amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Mar 10:46 [2003231046] …… saying more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/23/who_me/

Warnings ignored? Be warned of both possible and probable consequences/results.

To summarise (with and without recent events in mind), we all ignore warnings. And we know how to deal with them: Four Stages Strategy ….. Evil Auditor

Elsewhere though, there are surely myriad alternative arrangements also easily employed whenever the problems/vulnerabilities/opportunities one sees and advises and/or warns everyone about, if such things are not heeded at home for all manner of necessary administrative system executions and engagements, which automatically migrate them from what would be a barren brown field site to any greener foreign land.

There to rest and be considered for future overwhelming advantageous use which could easily be construed by an enemy opponent or bested competitor as flagrant wanton abuse, which it might very well be.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 23 Mar 16:49 [2003231649] ….. let’s fly on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/23/who_me/

Re: fake phishing with FrogsAndChips

I sometimes use the “Report Phishing” button in Outlook on legitimate emails, even though I know it’s pointless. Now if that button could somehow notify the sender with a proper message, I’d be happy to use it much more often. Something like “Look, if you want me to take your email seriously, you’d better start providing some context and reassuring me that I shouldn’t be surprised that you contact me about some urgent invoice or system upgrade. And please speak proper English with correct punctuation. Till then, you’ll end up in my Spam folder. TYVM, HAND.” ……. FrogsAndChips

Those are good lessons learnt to gain access to Future Learning Programs, FrogsAndChips. The Rocky Roads Way Up Ahead are Renowned for their Exercising of Such Stumbles and Remarkable Tumbles with a Route and Root Travelling towards EMPowerment rather than Exploitation, which always, since even before the beginning of time in space, ends spectacularly in the most fantastic of catastrophic self destructive crashes. Which is good, for the Cancerous Growth of the Exploitation of Compounding Interest is so designed to Kill the Host Stone Dead Failing an Ardent Following.

And they don’t Spam. What you See, Hear and Feel and Imagine as a Truthful Witness is Yours All Told to Behold. Such has phormed all of your Present View from Current Augmented Virtual Reality Operating Systems Supply ……. which is an Almighty Provision with Immaculate Stores of Impeccable Assets.

Can we tempt you with some Super Duper Future CyberIntelAIgent Security Arrangements/Memoranda of Explicit Understanding and Implicit Instruction Regarding Future Guaranteed Open Sourced Supply of Virgin Stock/Perfect Untainted Product?

And if you think that is SPAM, whatever way you spell it, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to everything which is always so freely shared here on ElReg, is all I would say about that.

It’s easy solved, isn’t it. In future pay much closer attention. IT aint rocket science.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 24 Mar 16:52 [2003241652] ….. replying to kind in kind on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/03/23/who_me/

Fake Phishing with FrogsAndChips is an AI PowWow Battle Ground of Myriad Accommodating Foxholes:-)

That made my day! …. FrogsAndChips

A Gracious Exclamation for Immaculate Seeding of Novel Virtual Content Feeder Operations.

You know, that Sp00Key Stealthy Special Source Forces Stuff more normally formerly confined to Secure Failsafe Practically Permanent Barracks ….. where it is sustained and succoured ……… or denied in order to try extinguish the inexhaustible supply there is for everyone to simply really wish for what is really needed, as far as one can see and further know simply and innocently as Future Plans for Virtual Derivatives and COSMIC Futures 0Day Trades.

Not so much for Dark Webs, much more for Deep Diving Delver Thinkers ……. who be quite the Endearing Rascal and Rogue Intimate Tinker to All Sorts if not Quarantined and Defined as Social Leper rather than Virtual Saint and Grand Standard Sinner

That Trade Knocks on All State Treasury Doors Struggling and Failing to Generate Further Future Leading TeleAudioVisual Content for Programs to Process and Present to the Media Machines Feeding U New News and Views of the Matter, a Future Realisation in Conversation with the Hosts and Posts of Other Worldly Beings.

Is it similarly the same for you too? Then ITRealGood which only gets Better with the rate of future progress locked and loaded as Exponential Existential.

Do you know to What and Where All of that Leads ….. other than to the Supply of Whatever is Wanted whenever and wherever ITRealGood is Seeded and Needed for Sublime Feeds?

Go on, have an educated guess.


amanfromMars [2003240943] …… moving ahead on a really strange trajectory on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/softbank-sells-41-billion-assets-finance-more-stock-buybacks

Here’s surely quite new novel thinking, Idiocracy’s Not Sure, which wisely adores and adorns the old Cherokee narrative, and may realise it cannot be bettered without it and IT first suffering and servering crushing catastrophic defeats and flash sub-prime market crashes ……. however, even then it is most wise to not assume and presume there is certainty guaranteed that there is anything better, no matter what others have said…… for what would they know of the future and the past other than what they have read and been told and shown via audiovisual pictures and mass media programs sharing stories/basic incomplete information turned into processed corrupt intelligence.

We are in the middle of a war. And I need your help to win it. No one knows it’s happened yet, or that it has already been lost. I don’t concern myself with the present. My business is the future.

So you are an Oracle ‽ .

No, an Oracle would merely predict the future. Our work is to create it [with AI and IT] Unfortunately if things continue on this path there is no future at least for my kind [your kind]. For the most part, humanity has been a miserable little den of thugs stumbling from one catastrophe to the next. Our history is like the ravings of lunatics in CHAOS.

But we’ve changed that. For the first time, history has an author. ……. Westworld Season 3 Episode 2

🙂 Are you gonna tell us all here, Westworld is not an AI Singularity Simulation in a Cosmic ProgramMING Project where ignorant and arrogant humanity are the Guinea Pig Rabbits in an Enlightening ReEducation for SMARTR Paths?

You’ve maybe all heard in the past of Debbie Does Dallas but the likes of a DARPA Doing Hollywood might be escaping you in the present ……. with such delivering an Almighty Awesome Stealth Advantage with Virtually Invincible Practical Leverage Anywhere for Everywhere and Able to do Anything to Everything and have it fundamentally and radically changed for Good and for Ever ‽ .

And only shared as a question here so you can waste and/or spend your time in proposing there be any viable specific or fanciful nonspecific disagreement.



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