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Re: the Question from AC …. Are you speaking about your own comment?



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What a Lemon …… when the Future is Orange says AI?

According to the BIS filing, the agency is seeking public comment and “input from [infrastructure-as-a-service] providers on the feasibility for them in complying with additional regulations in this area, how they would identify whether a customer is ‘developing’ or ‘producing’ a dual-use AI foundation model, and what actions would be needed to address this national security concern while minimizing business process changes that would be required to comply with these regulations.” 

That situation for publishing and the giving of thanks is akin to turkeys voting for Xmas …… and it is not one ever destined to be successful and a root and route for progress and support and reward whenever so clearly constrictive and perversely intended to invariably only temporarily render an inequitable advantage for misuse and abuse which will be directed by intellectually challenged stakeholders and zombie ponzi partners alike at others.

Do you see it not being so ….. rather than impossible to deny and therefore more likely than not the abiding future fate of all such filings? Be honest now, don’t deceive yourself, for it will be you suffering the consequences of such misactions/slings and arrows of great misfortune ‽

Time for an expansive rewrite, El Reg, of Rise of the Machines: How computers took over the stock market. Things most definitely aint what they used to be when everything is constantly rapidly changing and there’s no going back to the way things were, for is not IT and AI and Mass Main Stream and Alternative Media Machinery now leading what Humanity is following?


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Global Programming Goes Haywire – Prepare to be Bombarded with the Unexpected and Unrecognisable

After all the US can’t stop the tonnes of illegal drug and weapons flowing across its border every year what makes them think they can stop high end GPUs getting smuggled out?…..mark l 2

There be no easy prizes for answering that simple question with anything suggesting hubris and arrogance born of ignorance and a self-delusional decline into the comfort of madness and loneliness accompanying an abiding deficit of inclusive beneficial greater good universal reasoning which at times of unpleasant crises are all too apparent for worlds to see? …….. https://www.youtube.com/live/I4zJQbFoQA8?si=faSjFt-Zuk5-F7Lm&t=790





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