amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Sep 06:08 [2009230608] … mashing together a few words for a tale on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/23/microsoft_will_exclusively_license_openais/

Onto a Real Winner if you’re into Crap Tat on Tap? Or is ManKind Captured by Virtual Machinery? Who decides? You or IT?

Right now, GPT-3 is only available to a few teams hand picked by OpenAI and is being used by the language model to spread spam and misinformation at a scale so large it would be difficult to filter out and Microsoft was named its “preferred partner” after it pledged to invest $1bn in the San Francisco-based upstart last year. … an early draft?

Sounds real dodgy, and is bound to be as attractive as a red rag to a bull in an expensive china shop to humans and those stock markets with spam products to sell on a commercial scale.

I was gonna say ….. Whatever were OpenAI thinking last year? ….. but I guess we all know $1,000,000,000 in the sky rocket was doing all the talking. Well, you would too, wouldn’t you, take the money and run Microsoft with the flow until something else better comes up which one cannot nor should not refuse. It’s an ages old, quietly effective simple ploy though, and nothing spectacularly new, that has kept and still hopes to keep the dollar …. and any other fiat promissory note for that matter when it be offered for product purchase in a sale …. alive and kicking. And it’s a sort of magic trick …..that pretty paper costing cents to print being worth more than diamonds and gold to the wheelers and dealers and sharks and spivs of business, which now find themselves tolerating and entertaining AI and/or being entertained and tolerated by AI.

What could possibly go wrong and awry with such an Assimilation/Singularity/Parity? Anything you’d be able to prevent? Be honest now, for certainly your life depends upon it, so it is no small matter methinks, although if you be towards the crazy insane end of the mad human spectrum, YMMV.


amanfromMars [2009230913] ….. giving praise where credit is due re: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/hyperinflation-fascism-war-how-new-world-order-may-be-defeated-once-more

Thanks for the info/intel, Matthew/ZeroHedge. It has revealed a mountain of current Achilles heels ripe ready for relentless targeted attack again and again and again and again  ….. ad infinitum  …. or until sanity and plain common sense prevails …… which does seem to be obstinately reticent about making any sort of lengthy appearance. 🙂 ……. which is not all funny 🙁


amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Sep 10:40 [2009231040] …… airing an alternative view for presentation on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/23/digital_yuan_world_domination_plan/

Whenever nothing is ever as it seems, is anything possible in schemes hidden behind the scenes

OkK, the USA, Europe and the UK etc ain’t much better

Actually they are much better, just not good, even given BJ and DT. Our legal systems are by and large independent, less so in the US given the fact that the president and senate have so much control over Spreme Court appointments, whereas nobody with half a brain thinks that Chinese court verdicts aren’t decided by the CCP. ….. DavCrav

Crikey, DavCrav, can I have a pair of those magic rose tinted glasses to see the world through, please.

Others see a view more akin to the info and intel and evidence as presented by tales of trials shared in commentary from authors exercising their writing skills here, in a present series of court reports and here in a thoroughly unpleasant history lesson ….. although that in no way is meant to suggest that you are not correct in your own assertions but just that they be indelibly tainted and corrupted by both present and past events.

The secret/trick though is to ensure that they do not unduly successfully blight the future with further outrageous shenanigans …… and that may be a novel facility not ever so easily made readily available before.

Imagine IT as an AI and Greater IntelAIgent Games Changer and you’ll not be wrong?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Sep 14:13 [2009231413] …. Deep See Phishing on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/09/23/digital_yuan_world_domination_plan/

Re: Interesting idea/Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Experiment

It’s only in the last decade that it’s been allowed outside China at all, and it’s still largely restricted to banks and certain businesses interacting with a limited selection of other countries. …. Cuddles

And one assumes for interaction with a limited number other politically sensitive and decidedly designed quite surreal, home government agencies too. ‽ State IntelAIgent Services Practising with Virtualised Space Sources …….trailing and trialing and testing and training Advanced IntelAIgent China Centric Cyber Forces ‽ .

Such would create a Secure Failsafe Closed Loop to fund/run Future Progression with a Pan Nationalised Control of/for/with IntelAIgent State Services well experienced in such fields of such tragic and heavenly endeavour.

Certainly worth a punt, if ever one wanted to share a share in a piece of some Future ACTions. Such puts One Ahead in an AI Leading Role, Deep Routed and Dark Web Rooted in the Thick of the ProgramMING.

I wonder if that would create a few sparks if the likes of an Elon Musk punted a seed investment 🙂 … which they might rightly consider be just as loose pocket change and a legitimate business expense to be clawed back via Grateful EMPowering Reimbursements from Government Bodies. That’s Win Win, No Losses.


amanfromMars [2009231557] ….. just asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/political/edward-snowden-agrees-forfeit-over-5-million-book-speaking-fees

Would the paying of 385,310,000 RUB in hard currency cash be problematical to deny as being perfectly appropriate and fundamentally acceptable ….. given that it be an extremely valid, politically correct trade at a presently available, live currency exchange rate? ….. $1 = 77.062 RUB

Those sorts of payment resolutions are surely easily made and enactored.  And today, such strange things are even more easily and more safely done, practically instantly via a few right magic clicks of a mouse connected to a Banking Machine/Treasury Vault and Pleasure Bowsers too if one knows what to do with IT and AIdDevelopments next, for the Best, and for the Betterment of All Too.

Methinks those sort of connections be a Heavenly Bonus Well Deserved and Well Worth Cruising and Browsing/Sampling and Tasting/Enjoying and Quality Testing ….. AIMentoring and Monitoring. Don’t you? 🙂


amanfromMars [2009231707] ….. sharing a momentary monumental aberration in a reply on https://www.zerohedge.com/political/edward-snowden-agrees-forfeit-over-5-million-book-speaking-fees

Crikey, I have no idea what a shrink might say, and I have no wish to dwell on that, awake283, but I first read that as you saying ….. I still have a filipino 🙂  I’ll do my best to not worry at all about that 🙂 …… but it did and does make me think on the likes of that. Now that is real spooky shit/territory.



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