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Translate into Chinese please, lest in English it be thought Worthless and Nonsensical Double Dutch.

“If you are working at the cutting edge of technology today, you might not be interested in geopolitics, but geopolitics is certainly interested in you,” said MI5 Director General Ken McCallum. “Lots of people who, perfectly understandably, may not previously have thought that national security had anything to do with them do need to think about this in a new way.”

Methinks it is Five Eyes wonks who need to think about national, international and internetional security in a completely different way and which does not have them prime time leading with cutting edge technologies, but rather more following and supporting others elsewhere fully aware of the geopolitical implications of second and third party interest in their development and deployment of emerging and inscrutable and almighty powerful programs in Premium JOINT AIDVentures* Such is where all the next waves of great fortunes and future live action for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Systems Administrations is at.

They [Five Eyes nationals] might like to realise, for it very likely is the present true actual case, they are themselves not fit to lead, with not a great enough understanding of that which is required for their intelligence services to provide new cutting-edge technologies in order that they can both prosper and grow ever stronger together, with such an intellectual property deficit having them vainly struggling forever and never able to take full advantage of all that can be made virtually available at no great extra cost by others foreign and alien to them …. and with JOINT AIDVentures* …… JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies in Advanced IntelAIgently Designed Ventures …… being one such present true actual case proving the point valid.

And of course, Five Eyes would never themselves do any of that spying and snooping and phishing and stealing or purchasing of sensitive secrets from others, would they? 🙂 If you believe that, you gotta get out more lest you forever are condemned to remain an ignorant blunt tool of a fool.


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