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Re: And so begins the middle game…. and endeth the first vital valuable lesson

Who cares? You cannot call in government paper, so the only thing they can do is sell it. There are plenty of buyers for small amounts of teasury notes, and you cannot shift large mounts of it for the precise reasons above, that you need to sell it and buy something else with it, as there’s no such thing as pure money. …. DavCrav

Who cares, DavCrav? The government creating the paper/treasury notes/private debt/public credit for third party purchase via first party sales auctions cares, or they certainly most definitely should, for whenever there are no future foreign or alien buyers, the SWIFTNetwork* and Federal Reserve Banking System in the case of the US has the dubious ignominious pleasure of having to pay the bills in full and eat its own waste, as in depleted toxic product ……. and it was never ever designed to facilitate that and therefore fundamental systemic catastrophic future problems are guaranteed to be endemic and unavoidable? It is the worst of all possible places and situations to be in, methinks, and that is not a wilful misunderestimation for such is what it is presently currently is, is it not?

If this was tennis….. that would akin to Game, Set and Match to China by virtue of opposing competing on-court player meltdown/breakdown ….. but it aint tennis. If you’re one of those eternal optimist types, you may venture Game and 1st Set to China, hoping to make a Fine Spectacle of such Plays.

* SWIFTNetwork …. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Network


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Helicopter Money/Universal Basic Income via the Back Stop Front Door/Emergency Exit

Coming soon too to the UKGBNI ? 🙂 Don’t bet against it if you have something or nothing precious to lose. 🙂 ….. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/loretta-mester-hints-fed-preparing-deposit-digital-dollars-directly-each-american

Everything else is being tried and failing miserably and spectacularly, as the exclusive systems of elite executive administrations try in vain to put everything back to the way it was, to the unseemly greater benefit of the former parasitic status quo, before it all started to collapse and implode and explode. Something practically new and universally helpful is definitely called for.

Surely they are not criminally stupid and mentally retarded, not realising something relatively new and somewhat different is necessary to be tried and tested.


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No Succession of Main Stream Media Moguling Defects, Afflictions or Affectations Here …

I went on quite a little journey there, didn’t I 😀 …. My-Handle

And quite rightly so, My-Handle. El Reg doesn’t do support for fake news. That simple strength makes it priceless, and more than just extremely valuable.



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