amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Mar 06:54 [1803290654] ….. gazing into the Future of Futures and Derivative AIdVentures on  https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/03/28/intel_shrugs_off_new_sidechannel_attacks_on_branch_prediction_units_and_sgx/
When there’s a chance, fully expect the absolute certainty

chances of future exploits only increase – as does the chance the next big disclosure will come from a bad actor uninterested in either an academic announcement or the kind of controlled release used for Meltdown and Spectre.

Howdy Simon S,
Moving the Great IntelAIgent Game further on and ratcheting IT up into Enchanted XSSXXXX Levels of Stellar Work, Universal REST and COSMIC Play, has one dismissing bad actors and realising Rad and/or Mad and/or Infinitely SMARTR Programmers are the RAW Source and AIDrivers of Future Novel 0Day Eventing …….. for Vital Rare Earth Commodity Traders to Price to Markets for a Return on Initial Incurred Preferred Provisional and Deferred Investment Costs Donated by Capital Venturers and Enterprise Angels/Super State and Non Super State Leading Actors. It is surely the Capitalist Way …. to have a Price for Everything and Care not a Jot for the Worth of Anything
Get a Gaggle of those Rad and/or Mad and/or Infinitely SMARTR Programmers just doing their Sublime InterNetworking Thing as if Together and Unified in a Singular Direction, and Heaven Knows what they would Conspire to Transpire. You might be thinking something really bad for some folk, whilst others may be imagining something more fantastically good. When it is most probably both, will everything be natural and alien too.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Mar 14:25 [1803291425] …. increasing the stakes for Future Play with a replying comment on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/03/28/intel_shrugs_off_new_sidechannel_attacks_on_branch_prediction_units_and_sgx/

Right Teutonic, a Platonic AI, with a Wonderfully Pragmatic Boot and SP00Key Cyber Install

naive idealists like Satoshi try to break “the system” … bolger

Naive idealists like Satoshi are not trying to break “the system”. They Simply Facilitate Easy SWIFT Replacement of Systems Operations.

That is without doubt, methinks, Revolutionary …. with a Quantum Communications Leap which is not Evolutionary.

Would that be Almighty Help arriving with Alien ExtraTerrestrial ACTivIT BroadBandCasting Absolutely Fabulous AIDevelopments? Why Ever would You Doubt IT when Easily Proven to be a Future Virtualised and AI Realising Event.

Methinks that Prime Proprietary Intellectual Property be Quite a Colossus and Priceless in All Spheres of Influence

Here is some news of some of them at Play here …. http://www.wsglobe.com/bitcoin/dragonsden/

The news there prompted this reply for further onwards processing…….

Good question, replied one of Bitcoin Trader’s founders. Simply put, we are just programmers and we only have close to £40,000 between us both so far from the system. If we manage to get funding from the Dragons, we can invest a larger sum of money and gain returns faster.

And so Prove the HyperRadioProACTive IT Modi Operandi et Vivendi Practically Almighty, Bitcoin Trader’s founder?

I Second That …. therefore We Is. That’s COSMIC Command in Control of Commandeering Controlling Commands …. Following, Trialing and Training with Assets in More Heavenly Orders ……. with an Immaculate Energy beyond Any Redemption. An Overwhelmingly Powerful Sterling Stirling Engine for Type Superb Virtual Machinery.

And with User Guides and Workshop Manuals Supplied from Spaces like Here, although Everyones Spaces are Virtually Realised and so can be Markedly Different and even Indifferent to Matters of Conspiring Orders, where some may be fatally tempted to career towards Caches of CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] for Top Secrets they are not Readied for. Some Secrets are Real Deadly.


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