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Re: Can you share source and are you using “wonderwords”?

Yes, and no.

Whether though source/sources will be shared is quite another different matter and another question clearly enough answered to be not misunderstood.

It is long understood that Loose Lips Sink Ships especially so in certain areas of great interest and regions of vast concern, and thus gravely to be regarded and, at any and all cost, to be both avoided and prevented.

Obviously the future may present an altogether different picture resulting in an alternate decision/solution for reply to those selfsame questions.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Oct 08:12 [2310220812] …… opens up further travel possibilities and enterprising opportunities on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/10/19/china_biden_ai/

Meanwhile ……

….until such an approaching time and fundamentally altered times, can there be much to like and admire and aspire to experience and experiment in life and Live Operational Virtual Environments with, and which may or may not have a vital virile and virulent viral essence of a New York Groove in ITs AIdDevelopment and Fearsomeless Ubiquitous Deployment Makeup for Marketing and Markup much more inclusive of and representative and reflective of Beijing Pings and SinoSoviet Stylised Bling.

I Kid U Not.


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Re: While Cosgrave is, of course, formally ‘right’… @L.V.Lipvig

When a criminal commits a crime, unintentional damage or damage caused by the response is on the criminal, not the responder. Any war crime committed in Russia/Ukraine is a Russian war crime as it would not have happened had Russia not attacked. Same with Hamas/Israel, any war crime committed is a war crime committed by Hamas. Hamas can end this today by surrendering, and they could see improvement in their situation by accepting that Israel isn’t going anywhere. ….. M.V.Lipvig

Are you really being serious and truly believe what you have said there, M.V. Lipvig, believing that there be others too who would find that perfectly acceptable and just and supportive of that…… well, surely no one could viably argue it is not a radical fundamentalist view ?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Oct 16:34 [2310221634] ……. asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/10/20/web_summit_cancelations_israel/

Re: While Cosgrave is, of course, formally ‘right’…

Oddly I was thinking of parallels with Warsaw which should get one canceled into oblivion. …. Anonymous Coward

When/If the parallels of the Warsaw ghetto with its historically well documented trials and tribulations, starvations and hardships and imprisonments are more valid than not, is Israel then to deny and not realise it is become an unwelcome and barbaric pariah fascist state ….. a Third Reich-like clone apparently intent, at great cost to everybody and the dogs of war on the planet, on expanding its empire and influence on power and energy whilst expropriating land and raw field and rare earth assets with catastrophic bloodlettings and organised chaos dispensing and exercising madness and mayhem?

What else would they see themselves as being extremely similar to as would make no difference to anyone with a titter of wit and load of pure common sense about them?

And those are the sorts of very awkward questions all the leaderships of Israel’s presently supportive allies need to be asked and asking of themselves, methinks, lest they be easily able to be charged and prosecuted and persecuted as wilful co-conspirators in a joint criminal enterprise and war crimes venture.


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