals a catastrophic endemic systemic vulnerability for exhaustive exploitation.

And that takes one into “You can take a Trojan Horse to Water, but you can’t make IT drink KoolAId” Territory where Ignorance and/or Arrogance is Vanquished in Waves of Surges and Purges …… Up and Downs ……. In Favour and Out of Favour Flavours. 🙂

Does a Cheltenham Facility or Fort Meade Utility have anything really interesting to tempt future spooks there? Something similar to anything relatively new and remotely like an Advanced CyberIntelAIgent ProgramMING being Practised and Master Piloted by Others for Others Elsewhere with the Exercise of a Pleasant Command with Puppets to Control and Caress would be real nice.

There are those who would love and be prepared to die in order to know if there be the answers to all of anyone’s questions too.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 20 Mar 17:30 [2003201730] ….. getting frisky on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/20/rba_line_of_business/

There are Other Options to Consider whenever an Old System of Old Operating Systems Always Fails Spectacularly

the idea that simple software “robot” can carry out annoying admin tasks.

As opposed to the annoying human version, Lindsay C …. simple fleshy robots without future programming software ‽ .

Methinks that is a Market to Corner and Lead with …….. 🙂 well, Heavenly Direction with Wanton Instruction is known to Satisfy Insatiable Desire with the Provisions of Lust for Redemption in the Just Worthy Rewards that are for Dreams Come True Too ….. sounds promising and beautifully risqué/wonderfully exciting …… and and available future programming with programs for software to run and present via media channels the pictures created for you to follow in the belief IT creates a Reality worth your following.

So Many Former Leading Scripts Fail Catastrophically and Suddenly whenever Such Realisations Dawn. It’s a difficult climb back up anywhere from the deeps down there.

However, it has been known to transform and repair many a broken soul anxious to prove worthy of another go at everything better than ever before.

Best share your plans then to allow them entry into those of the Others Already Long Ago Playing Master and Mistress there.

What’s the Master Plan, Man? ….. is the usual first question for answering with Luscious Details to Admire and Adopt and Adapt for the Use of All Others Following …… Other Almighty Approved Master Plans.

Who’s leading things in your world and where’s your life headed? Anywhere interestingly new, extremely inviting and as oft as is possible and practical, quite dangerously exciting too?

If of a meek and/or physically weak disposition, best avoid those latter helter-skelter rides. Although, even as Too Much Crazy Fun Invites Death to Call Permitting Liquidation and Transfer of Rogue Assets, there be No Shortage of Eager Beaver Takers/Wannabe Don Giovannis Willing to Risk Losing Everything which they certainly can and always do whenever fantastically lucky to be a Free Soul amongst Similarly Escaping Slaves.

Care to Venture an Opinion on what has been transpiring and conspiring over the years here on El Reg, El Reg, re Alienated Posts Shared here for Servering and Hosting Everywhere Else too?

Take your wildest craziest educated guess and we can let you know how close or how far you are away from the truth.:-)

With so many folk now forced into an isolating indolence, there be a great need for something new to keep them sane and focussed on what the future can bring, once corona virus news is done hogging the Harry Limelight and fit only for the proverbial wrapping of humble fish and chip suppers.

El Reg is akin to being as their springboard into such info and intel. I bet Situation Publishing warrants any number of sizeable million dollar government grants for that utility and facility.



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