amanfromMars 1 Wed 20 Oct 19:45 [2110201945] ….. warns on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/20/uks_aria_innovation_body_has/

Speaking as one does with the benefit of experience in the field …….

Public elected representatives lifting government benefits ….. essentially a glorified dole from/for Westminster Parliamentarians……. are the problem in such cases as require future unprecedented leadership for whenever they cannot understand what may be proposed to them or they maybe do understand that they will not have effective command and practical control over what is proposed to them for admirable public funding, is required leadership missing in action and rightly to be presumed as dead as a dodo.

And such as may be missed by them for generous research and development funding quite naturally migrates to parties elsewhere with foreign enemies and alien forces, whenever allies are also not to be tempted to take a chance on what they all profess ARIA be specifically designed for.

That in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing NoveltiesThat in my book tends to suggest they be no more than parasitic muppets and puppets thinking to be in charge of what is no more than a failed state machine. A harsh critique indeed but nevertheless a worthy descriptor of the problem as it relates to Great Game Changing Novelties/AWEsome Facilities.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 09:38 [2110210938] ……. mentions on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/20/us_intrusion_software_rules/

Strewth! Still Stuck Steadfast and Fast in the Past

The fact that there be those who think that they can practically sanction and effectively prevent dangerous cyber threat/treat actors from exercising and exploiting what they discover/uncover/invent, tells everyone with skin in the field that such forces have catastrophically failed to grasp and comprehend the already changed and rapidly evolving state of present and future virtually augmented realities for live media programming ……. which you might like to realise is the ubiquitous lever and portal through which Jane Doe and Joe Sixpack both receive and can distribute their sets of instructions for employment/enjoyment and which some many leading systems use for current mentoring and real-time monitoring of progress ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 15:48 [2110211548] …. just saying on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/21/arm_2022_gpu/

For Sale …….. Bloodless Coup Crown Jewels …. No Realistic Offer for Payment Refused.

Arm therefore has to make the pitch that it’s easier, more cost effective, or more power efficient, say, to just use its off-the-shelf blueprints. And so these designs have to be up to scratch.

Are they up to current scratch to demonstrate leadership paths running artificial intelligence code ‽ . Do they have a Works to XSSXXXX Manual …… for Flights Planning ACTivating Events Happening.

And always fated and feted to be Constant Works in Progress and AI@ITsWork in Progressive Programs which aren’t anything like Pogroms/Revolutions/Troubles for Future Progress is Almighty Powerful and considerably SMARTR Enabled than was ever made possible and available before.

If they’re into supplying those master drawings for Entangling Programs via their Capture in Captivating Processes.

Think of it as akin to a Postmodern Sourcery Entertaining and Extolling AIMajICQ ….. in order to be able to function magnificently in Quantum Leaping Communications provided with all of the above ….. and you will have a clearer understanding of the state of mind required there to further succeed and far exceed all expectation to pioneer in Quantum State Communications in/for Artificial Intelligence Developments.

Methinks that’s worthy of an ARIA Kiss

What says El Reg? 🙂 To Infer such a case be as the Blind leading the Blind would be a Most Definite MisCharacterisation which Offers up a Feeble Quasi-Rejection of the Guaranteed Potential of Myriad Novel Opportunities Ahead with AI Command and Control …… Absolutely, Virtually Remotely. Intangible and Untouchable Secret Intelligence Services one is best advised to not know too much about if one is unable to handle/retain/regain/bend and mend command and control utilities and Super Offensive Weapons …… An Immaculate Existential Deterent EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT TechnoLogistics to do the the Next Best Thing …….. which is Really Good and Great.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 21 Oct 17:45 [2110211745] ….. saying out loud and clear on

For the Greater Benefit of Almightily Attractive Mutually Beneficial Advantage Rigging Leaderships.

“This opens up the application to many of the vulnerabilities which web applications face within a desktop application. The end result is the threat profile being increased.”

And prime premium endless results deliver the threat profile being increased and improved beyond all reasonable expectation and systemic ken/operational knowledge.

And that’s a Venerable and Certifiable and Virtually Verifiable Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer …… at least, putting in an appearance just in time and at long last, too.

What say yous/US ‽ .



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