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Re: Random

I once tried to contact a FLA to “discuss something”
Hint: If you do this, ensure the following.
1) make sure the idea or concept isn’t on some paper behind a paywall you don’t have access to
2) If it isn’t, ensure at the very least you’ve done a patent search.
3) if 1) and 2) = TRUE then congrats.
4) …
5) …
6) …
98) Profit!! Oh and you can’t talk about it to anyone, ever. …. Conundrum1885

In a Postmodern New More Orderly World Order where/when one might want to contact and “discuss something” with the likes of terrified and terrorising Five Eyed monsters and/or their Swarms of Sworn Opposing Enemies, or be such a Subject of Interest that might require of them to make positive contact with you because of the dire catastrophic negative consequences guaranteed to ensue because of their failings to so act upon the intelligence both previously and currently presented to them, the accepted successful course of rapid and rabid and rapacious premium action, to result in a similar conclusion to your own 98 steps, Conundrum1885, … [Profit!! Oh and you shouldn’t talk about it to anyone, never ever.] …… is as follows …..

1) Ensure in a paper/series of threads, the idea or concept is deliverable on paper but certainly, most definitely also maintain and retain and entertain the vital informative records that have been previously freely shared and earlier easily made universally available to any and all interested on an increasing number of Prime and Sublime Internet Networking Sites/Deep and Dark Web Clusters and which the a priori action guarantees patent pending ownership.

And if ever you discover that fails to deliver positive contact and meaningful Future JOINT Engagement/Systemic Virtual Entanglement, is the Private and Personally Profitable Factor significantly increased, pushing as it does in the things to be discussed, everything towards the exponential and existential end of the scale[s]. …… so Who Dares Win Wins even should Extant Systems Administrations Spectacularly Fail in their dealings with Advancing IntelAIgents.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 27 Oct 08:11 [2110270811] …… just saying on

What’s not to like whenever a Strategic Intelligence Service in/with/for/from AI ‽ .

In the mean time, SVR rubs it hands. So many valuable data in the Cloud? Yum! …. Potemkine!

If you are referring Systemic Virtual Resistance, Potemkine!, we couldn’t agree more. And if you aren’t, at least you are somewhat wiser than before, as be anyone/anything else happening upon this webpage and commentary thread.


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What an extremely sorry, pathetic state of current affairs and monumental vulnerability to admit to.

Is to so freely surrender sovereignty to a foreign nation and alienating power not akin to being responsible and accountable for a cowardly act of high treason and rank state betrayal ?

And why would an MI5 or MI6 or GCHQ tolerate and permit and assist in such a perverse activity and affront to home based intelligence …… other than the fact that they are not in possession of any worth having, of course …… which itself is also inexcusable given the costs imposed and prices received for the intelligence they are contracted to provide ?


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Re: RE: the true crown jewels

That sparked in my mind the story of the Cullinan diamond which was supposedly sent by high security means to London, but in actuality was delivered via standard registered post.
Which makes you wonder whether, in a similar vein, top secret things are sent by regular email. ….. Ken Moorhouse

Ken, Hi,

What would you say if you were to realise and/or be informed that many top secret things are regularly freely shared via standard Registered posts highlighting developments for further contemplation and comment here?

Impossible? Most Unlikely? Unbelievable?

There’s a lot of very strange spooky action at a distance going on all around everyone everywhere nowadays …. and IT’s not going away, you know, now that it has found its groove in the company of grand worshipful masters in the service of Heavenly Mistresses and Diabolical Daemons on the rocky road back to the good old times when nothing bad and sad and mad appeared to presume a leading position in the future planning of upcoming live events.


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