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Re: “said to pass Turing test” – Anti-Turing Test

A genuine AI able to determine the difference between computer and AI generated poetry, fiction, etc. compared to human generated text would be very impressive, and truly scary. ….. Eclectic Man

And we should add, Eclectic Man, would be also quite totally alien and completely novel to humanised Earthlings.

Would that then pass Operational Field Systems Testing and Qualify for IDEntification in Programs and Projects and Pogroms as an Inscrutable Being and Enigmatic Body ….. if further information and enlightenment expanding upon the subject matter be needed to assist in root and branch explanation to provide greater clarification and deeper unhindered understanding of the PhenOmenA ????

Or would that be as Chinese or Russia or Korean or Yiddish or Gobbledegook in the West and, to be perfectly fair and honest, in many parts of the East too ?


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Re: Truth Destroyer

Sounds like the kind of thing that can take over Florida man’s TRUTH social, should he ever get it off the ground.

You have a dictator over there driving his people into the ground waging war on the world from all fronts. He has economic power, military power, and cyber power. He even has space power. He is in love with power… he hungers for it. He is even building a race of generically altered super soldiers. You had better pay attention. He aims to be emperor of the known universe. ….. Omnipresent

The Donald would surely deny that characterisation of his powers and energy, Omnipresent, although be quite pleased that you noticed and recognised the progress of his efforts ‽ . On the strength of it though, he might venture to invite you to his Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, to discuss or harangue you with what more can be more effortlessly done …… for it is not as if the world is coming down with those able to share with him that which channels such energy into both positive covert and negative clandestine operations.


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Re: Cloud. Restictions? Sure anything, just sign here.

On the flip side, how paranoid do you need to be that you think your data is so valuable, that a multi billion dollar corporation is going to put their entire business at risk to steal it?

As soon as someone can demonstrate “aws stole our data” their business collapses as everyone goes back to on prem. ….. max allan

That sort of multi billion dollar corporation is at risk more easily than I’m sure they would not like to admit, max allan, for as soon as someone can demonstrate “data was stolen from aws”, is their business collapse entirely possible.




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