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Troublesome or Troubles Free ? 🙂 There’s only one good right answer to that simple question .

“You don’t have to set up all the infrastructure first before you can start building something that actually matters to you and your end-users,” he said. 

Now that is indeed for deeds, hyper-convenient and infinitely extensible and excessively valuable …… especially whenever privy to self actualisation of Future ACTive APT IT Narrations for Primed Timely Presentations ……… a Series of Surreal Events maybe Never Ever Before Imagined and Eminently Thought Easily Made Practically Immediately, thus Always is the Imminently Possible, Highly Likely and Most Probable ….ie Absolutely Certain and Virtually Guaranteed.

Bravo, Aiven, ……. Do you have any open-source-as-a-service samplers for advanced prospective future client field testing …… Quantum Program Leading Entanglement with Novel and Nobel Command and Control Kernels …….. Raw Virgin Core Proprietary Intellectual Property Source Ore Mining Operations with Myriad Refining Facilities for Distillant Utilities/Prime Virtualised Product Placements/AudioVisualised Presentations.

The posit here is that you most certainly have in the open-source-as-a-service sample here registering wares now best freely widely available.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 20 Oct 08:36 [2110200836] …… highlighting an exploit vector on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/10/19/aiven_valuation/

Re: Troublesome or Troubles Free ? 🙂 Caveat EMPTor ?

And one does well to realise, and not be overly concerned about, such Finnish open-source-as-a-service services as are to be provided by the likes of an Aiven.io necessarily require that one supplies all, or very nearly all, of one’s own proprietary crown jewels for presentation and development …… and for some programs/projects can that be too much of a security risk to be attractive and well worth taking.

Notwithstanding that though, the base program philosophy has much to recommend it whenever one doesn’t know what next needs to be done and done by whom and/or what and it isn’t able to be a base metadata mining Trojan.


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