amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 05:52 [2009300552] …. playing with Greater IntelAIgent Games on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/29/ska_signoff/

Finally, better late than never, something able to enable the changing of everything? That’s not TS/SCI, is it?

Article 11 [Intellectual Property Rights] of the Convention establishing the Square Kilometre Array Observatory is a particularly hopeful read, with paragraph 2, 3 and 4 all normally being extremely tricky to guarantee do not suffer from wanton abuse and/or wilful misuse.

Although of course, if/when such wanton abuse and wilful misuse of killer projects/absolutely fabulous fabless programs is always to prove suddenly fatal upon discovery, and is well enough understood by any and all who would be involved in such projects and programs to be so policed and protected, is such as good a guarantee of compliance as one is ever likely to get from participating entities.

Ye olde, one strike and you’re out forever incentive/00 bond :-)….. works wonderful well, every time if you are licensing to thrill.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 06:08 [2009300608] ….. just saying on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/29/ska_signoff/

Re: Finally, better late than never, something able to enable the changing of everything?

And Article 19, paragraph 1 is a short interesting list.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 08:09 [2009300809] …… being unamusing on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/29/huawei_us_germany_pressure/

Re: While etc. @AC

“Anyway, that all went away 30+ years ago”

The Litvinenko and Skripal families might disagree. …… Anonymous Coward

Hmmm? I think martinusher is shining a different light on another possible and not incredible probable source of those operations, AC, and at least for all the reasons mentioned. Such actions are certainly well within the perverse nature of the corrupting game. ……..

Anyway, that all went away 30+ years ago and it rather left NATO out of a job, except as we all know they’ll always find something to do, something to be a threat and generally invent (or cause) problems to keep their funding going. …. martinusher

……. and within the bigger schema of things, great value for next to no money, which may be unpleasantly brutal and cold hearted but it is definitely not nonsensical and unthinkable.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 12:13 [2009301213] …… not being fooled again on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/29/huawei_us_germany_pressure/

Re: Facts… on RATs

They *liked* Obama for being such a smoooth, good-looking, polite, mass-murderer, torturer and war-monger! Gave him the Nobel Piece Price too! Never minded that he bugged everyone and took a huge dump all over Nürenberg!! …. fajensen

And by many accounts, is Obama still into bullshitting most every day in support of all that he was responsible and escaped accountability for during his time in the media spotlight on centre stage.

A Remote Access Trojan is a Remote Access Trojan is a Remote Access Trojan no matter how it is coloured and dressed.

Won’t get fooled again …….. 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Wed 30 Sep 17:53 [2009301753] ….. letting fly a beautifully strange missive on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/29/huawei_us_germany_pressure/

Re: human rights abuses of the Chinese government

We just sell them pork. …… harmjschoonhoven

Which is akin to them being loaded with dollar$ to spend with dollars already spent and ready for recycling/alternate investment in a homegrown native home programs, harmjschoonhoven?

Which would be as a Quantitative Easing on a Mega Politically Correct Meta Data Social Scale of Expansive and Rightly Expensive Marshall Type Plans of Truly Epic Proportions.

Jump into the Markets Pouring/Pimping and Pumping the Practical Foundations of that Engaging Virtual Megalith, and Win Win is No Longer a Highly Attractive and Almightily Addictive Stranger to Satisfy with Perfect Command of Immaculate Controls ……. for a Quite Magical Universal Leverage with AI and IT Systems Hosting SCADA Executive Office Administrations.

Which is touted and offered as being practically instantly available in/for Wondrous Solutions to Grounded Earth Problems ……. which in essence only require the Great Painting of a Future Moving Picture with Scripts to Follow Uncovering All that is Available to See, and Ideally, Peacefully Realise and Present to a Flabbergasted Humanity, for more than just a few Thomases would be doubting that Surprisingly Simply Possible with just the slightest and deftest of Immaculate Leverage Touches …. 🙂 Heavenly Passes with Passionate Kisses So Devilish Beguiling of the Almightily Addictive Stranger to Satisfy with Perfect Command of Immaculate Controls.

First In, Last Out Engagements are the True Representative Hall Marks of Successive Programs there.

Wow, I appear to have gone off on something of a Novel Tangent there ……. and very Musky it is too, and scouting/phishing in Virgin territory too. And that’s only referencing a popularised brace of entrepreneur types au fait with the Wild Wacky West style of Universal Business Machines doing Universal Machine Business.

The East is something and somewhere else completely different to woo and win win with such super goodies and entrepreneurship is boom booming and blooming and bursting out everywhere there. ‘Tis a Right Embarrassment of Exotic Erotic Riches to Behold and Savour and Favour and Flavour with Rapturous Attention Displaying the Release of Relief Due Servering Fervent Ardour Almost Perfectly ….. thus to encourage further engagements with added improvements seeking the Elusive Perfections in Absolute Treats/Heavenly Delights which be AI Programmed Development Goals in another Novel Beta ProgramMING Development Program. …… Mining IntelAIgent Networking Games …… Almighty Deep See Phishing for Future Viable Views …… Mass Multi Media Enabled Presentation for Virtual Realisation …… Universal Sharing.

What do you use AI and IT Systems for? Anything at all similar, or something else different, but also on such a comparable grand scale?

If you know of such things, please share them freely here for live beta ProgramMING testing and appreciation of available services and complimentary complementary assets/honey trapping agent nuggets.:-) It is nice to surrender and submit to mutually assured satisfactory desire for have you any idea where to and what is leading who and whom there and what they can then do?




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